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Everest View Trek In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest view trek in Nepal- For The Beautiful View of Mt. Everest

Nepal is often called the land of the mountains. It is because eight of the top ten highest mountain lies here. On top of that, the highest mountain in the world Everest also lies there. Everest is one of the major tourist attractions of the country. It would not be wrong to say that Everest is the crown of tourism in Nepal. The mountaineers every year come to Nepal to get their piece of adventure in Everest. Alongside mountaineering the Everest trek, the Everest view trek is also equally famous and magnificent.


Nepal is a country where tourism contributes a lot to the GDP. Many people are running their houses due to the activities of tourism. It is good because for the country so gifted by the nature with natural beauty, and to be able to use it as the tourism industry is amazing. Nepal lies between the giants, India and China. It is a land-locked country that is high up in the mountains.

Nepal has such high and amazing mountains because significant portions of the Himalayas lie in Nepal. (The Himalayas are the range of mountains that belongs to India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan and has the highest peaks in the world).

Nepal got the fair share of Himalayan as the range extends from the western border to India along the upper mountain region to the top part of the eastern border. The mountains of Nepal provide a huge source of tourism for the country. The region is also famous for trekking and view of the mountains. Annapurna trekking, Everest view trek are some of the major trekking routes of the country.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a gifted country that is for sure in the aspect of nature. However, just being gifted is not enough to maintain the good trekking and tourism status of the country. Trekking went on to the peak in Nepal in the late 1970s where the tourists and mountaineers from all around the globe flooded here. There were other reasons for the foreigners to flood here. However, what other causes may be trekking also comes to the top.

After the first successful attempt of mounting Everest by the two mountaineers of the 50’s Everest also had become the major trekking attraction. The mountaineers after the first successful attempt to climb Everest came here so that they could also do so. The people who were not mountaineers also wanted here to do the Everest view trek and they wanted to see what the highest peak in the world looked like. Everest view trek becomes much more with time.

Even now the Everest view trek is doing good and many people arrive here to do so. Not just the Everest view trek, there are other mountains in this region also which gives the highest peak in the world run for its money. Yes, Everest is the crown jewel here but there are equally magnificent peaks and trekking routes that deserve every bit of attention as the popular trekking routes of Nepal.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. The Everest Mountain range lies in the northern part of Nepal at the region of Nepal China border. However, the tallest peak lies in the region of Nepal. The altitude of Everest is 8849m from sea level. It is believed that the collision of the Indian and European plates whose collision created the Himalayan ranges and the tallest peaks like Everest is still in the collision.

This is the reason the height of Everest and other mountains here increases few inches every year. 8849m is the recently measured height while before it was 8848m from the sea level. Yearly many Nepalese and people from all around the globe visit here to summit Everest. Sherpa the indigenous people of the region around it are more involved in the tourism and mountain summiting business here.

Climbing the Everest, Everest view trek, Everest base camp trekking is some of the major activities that are done in this region. Recently Everest view trek is gaining much popularity as people with their loved ones are going there to get the majestic view of the mountain. Everest view trek is not laborious as other forms of the trek so even the old peoples and the people who have no huge prior trekking experience can also attempt Everest view trek.

The region is filled with mountains and beautiful destinations so there are many forms of trekking and various routes one can take. Gokyo trekking, three passes trek, Everest circuit trek are some of the other popular trekking routes of the Everest region. All these trekking routes are beautiful, popular, and unique in their way but the trek that involves Everest like Everest basecamp trekking, Everest view trek, are still the most popular as Everest itself is an international brand that everyone wants to have the piece of.

Everest view trek

Day 1 of Everest view trek (Arrival to Kathmandu)

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and has the only international airport in the country. Two other international airports are on their way in Nepal but to this day Tribhuvan international airport is the only one. Arrival in Kathmandu marks the first day of the Everest view trek. After the arrival in Kathmandu, the travelers will be taken to the hotel to rest as they may have been very tired by the long journey. On the evening of day 1 of the Everest view trek, the travelers will be detailed about the trek and their questions will be answered as clearly as possible.

Day 2 of Everest view trek (Around Kathmandu valley)

Kathmandu is not just the capital city of Nepal but also the cultural capital of the country. The city is filled with the magnificent structure of arts dating back centuries. There is a total of seven UNESCO world heritage sites inside the Kathmandu valley alone. The travelers on their second day of Everest view trek will travel around the Kathmandu valley and enjoy the warmth of Kathmandu to the fullest.

