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Bhairab Kunda trekking

Bhairab Kunda trekking

Trekking is an amazing experience one can have. People love to trek for several reasons and each reason is amazing. Some love to enjoy nature, some love the peaceful time away from the city they have, some are involved in the tourism business and do it for making vlogs and other activities. Whatever may be the reason trekking can be described in one word which is outstanding. People more than ever are inclined to do activities such as trekking and hiking.

Nepal is incredibly famous for its many trekking routes and hiking places. The small country is known for its amazing climate and beautiful remote locations which are perfect for long as well as short trekking. There are many trekking routes among which Annapurna trekking route, Everest trekking route, Manaslu circuit trek are the most famous.

While these may be the most popular trekking routes, they are not the only beautiful ones here. There are many but they are not as popular as these. However, in recent times people are exploring other trekking routes which are not as popular. Among the many trekking routes, Bhairab Kunda trekking is recently gaining much popularity.


Nepal is a country that is in South Asia. The country is landlocked and lies between India and China. China lies at the northern border while the other three sides are covered by India. The country is incredibly beautiful and people from foreign countries also love to visit the country. But Why Nepal and why the travelers love Nepal so much?

Now, there is no definite answer to this question as there can be many answers. As people have various needs and preferences to travel to a certain destination there also may be several reasons to visit the country. There are many reasons but the mountains, forests, water sources, and the culture of the country still comes to the top. The mountains here are astonishing and extremely beautiful.

To the mountaineers, Nepal is also known as the land of the mountains as the eight of the top 10 mountains in the world lie in Nepal. It is something to have so many of the highest peaks in the world to be in your territory and Nepal can proudly say it has. Also, the culture of Nepal is much talked about and is the topic of interest to many people especially those who study cultures. Nepal was a Hindu country till the early 2000s. However, a significant amount of people following other religions also live here. After Hinduism major of the people follows Buddhism here.

These two religions of Nepal are so integrated within each other that there are certain locations where the people of both religions worship at the same place and same god. This is rarely seen in any other place in the world.

Nepal also has unique topography the highest point in Nepal is 8849m from the sea level whereas the lowest point in Nepal is 60m from the sea level. All these variations on only just 200KM breadth. Nepal is divided into three regions along with the breadth of its territory, Mountain, Hilly, and Terai. Amazingly, Nepal has so many different regions in the small area it has got.

Bhairab Kunda trekking

Nepal has many mountains in its territory. While the mountains give the locals many challenges and create unfavorable conditions it also gives many things. The first thing mountains give is their unmeasurable beauty. The white peaks with nature are something else to see. This also gives that region the chance to get involved in tourism and other such activities. The people of these regions are doing that.

The presence of mountains creates many trekking routes in the country and Nepal has many. There are so many that even the possible trekking routes that lead to magnificent destinations are not being able to be made. There is just so much area of the country and so many routes that are not getting the amount of exposure they deserve. They have everything and provide every element that makes it the ideal trekking experience but due to some factors have not been able to do so.

This has been happening till now, but the times are changing, and people are giving chances to such trekking routes and places. People are more inclined to visit places which are new and bear amazing possibilities. One of those is Bhairab Kunda trekking. In the past Bhairab Kunda trekking was not so famous. However, due to the use of social media, energetic youths, and this age of travel Bhairab Kunda trekking is gaining the attention it deserves. To tell the truth Bhairab Kunda trekking has still not gained the amount of exposure it deserves but it is so much better than it was in the past.

Bhairab Kunda

Bhairab Kunda is the main destination of Bhairab Kunda trekking. Bhairab Kunda is located Northeast of Kathmandu valley. It is near to another popular trekking destination that has been gaining immense exposure recently Paanch pokhari. Bhairab Kunda is in the deep mountains that lie near the Nepal and Tibet border. While going on Bhairab Kunda trekking one can see that the people of the surrounding area reflect the culture of both the Nepal and Tibet region as it lies in the border of these places.

Bhairab Kunda is one of the Holy kundas of Nepal. The name itself suggests how holy it is. Bhairab is one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva, in his angry form. He is also the god of Tantra.

Yearly on Bhadra Purnima people visit this place and offer their worship. Hindu, Buddhists, and saints all visit this Kunda for religious purposes. One is the religious perception for Bhairab Kunda trekking while another is the tourism perspective looking at the beautiful peaks and get the mesmerizing view of the lake.

Bhairab Kunga trekking

Day 1 Bhairab Kunda trekking

Kathmandu valley

On the first day of Bhairab Kunda trekking the travelers landed at Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and its economic center. The city lies in the hilly region of Nepal and has the little characters of both mountain and Terai regions. On the first day after landing at Tribhuvan International airport, the travelers will be taken to the hotel, and they will be given time to relax and freshen up.

