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500 hours advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal

500 hours advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal

500 hours advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal In Coordination With Nepal’s Best Yoga School

We are running advance level yoga teacher training course who are new to yoga and also for who are used to yoga. This is internationally certified advance level yoga training in Nepal for those students who want to get advanced knowledge of Yogic practices in it’s depth in short period of time. We run this certified yoga training parallel with 200 hours course but side by side you will get extra classes and few more days to deepen the practice. The course is a combination of all the yoga knowledge where you will learn from basic level and gradually proceed to the intermediate and advanced level of 500-hour Yoga teacher training.

Our moto to make all rounded yoga teacher teaching all the branches of yoga including; Yoga asana, meditation, Yogic breathing(Pranayama), philosophy, chanting, Yogic cleansing (Shatkarma), yoga anatomy, Banda (expansion of energy by shielding prana), Mudra (gesture of body to stimulate bio-energy), chakra and energy system of the body in practical as well and theory in depth. With deep understanding you will able to teach Asana, Pranayama (breath control) and Dhyana (meditatidon). After this course you can kick start your yoga carrier or if you want to do only practice for self-realization knowing details information of yoga that would be perfect for you.

This is a very intense and interesting holistic approach of certified advance level yoga and meditation training course where you will achieve advance experience in all aspect; physical, mental and spiritual under very experience certified yoga teachers. All the seekers from all over the globe will be immersed into dedicated practice who dive deep into Yoga and meditation will get enlightening experience.

With the guidance of experienced master (guru), you will immerse daily Asana, Pranayama and meditation along with chanting and philosophy beyond it. This 500-hour Yoga teacher training course in Nepal will bring upon a deep profound understanding of Yogic lifestyle following yogic discipline, diet, cleansing rituals, chanting etc. This inner most journey of yoga and meditation will help you explore your true potential of unconditional peace.

Why advanced yoga with The Trek Nepal?

Yoga is ever-increasing, and more people are getting immersed in yoga practices. There are hundreds of thousands of people who got into practicing yoga than last decade only. It was in the past that knowledge was passed down for thousands of years but due to its adaptation into the modern world yoga has become more than that. Now, people can learn yoga and have an amazing career built from it, some people also have established a flourishing service business from Yoga.

It has become more popular, which is amazing, but some problems were also raised due to its popularity. There is the risk of authenticity and originality in the practices as the number of people increases. There are lots of frauds who make money on faulty knowledge and give a bad reputation to the entire field. Yoga teacher training and advanced yoga teacher training as well as certification were made to lessen the malpractice and find out the frauds in the yoga field.

To get authentic knowledge people travel to various places and one of the popular destinations for advanced yoga teacher training is Nepal.  The Trek Nepal has coordinated Nepal’s one of the best yoga school named Nepal Yoga Home. Searching many authentic school in Nepal we got this school which has real connection with authentic form of yoga from Himalaya. No doubt to coordinate with Nepal Yoga Home as it is awarding from many different places because of its excellent performance of yoga training. We did big research of yoga school in Nepal among of them Nepal Yoga Home is best of the best in Nepal.

Why 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training better to attend?

  • It makes you all rounded certified yoga teacher which is certified all yoga alliance which open yours get way to teach over the globe.
  • 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training is a program designed to give teacher training to the individuals who want to emerge in the field of yoga as a teacher.
  • This course is equally important for those who who are seeking of their true self not only to be teacher.
  • The program is designed in such a way that it provides an amazing learning experience for those who themselves are going to be teachers in near future being professional yoga teacher.
  • The 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training involves lots of programs that are taught to them, so they can have clear idea about the purpose of life as well as the real goal of yoga.
  • As the name itself suggests, it is an advanced yoga teacher training So, the people who have come to learn have decided to start their career in yoga and already know few basic things about yoga and yogic practices but really want to grow their knowledge then will be skilled teacher.
  • All of our teacher have higher academic qualification as well known about traditional form of yoga.
  • We offer this course with team of teacher so that you will many different things with different teacher.
  • You will find the soul of yoga from motherland of yoga, Nepal.
  • You will learn in depth of yoga philosophy.

Following are the list of activities that are performed in advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal:

Yoga asanas

Yoga asanas are the backbone of yoga. Without healthy body to get liberation is really challenging so the first thing to be taught in advanced yoga teacher training is Asanas. The most of the people who do not know about yoga think yoga is only asanas (postures) but yoga is not only postures or asanas, but they cover a significant role in yoga practice. Among all dimensions of yoga, the very popular dimension is yoga poses. Most of the yoga school they focus only in this dimension of yoga but we pay equal attention for all.

