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Trekking stuffs that we should not ignore in Trekking

In trekking we should carry the things ( trekking stuffs ) that we need but we should not carry the trekking stuffs more than minimum because our pack will be heavy and we will face trouble during our trekking. We try to explain some essentials when we trek, in brief. It is not necessary to have all of these equipments or trekking stuffs ,you should decide yourselves what you will carry with you and need you.

    • ZMap

Map is very important equipment ( Trekking stuffs ) when we trek in new places because it gives all the geographical and political information about the place we are trekking.

    • ZCompass

Compass can give us the right direction of our destination and it keeps us going which direction we are going. The point of the compass shows North direction by which we can find out all directions wherever we go.

    • ZBag

Bag plays very important role when we trek because bag should be medium in size. We should keep everything in the bag but we should not make it very heavy.

    • ZSunglasses with UV protection

A sunglass is very important when we trek in the sun light. If we go to the place where the snow reflects by the sun light we must have worn sunglasses to protect our eyes and walk on the snow.

    • ZSunscreen

Sunscreen lotion or spray protects us from sunburn which can damage our skin. It is very effective to save our skin from direct sun light.

    • ZExtra clothing

We don’t have to forget to keep some extra clothes. When we trek, we become sweaty and our clothes become dirty soon. We have to change our clothes time to time and we don’t have much time to wash our clothes.

    • ZHead lamp or flash light

When we are in the condition where there is no electricity, we should use head lamp or flash light. If we have to walk in the time of evening and night, we have to use our head light or flash light.

    • ZFirst aid Kit

First aid kit is a collection of equipments which are used for medical treatment. It supplies the normal medical tools and medicines. If we have to face any medical problem, this kit will help us.

    • ZWalking stick

If you have walking stick, it is very easy to walk.

    • ZMat

Mat is needed to sit when we take rest on the way and to do yoga if we are yoga practitioner.

    • ZWind proof Jacket

We need wind proof jacket because when we trek in mountainous area there is a lot of wind.

    • ZTrekking boots

Trekking boots are needed when we trek. We should choose the boots which are very comfortable to walk.

    • ZFire starter or Matches

To start fire it is needed. In hilly area there is so cold and if we have matches we can start fire and make our body hot.

    • ZExtra food

Sometimes we should be in the place where the availability of food is not found.

    • ZSewing/repair kit

It is needed to sew our clothes, when they tear by some reason. It can be helpful to repair our bags and shoes.

    • ZPocket knife

To cut fruits and other things, we need pocket knife.

    • ZCandles

When there is no electricity in the lodges we have to use our candles.

    • ZRaincoat or umbrella

If there is rainfall we should walk in the rain so we should ware raincoat at that time.

    • ZLight towel

In trekking towel is also very important thing. It is used to wipe our body, hands and feet.

    • ZToilet paper

Toilet paper is used when we go to toilet. And sometimes it is useful in different situations.

    • ZWater bottle 1 or 2 ltr

Water bottle is very important to carry water when we trek. If it is 1 or 2 ltr bottle it is not heavy to carry.

    • ZSocks

Few pairs of socks needed because socks become dirty soon when we trek.

    • ZCamera

If we want to keep our memory for our future we should carry camera.

    • ZWashing items

We need to carry bathing and washing soaps to bathe and wash our clothes.

    • ZWatch

To see the time watch is essential.

    • ZWallet

To carry your money wallet is needed.

    • ZBungy cords

It is needed to hang your clothes to make dry.

    • ZGloves

You need to have wind proof gloves to trek in the high altitude.

    • ZChapstick

When your lips become dry you need to use chapstick on your lips.

    • ZSun hat

Sun hat is needed to protect from direct sunlight on our head, eyes and face.

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