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2 Weeks Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu


14 Days

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Why Two Weeks Yoga Retreat?

Nepal is a famous holiday destination for travelers and trekkers alike. I mean what is there to not like about this miniature nation. It is famed for bearing the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest and for being the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha Where you can take part our yoga retreat in Kathmandu valley. I can go on and on to describe the many wonders that reside in its silent and sometimes lively corners. we’ll give you a brief exposure about the 2 weeks yoga retreat program.

The horizon of Nepal is dotted with pristine snow-laden mountains whereas the green hills enchant travelers to lose themselves in serenity. It is a prime hub for trekkers who wish to conquer the wilderness. Most tourists visiting Nepal are indulged in trekking but quite a few of them partake in recreational activities. One of the most promising activities that you can do during your stay in Nepal is Yoga. After reading this blog, you’ll understand the benefits of practicing yoga, and get enrolled in the class of 2-week yoga retreat in Kathmandu.

The perks that yoga provides is immeasurable. It not only enhances your physical performance but brings you a step closer to bridging the gap between your physical and mental self. Historical accounts dictate that yoga began in India millennia ago and gradually spread across the globe. The yoga we know today is a result of countless transformations. The forms of yoga may vary but its building blocks remain the same.

Kathmandu a Hub of Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Yoga can be practiced either in the quaint forests or even in the bustling metropolis. Yoga is not bounded by the constraints of location. For students searching for a hub to learn the secrets of yoga, Trek Nepal stands out as the best service provider. It is labeled by many to be a great yoga retreat in Kathmandu. Trek Nepal operates along with its sister organizations namely Nepal Ayurveda Home and Nepal Yoga Home. These entities operate in Thamel and Nagarjuna. These institutions are solely dedicated to imparting the purest disposition of yogic studies backed with scientific verification.

These centers believe in the idea that to understand yoga, it is crucial to comprehend the teachings of the ones before us. As a result, students learning here have more clarity about yoga and more importantly, life. This two-week yoga retreat course will not only deal with the core subject matter but it will be an eye-opener and become the best part of your Nepal trip.

Let’s take a quick look as to what a typical schedule will look like during this two-week yoga retreat in Kathmandu.

Daily Schedule

7:30 am – Yoga Asana

The first thing you’ll do after waking up, (after brushing your teeth!) is taking part in a yoga asana routine. This is one of the three yoga asana routines that you will do during the day. The day starts with basic introductions and soon will be followed by lots of stretching and sitting still. The first few days can be a bit troublesome for many but as time progresses, you’ll get used to it.

8:30 am – Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. At the yoga retreat, we make it our utmost priority that you eat healthy food. The breakfast will rejuvenate your body and make it capable to continue the daily activities. The breakfast lasts for an hour after which you will continue the class.

9:30 am – Meditation and Yogic Relaxation

Meditation and yoga go hand in hand. As they say that it is crucial to control your mind. In the meditation class, you will learn various techniques through which you will be able to concentrate the mind. The teacher will teach you numerous techniques that will help you to achieve the desired objective of our yoga retreat in Kathmandu. After finishing meditation, you will proceed towards other yogic techniques too.

2:00 pm – Lunch

All the stretching and meditation takes a toll on the body and will make you hungry as well. The lunch facility at these retreats is amazing. The diet is plant-based which is simple yet nourishing. Take this time to interact with your classmates and know more about them.

4:00 pm – Yoga Asana

We will further perfect our yoga stances and it can be a bit excruciating. You might experience some pain at first. It is your body getting used to the movement. This session lasts for an hour.

5:00 pm – Breathing, Chanting and Yoga Philosophy

The day ends with learning proper breathing techniques. These techniques are mandatory and form an integral part of yoga. You will practice chanting holy prayers and sharpen your mind by learning the yogic philosophy. You must build your mental vocabulary as well regarding yoga.


During the yoga retreat in Kathmandu, you will follow this routine. This retreat will provide you a better insight into yoga and will prove helpful if you wish to develop a career in it.

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