In this advance level yoga training course you will learn art of changing the yoga poses into part of dynamic meditation. In fact, if we go deeply into yoga poses it becomes dynamic meditation. You will learn well alignment of yoga poses so that it will help to align between body and mind. You will learn Sanskrit name and English name of each yoga poses, benefits of poses, contraindication, chakra awareness, dristi (eye sight), modification etc. So that you will have depth of each poses.

You will learn very basic to advance level yoga poses progressing each day. On the end of the course you will get your body super flexible. So, it is no wonder that if you have different strength and flexible of body. In advanced yoga, teacher training individuals will be given proper knowledge about 200 effective asanas which are also very advanced. We fallow the asana from Classical hatha yoga, Iyengar style of yoga, Astanga vinyasa series of yoga etc. If you complete all these poses, then you must grasp the essence of Asanas.


In this yoga training we have excellent teacher to teach meditation classes. You will learn about 10 different style of meditation which can change your life. All the techniques are taken from authentic root of yogic tradition and ancient scriptures. You will attend the theories and practical both part of meditation in depth.

Meditation is the process in which an individual focuses his/her energy on a point or a mantra verse, breath or something to calming the mind, to heal soul and keeping the body still in one position. Meditation is also taught in advanced yoga teacher training in it’s authentic way so that you will find the way for your whole life. Meditation can be hard for beginners as it is the nature of humans not to have still mind and hard to keep body still.

By the practice we can achieve still body and peaceful mind. In reality in human body it does not only have human nature, we also have animal nature as human is an animal in their primal nature.  So all we have monkey mind from where all the humanity has evolved. It may be hard in the beginning but with patience and dedication, people can master on their one mind. People who are learning advanced yoga teacher training should master it with enough practice as we guide very effective technique of meditation.

Yoga philosophy

Yoga is the tools to balance body, mind and spirit. Yoga philosophy is the art of the life which teach how to make physical body healthy, mental body calm and spiritual body more in liberated state. So, to utterly understand yoga and yogic techniques one must understand the philosophically and theory behind gross practice of Asana and pranayama. Along with the yoga poses, yogic principles and philosophy also have been developed for thousands of years.

From the time of the birth of yoga to now various yoga gurus have given their principle and understanding of yoga in the form of knowledge (Gyan). The advanced yoga teacher trainee will be given knowledge about the yoga principle, types of yoga, history of yoga and theory of gurus and various ancient yoga books. After learning philosophy, it will be easy to learn the meditation, pranayama, asanas and other forms of techniques of yoga in its right way.

There are many advanced yoga books also that give insight to the core of yoga which also the individuals can look at themselves. Books like Patanjali Yoga sutra, Veda, Shiva Shamita, Hatha yoga pradipika, Bhagwat Geeta are best to have insight into yoga and yogic principle. The teacher will help them with this philosophy but learning oneself is also a great step into becoming a well-flourished teacher. Our teacher will summarize all these philosophy books within in your advance level certified yoga teacher training course.

Mantra and chanting

Mantra is another dimension of advanced yoga teacher training. Mantras are the ancient Vedic verses that are said to have magical powers and mystic nature. It was the ancient definition of mantra; however, the modern definition says that any verse can give positive change in the psychology of the individual who chants it.

However, no one can deny that ancient Vedic verses do not have mystical power in them. Individuals will be taught about mantras, how to chant, and types of mantras as well as how to use mantra for different purpose of life like mantra for trauma management, mantra for removing obstacle in business, mantra for good health, mantra for good relation etc.

Mantra is also an important aspect of mantra yoga, Bhakti yoga and Kundalini yoga. Bhakti yoga or Bhakti Marga is the spiritual path where one chooses a role model and mantra then walks the path shown by him/her to enlightened. In yogic culture, each deity has a mantra. Some deities even have thousands of mantras. If someone wants to walk the path of Bhakti yoga, then they must know the mantra of these deities. So, in advanced yoga teacher training, the individuals are given a good grasp of knowledge so that they can pursue Bhakti yoga later if they want.

Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas

Prana is the subtle life energy of all living beings. The pran vayu  (oxygen) exists in various forms in the human body, the most noticeable work of Prana in the body is keeping us alive by respiration. Yes, it is the most important work of Prana (Vayu) in the body to enter the body which give life to individuals. There are many other works of Prana like respiration, circulation, execration, digestion etc.

Pranayama is the technique that focuses on the breathing part and expand life energy. We are alive through the subtle life provided by the air which we called Prana.  The art to control and expand the oxygen to our body is called pranayama.  We can control the energy and life within our body, which will be taught in pranayama. That is why pranayama is so important in advanced teacher yoga training course.