Day 3 of Everest view trek (Buying the needed equipment’s)

Day 3 of the Everest view trek will also be spent around Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley, the capital of the country Nepal is also its largest market. This day the visitors will visit the remaining places inside the Kathmandu valley which they may not have visited on day 2 due to the lack of time.

Also, they need to buy the equipment that is needed for the Everest view trek. Everest view trek will take you to deep in the mountains where the necessary items will not be available so the necessary equipment needs to be bought from here. It may be electronics, medicines, trekking gear, clothes, or other necessary items they all will be available here as it is the biggest city in the country. After buying the necessary equipment’s the travelers will return to their hotel to rest and they will have a long journey tomorrow.

Day 4 of Everest view trek (To Lukla and Namche Bazar)

To Lukla

On the morning of day 4 of the Everest view trek, the travelers will wake up to reach Lukla airport. Lukla is the domestic airport of Solukhumbu district. The travelers will wake, have their breakfast early in the morning and prepare their luggage and types of equipment for their travel. After preparing their equipment’s the travelers will go to Tribhuvan International airport to go to Lukla airport. From TIA the time to reach Lukla airport is 30 minutes. On these days, the number of flights that go to Lukla from TIA is two and both of them are early in the morning.

Lukla airport is considered as one of the most dangerous airports in the world as well as one of the airports located at the most altitude. The airport is made at the top of the hill. The top portion of the hill is made plain so that the airplanes can take off and land in that space. Only the most experts of the pilots attempt to land at Lukla airport.

After 30 minutes the travelers will land at Lukla airport.

To Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar and Lukla are 13km apart from each other. To get to Namche Bazar in the evening the travelers need to move fast from Lukla airport. 13 km is a long distance to cover even more as it is a mountainous area so the travel time will be longer than the travel time of the plains.

So, the travelers after landing at Lukla airport need to get moving without spending much time there. For an average traveler, it would take an average time of about 6 to 7 hours to reach Namche Bazar from Lukla. The people of that region can complete the distance in 4 to 5 hours but for the people who are not familiar with the terrains of the mountain, it will take a longer time.

For young and healthy people who have experience with trekking and walking will have no problem reaching Namche Bazar from Lukla. However, not everyone is at good at walking as expert trekkers. If you have not completed many trekking routes in life and need more time to reach the destination than other trekkers then there is another option for you.

The travelers if think with their moving pace they will be unable to reach Namche Bazar can stay at Phakding on day 4 of the Everest view trek and then only go to Namche Bazar. The distance of Lukla to Phakding is only 6.3Km and can be easily completed in the time of 5 hours even by the people who have prior experience of walking in that terrain. Then the next morning they can reach Namche Bazar at the speed they are comfortable with.

Day 5 of Everest view trek (At Namche Bazar)

Namche Bazar is the biggest settlement in the mountain region of Nepal. The settlement is ridiculously huge for such a high region and quite fancy, to be honest. Namche Bazar also has the biggest market in the Khumbu region from devices to medicines that people might need might be available here.

The market is big but it is nowhere as close as the market of Kathmandu so it is best to buy the necessary equipment from Kathmandu as everything might not be available here. Despite everything Namche Bazar is a big settlement for the mountain region and has every kind of luxury for the right price. On day 5 the Everest view trekkers will reach here and spend the day at Namche Bazar.

Namche Bazar has much to offer and on day 5 the trekkers will utilize this opportunity completely. The trekkers will go to the viewpoints near the Bazar and view Mount Everest. Namche Bazar is the perfect place to get a majestic view of the mighty Everest. From Namche Bazar, not only Everest but other mountains and mountain ranges can be also seen. Ama Dablam, Taboche, Nupste, are some of the mountains that can be seen from that region.

The travelers can also visit the hotel Everest view. According to the Guinness book of world records it the hotel is located at the highest altitude in the world. This place also provides a magnificent view of Mount Everest. This hotel is famous for two things, being the hotel located at the highest altitude in the world and the hotel with the most magnificent view of Mount Everest.

Day 6 of Everest view trek (To Lukla)

Lukla is the destination of day 6 of the Everest view trek. Now we are going downhill so it would not be as difficult as going upwards. However, the distance to cover is still very great so the trekkers need to start their journey as early as they could. During trekking, it is best to move as early as possible and rest after getting to the target destination. The night of day 6 of the Everest view trek will be spent at Lukla.

Day 7 of Everest view trek (To Kathmandu)

After the 30 minutes flight from Lukla, the trekkers will return to Kathmandu. Returning to the capital city of Nepal marks the official end of the amazing Everest view trek. After returning to Kathmandu the travelers will rest and regain their energy.