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One Week Yoga Retreat Class in Nepal


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One Week Yoga Retreat Class in Nepal

Yoga Retreat class by The Trek Nepal is in co-ordination with our Sister organization. People are suffering from stress, anxiety and many other physical and mental diseases. Our main objective of this course is to make people free from such physical and mental diseases.

Increasing Craze for Yoga

Yoga is well on its way to becoming a global phenomenon. What started as a hobby or recreational activity, is transcending into something greater and ever-lasting. There are numerous statistical data that portray the escalation of Yoga worldwide. Some statistics display that the yoga industry as best medicine of the modern science for all physical, mental and spiritual health.

The craze for yoga can be attributed to its benefits and the internet. As the accessibility of the internet is better and large than before, people can themselves search for the rewards that yoga provides. Let’s wind the clocks back at least a thousand years and understand the origin of yoga. We need to go back thousands of years in antediluvian times. The great sage Mahadev is credited with the title of founder of yoga whereas other historical records state otherwise. Yoga reterat course and yoga training course is portrayed as a method through which one can link the spiritual being and physical manifestation. The word itself is derived from Sanskrit which translates to ‘connect’.

The ancient Yogis perfected their craft through practice and perseverance. As centuries faded, this divine art was handed down to future generations and it has seen numerous variations and changes. Despite the change, the core aspect of yoga is still what it was thousands of years ago. One thing that yogis have in common is that they observed that it was easier to master their craft in the laps of nature. Even in pictures, we witness yogis meditating in forests and silent abodes. If you ever thought what it would be like to meditate in such similar background, then head to Nepal as the country is dotted with natural wonders. You can even take one week Yoga retreat course in Nepal to truly inculcate in this divine art.

Why Trek Nepal For One Week Yoga Retreat

The one week Yoga retreat course in Nepal is built to help anyone that loves yoga or wishes to develop a career in it. This course is designed in such a way that it will provide students with an insight into the basics of yoga, and to the advanced stuff as well. There are numerous places in Nepal where you can take the yoga retreat class. It is highly recommended that you select a retreat that has ample experience and expertise in dealing with yoga classes. Trek Nepal is a famous place where you can learn the secrets of yoga. It is a highly rated yoga retreat. Along with its sister organizations Nepal Yoga Home and Nepal Ayurveda Home, manage yoga classes.

The Trek Nepal Provides Pro Yoga Teacher for This Yoga Retreat

These organizations have the best teachers who have immense knowledge regarding yoga and its impacts. If you are the type that wants to immerse in nature, then Nepal Yoga home is perfect for you. It quietly settles in the green forests of Nagarjuna away from human settlement. If you fancy modern facilities and hustle, then there is Nepal Ayurveda Home. No matter where you decide to go, the experience will be amazing.

Your one-week yoga retreat course in Nepal follows a structured protocol in which everything is arranged. It would be like starting school all over again. It is not mandatory to have previous experience of yoga as you will learn things from scratch.

Daily Schedule

7:30 am – Yoga Asana

The morning commences with yoga asana. On the first day, there will be some introduction. As the class progresses, you will get to learn various yoga asanas. Our teachers will guide you through the poses while explaining its importance and impacts. The class comprises mostly of stretching here and there.

8:30 am – Breakfast

After a tiring yoga session, it is time to rejuvenate the body. A healthy breakfast is what awaits you now. The diet is plant-based and although it may take a while for you to get used to it, it is healthy. As you know, a healthy mind exists in a healthy body.

9:30 am – Meditation and Yogic Relaxation

This is the longest aspect of the day as you will take part in meditation and yoga. The meditation will teach you to focus your mind and body. The yogic relaxation will make your senses sharp.

2:00 pm – Lunch

Relax after long hours of meditation and yoga by taking part in a hearty lunch. The lunchtime will provide you with a bonding opportunity with your peers and colleagues. You will make valuable friends that will last for a long time.

4:00 pm – Yoga Asana

This is the third yoga session for the day and although it might be boring at first, it is bound to be the best aspect in the long term.

5:00 pm – Breathing, Chanting and Yoga Philosophy

End the session by learning to breathe properly and decoding the meaning behind yogic mantras and chants. Take part in learning the yoga philosophy and try to adapt it to your daily commute.

The one-week yoga retreat course in Nepal is bound to be one of the best aspects of your life which you will cherish for a long time.

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