Mudras and Bandhas are the studies of bio-energy and function in the body in detail. The most noticeable function of mudra and band in our body is to cleanse the chakra (energy centers) through different lock of breathing and gesture of hands and body.  Digestion, excretion, circulation, channelizing the energy could be better through Mudras and Bandhas.

There are four major Bandhas and several forms of mudras that help to regulate our bio-energy. One who gets proficiency over Mudras and Bandhas can control thoughts and emotions then can achieve many impossible things in life. Advanced yoga teacher training will also teach the different forms of Munras and Bandhas to get an balance of mind and emotions.

Yogic lifestyle

Yogic life is the main character of Yogi. One can learn yoga postures, breathing science and techniques, learn the yoga philosophy, chant the longest and the hardest of the mantras, wear the clothes of the yogi but he/she will never truly understand the way of yoga until they live the life of the yogi.

One who practices postures is engaging with yoga until they are done with postures, those who read about yogic principles and theories will keep yoga in one corner of their enormous mind. However, those who will live the life of Yogi will be in touch with yogic lifestyle in each moment of their life. Advance yoga teacher training will teach them the life and way of the yogic living.

The start of yogic life at advanced yoga teacher training will begin with the diet and positive thinking. Yogi do not eat haphazardly their diet is extremely balanced and food must have many qualities. First, they should avoid meat and do not eat Tamasic food and should only eat Satwik food which will keep their mind and heart at their will. Others include what to wear, how to sleep, how to balance relaxation and exercise and other things to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, in Advanced yoga teacher training, they will be given basic knowledge about Ayurveda and ways to treat some basic diseases more naturally.

Teaching method and to connect with students

Many people prioritize knowledge over teaching methods and connection with students, but they should also be an extremely crucial element for the selection of a teacher. Advanced yoga teacher training also takes to account this element and teaches the individual how to connect with their students and the right way to teach them. No matter how knowledgeable a teacher is and how many things he/she knows it all becomes meaningless if he/she cannot pass it down to their students.

There are saying things one knows and there are teaching things one knows. Both sound similar but are dimensions apart in terms of characters. Advanced yoga teacher training recognizes this and gives the way to teach along with knowledge about yoga and similar things. A teacher should be actively communicating with his/her student and help them to get into the next phase of knowledge. Advanced yoga teacher training gives a good knowledge about all aspects of becoming a good teacher.

We have looked at the programs of the 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal. Now, let us look at why advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal:

  • Nepal is the birthplace of yoga, the authenticity that is found in the yoga practices is hard to be matched by any other country in the world. So, why not learn advanced yoga teacher training from the place which has the deepest roots in the history of yoga and yogic practices. Yoga is believed to have been found in the ancient Indian continent which is present-day India, Nepal, and other surrounding countries.
  • Nepal is exceptionally beautiful regarding its natural beauty and serene environment. Yoga is a technique that yields maximum benefit when practiced in a peaceful and serene environment. Not just yoga practitioners but each and everyone’s mood is positively impacted by a beautiful and pure environment. Where else the serene environment can be found more than the land of Gautam Buddha, the land of Himalayas, and the land of forests. It is a good reason to choose advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal.
  • Many people are starting their career in yoga, and it is also good as it keeps the body of the one who practices it healthy and generates a good amount of income. For the individuals going to start their career certification is unbelievably valuable. Their skill will be judged by the place where they have attained their knowledge. Skills matter, there is no doubt in this thing but the place where they have learned, from where they have gotten the required skill also matters it is human nature and there is nothing one can do about it. Nepal has an incredibly good reputation for advanced yoga teacher training, so its certification is considered authentic and valuable in many parts of the world.
  • Most of the people in the world are not financially secure. Some must think not hundreds but thousands of times before taking a financial decision. Also, advanced yoga teacher training can be affordable, too costly to very costly depending on the place where you are going to learn advanced yoga teacher training. Luckily, Nepal is very affordable and here one can get the best-advanced yoga teacher training at an affordable price.
  • Advanced yoga teacher training in Nepal is learning by doing the process. Where there is the active involvement of the teachers and students. Some places give only theoretical knowledge and take a step backward when it comes time for practical knowledge. Either it is yoga retreat, or it is yoga teacher training it must be learned practically. Here, first, the theory behind and the principles are taught to the students, then they are given the chance to see it and then the chance to do it themselves. Learning by doing is the best form of learning, may it be advanced yoga teacher training or another course.

Hope to see you soon on this divine journey of Yoga and Meditation.

Om Shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!!