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Api Nampa Trekking Trail

Api Nampa Trekking Trail Nepal

Highlights of Api Nampa Trekking

Api Nampa trekking is a newly discovered trekking trail which was founded in 2015 AD. Camping for a couple of days is required, packages offer food and tents. Trekking days will be 9 to 10 days, 2 long days driving, 3 days short driving and domestic flight to/from Dhangadi (starting and ending point is Kathmandu).

Api Base Camp Trek is located in far-western Nepal. The region is protected by Api Nampa Conservation. The tallest mountains are Api (7132m), Nampa (6929m) and Bobaye (6808m) and other various snow-capped mountains yet to be named surround the valley. Api Nampa Trekking offers spectacular views of sky touching peaks along with a few glacial lakes.

It is a fairly new trekking trail which started back in 2015 AD. It is the best trip for people interested in discovering the mountains in a more intimate setting. It receives fewer tourists since the trail is still new and has yet to gain popularity like the other trails. The first thing you’ll need to do is fly to Dhangadhi from Kathmandu. The flight is only an hour and 15 minutes long, so you will have plenty of time to explore the city.

Local buses, taxicabs are available if you wish to go around town. Api Nampa trekking consists of a 4-day drive in total, 2 days on the way to and 2 days on the way back. The first car drive would be an 8-hour drive from Dhangadi to Nepalgunj then another 2-hour car trip from Nepalgunj to Chisapani, where the trek starts. This particular trail is in one the most remote region, remains untouched by the modern-day.

Outlined Itinerary of Api Nampa Trekking

Day 01: Namaste Kathmandu!
The Api Nampa trekking starts with the arrival in the busy streets of Kathmandu.

Day 02: Continue your journey to the tourist bus station in Balaju to get to Mahendranagar, for an 18-hour bus ride far west of the capital bordering the neighbouring country India.

Day 03: Next day early morning we will take a bus ride to Gokuleshwor(850m). It is a 15-hour bus ride to Gokuleshwor.

Day 04: Another thrilling jeep ride from Gokulehwor. Our next destination would be Karkale (900m). the jeep ride is of is 2 hours.

Day 05: The refreshing breakfast of Karkale and a quick rush to the bus station would make you more furious.7 hours bus ride from Karkale will take you to the next stop Chiureni(1100m) on the route to Api Nampa Trekking.

Day 06: The next stop is Makarighat (1800m), a 7-hour bus ride from Chiureni.

Day 07: Another 7-hour bus ride away is the next destination Seti.

Day 08: It takes about 4 hours to get to Lawathi, the next stop after Seti.

Day 09: Now onto the next destination, Simar, a 6-hour bus ride from Lawathi.

Day 10: Dhawaliwadar is the next stop which is a 5-hour bus ride from Simar (3800m).

Day 11: The Api Himal Base Camp (4000m) is the next stop which is a 2-hour bus ride from Dhawaliwadar.

Day 12: On the way back from Api Nampa Trekking to Kathmandu, take a bus ride to Saheb Bagar which is a 6-hour ride.

Day 13: Head to the next destination Makarighat, a 7-hour bus ride away from Saheb Bagar.

Day 14: The next destination is Bitule which is a 5-hour bus ride from Makarighat.

Day 15: Head to Gokuleshwor, a 6-hour bus ride from Bitule.

Day 16: The next stop is Mahendranagar, a 15-hour bus ride from Gokuleshwor.

Day 17: Final bus ride from Mahendranagar to Kathmandu will take 18 hours.

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