At nighttime before having dinner, they will be described as Bhairab Kunda trekking. The travelers also may have many questions and thoughts regarding the Bhairab Kunda trekking, they will be answered and described as well as possible.

Day 2 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Around Kathmandu

To get to Bhairab Kunda tourists must arrive at Kathmandu as it has the only international airport in the country. This may be a little nuisance but Kathmandu visiting can be an amazing opportunity as it is one of the amazing human settlements there is. It is a city surrounded by green hills from all sides and has one of the best cultural representations of the entire country. Kathmandu city alone has seven cultural heritage sites inside it.

There were made in different centuries and represent the art of various rulers and of various times. It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity. In the early morning, the travelers will be given the chance to visit the various sites of Kathmandu. Kathmandu has many sites some are not listed in the UNESCO world heritage but are equally amazing. There are several sites but if we are talking about visiting only the major sites then it can be squeezed into a day. Also, some of the sites are close to each other like Boudhanath and Pashupatinath are only a few Km apart from one another.

In the middle of visiting the sites of Kathmandu valley, the travelers also will get the necessary equipment and devices that they may need during the trekking. They may be medicines that they need especially for their condition, electronic gadgets, clothes, trekking gears, all that they need can be easily found in the shopping locations inside the Kathmandu valley. The night will be spent at Kathmandu valley.

Day 3 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Kathmandu to jalbire to Chanaute

From Kathmandu the trekkers will travel early in the morning. The first destination of the day is jalbire which is located about 84Km away from Kathmandu valley. At the average speed within 3 to 4 hours, the trekkers can get there. At jalbire the trekkers will freshen up and officially begin their trekking. From jalbire the trekkers will ow have to get to Chanaute. After 4 to 6 hours of walking the trekkers can get to Chanaute. In the evening they will get there.

Day 4 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Chanaute to Khani gaon

The trek of this day is a little bit hard. It will take around 6 to 7 hours to walk for the trekkers to reach Khani gaon. It is located at an elevation of 2000m above sea level. The trekkers will spend the night at Khani gaon.

Day 5 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Khani gaon to Forest camp

The walking time of the 5th day of Bhairab Kunda trekking is also 6 to 7 hours. The destination is Forest camp and is located at an elevation of 3150m above sea level. The trekkersmusto get through the rhododendron forest and can see beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Day 6 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Forest camp to Pati

Pati is 4 to 5 hours’ walk away from Forest camp. It is located at an elevation of 3765m above sea level. The walk is uphill and can be steep, so the trekkers need to be extra careful regarding this situation. On this day also the trekkers pass through beautiful forests and locations.

Day 7 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Pati to Bhairab Kunda

Day 7 is the day where the trekkers will reach Bhairab kunda. In about 3 to 4 hours’ walk from Pati the trekkers can get there. Bhairab Kunda is located at an elevation of 4250m above sea level. The Kunda is magnificent but the surrounding, environment and views are equally amazing. From here one can see many peaks also Langtang Himal, Tibetan Mountain range, Jugal Himal can be seen from the spot. It is a very holy lake named after loed Shiva himself, so it is best to bathe here. Even if you are not a holy person it would be amazing to bathe here one time.

Day 8 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Bhairab Kunda to Sherpa gaon

After visiting the main spot of Bhairab Kunda trekking now we are on the path to get to Kathmandu. The destination of the 8th day of Bhairab Kunda trekking is Sherpa gaon. It is located at an elevation of 2500m above sea level. In the morning we will be at an elevation of 4250m whereas in the evening time we will be at an elevation of 2500m. This is very amazing. It would take around 6 to 7 hours to complete the hike of the day, so the trekkers need to be on track as early as possible.

Day 9 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Sherpa gaon to larcha

The destination of the 9th day of Bhairab Kunda trekking is Larcha. Larcha is located at an elevation of 1500m above sea level. The walking period on this day is not as heavy as the other days. Within four hours the trekkers can get to Larcha. Also, arriving larcha completes the walking part of our Bhairab Kunda trekking. There is a natural hot spring at Larcha so if the trekkers luke they can very much enjoy it.

Day 10 of Bhairab Kunda trekking

Larcha to Kathmandu

The distance between Kathmandu to Larcha is 66Km which can be easily completed in 2 to 3 hours. From Larcha the trekkers depart and return to Kathmandu valley. Getting back to Kathmandu valley officially completes Bhairab Kunda trekking.

Day 11

Relaxing at Kathmandu valley

The trek is officially over now. However, before their departure, they can relax at Kathmandu valley and give their body the time to heal after such a heavy trek before the final departure to their respective country.