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10 reasons why people visit Nepal?

In this article, we make you clear that why people visit Nepal from the western and some parts of Asia? Nepal, the place where there are mountains, uncanny cultures, temples, verdant traditions is one of the characteristics and social marvel of the world. Numerous voyagers dream coming and making the most of their days on the lap of the top mountains or the fields of Terai. Numerous travelers have the most elevated pinnacles of the world in their bucket list. Nepal is already in Most visit country according to 2016th research. you can see here why it is under must visited country.

The outsiders who come to visit the nation are for the most part captivated by the neighborliness of the individuals, courageous tracks and goals, enhanced culture, and the characteristic magnificence of the nation that isn’t accessible anyplace on the planet. The travel industry is one of the significant pay creating wellsprings of the nation which procures great income and remote cash. Here are 10 lists on why people visit Nepal:

Culture a reason for people to visit Nepal

Barely there is wherever on the planet with so much social assorted variety in such a small area. Nepal being one of the little nations with more than 100 ethnic gatherings with their very own people gives a huge plate of societies to pick. It has a tremendous measure of old artisanship and design with inceptions running back to hundreds of years prior.

The Kathmandu valley, the capital city of the nation alone has three previous regal royal residences in the three regions of the valley. The antiquated royal residences arranged in the valley comprises of sanctuaries and symbols which speaks to the period in the past. The Kathmandu valley alone has seven world legacy destinations.

Pashupatinath, Patan durbar square, Kathmandu durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square, Changu Narayan Temple, Swyambunath, and Bauddhanath are the UNESCO made world legacy locales of the valley. This is one of the reasons on why people visit Nepal. In Kathmandu valley as well as the entire nation has old castles as delightful as the 3 royal residences of Kathmandu. Ranimahal Palpa, Gorkha durbar is a portion of those, which are situated outside the Kathmandu valley.

2. Business in Nepal

Next reason on why people visit Nepal is for Business. The World Bank report released the report on ease of doing business in Nepal; this is the latest report of the year 2020 AD. The report clearly shows that the environment of doing business in Nepal is improving. In the year 2019 AD. Nepal stands at 110th position with a score of 59.7 points. Whereas in the year 2020 AD. Nepal climbed 16 positions to reach to 94th position that is encouraging and this year’s score is 63.2 points.

There are many business foreigners can invest and earn a handsome profit. To name a few: hotel, travel and tours, information and technology, trekking, banking, etc. provide lucrative profit in the long-run.

3. Cheaper holidays might be driving force on why people visit Nepal

The nation is significantly less expensive contrasted with different countries; the normal spending of a traveler in Nepal in 2017 was $54, which came down to $44 every day in 2018. The combination of the different aspects has made Nepal a fertile ground to visit. Likewise, the unexplored parts of Nepal make the Himalayan Nation a virgin land to thrive and ultimately burgeon in the future. 

4. Internship

Nepal offers various National and International level internship opportunities to the students from abroad. The interested candidate needs to apply prior before coming and book an appropriate organization including working as an intern in the orphanage, old-age home, volunteer in the reconstruction works, health care, and many other projects.

5. Research

Nepal is a fertile ground to conduct any sort of search. Many researchers all over the world come to do research on multi-disciplinary fields. Nepal has made a unique name in the field of research. The research outputs from Nepal are published in the high-impact factor journals like Nature, Elsevier, IEEE, Science Direct, and many other high impact factor journals. Some widely explored researches in Nepal are medical, agriculture, anthropology, health and allied sciences, etc.

6. Charity work

Nepal is a fertile ground to kick off the unforgettable journey of service to humanity and contribution to make the world a better place to live. The place is famous to immerse yourself in indigenous and local culture and uplift the lives of the poorest farmers and innate communities living in Nepal for hundreds of years in a row. There are many national and international organizations working as charity organizations, which have their own peculiarity. No matter whichever charity organization you choose, you will end up working in the most blissful country in the world.

7. Nature the biggest reason behind why people visit Nepal

Nepal is naturally beautiful. The place attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Ranging from the highest peak of the world to the mesmerizing lakes in the middle of verdant hills surrounded by the serenity of nature lies in Nepal. There are umpteen of places to explore in Nepal. Most people come in Nepal for the trekking to Himalayas of Nepal like Annapurna base camp trekking, Everest Base Camp Trekking and other different trekking.

8. Flora and fauna

As like other reason, flora and fauna is the next reason on why people visit Nepal and love it very much. Nepal is rich in flora and fauna. Nepal is home to more than 6,500 known species of trees, shrubs, and flowers. According to ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), it was estimated that Nepal has more than 2,532 species of vascular plants. However, there is variation in the figures due to inadequate floral coverage. Out of 2,532 plants, there are nearly 400 species of endemic vascular plants.

9. Biodiversity 

Nepal is a biodiversity hotspot. Nepal has high biodiversity among different species of animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and many others. Even though the country occupies 0.1 percent of the total land, it hosts 3.2 percent of the flora and 1.1 percent of fauna. There is also biodiversity in migratory birds, butterflies, mammals, bryophytes, and many other species.

10. Volunteering

Nepal is also becoming a hotspot of volunteering. There are various opportunities to become a volunteer. Mainly the foreigners can do the volunteering service in hospitals, old-age homes, orphanages, monasteries, and many others.