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5 Days Pokhara Yoga Tour


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Pokhara Yoga Tour offers you the best chance to view the city of lakes, many caves and mountains along with daily yoga, Pranayam and meditation. We will have the great experience of watching inner and outer beauty.

Yoga is the way of knowing the self and the connection of the self with the existence. It is the medium of having self-realized. Pranayam is the way of the process of breathing. It helps us to maintain our mental peace.

Meditation is useful to be relieved from the pain from the trekking. Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation will be the best achievement during our trekking.

We can enjoy both yoga and tour in one package in our Pokhara Yoga tour.

About Pokhara City

The city spreads about the area of about 12 kilometers. Almost from the middle of the city has flown through a Seti Gandaki River. Pokhara has maintained itself as the most expensive city of Nepal after Namche Bazar in Solukhumbu.

The northern point of Pokhara called Lumle, also the base of the Annapurna Mountain range, is situated in the height of 1740 meters whereas the southern frontier of the city is Phewa Lake which lies at the height of about 827 meters above the sea level.

Even though the city was mostly populated by the Bahun, Chhetri, and Dalit in the past, the Gurkha recruitment has seen the exponential growth of Gurung and Magar community in the city.

This city has now been the place of Hindu, Buddhist and few Muslim communities reside to the northeast part of the city called Miya Patan.

Best Attractions Of Pokhara Yoga Tour

1. Phewa Lake

Baidam is situated to the southwestern part of the city which is separated by the Seti Gandaki River. Baidam is also the popular name of Lake Side.

To the western side of the Seti Gandaki River on the area of Baidam lies the second largest lake of Nepal with the area of 4.43 square kilometres called Phewa Lake.

The Lake Side has been charmed by the shore of the Phewa Lake as its border. Phewa Lake possesses the temple on its small island. The temple is called Varahi temple which is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.

The attraction of the lake is signified by the establishment of the temple on the one hand. On the other, the boat riding is another marvellous charm of this lake.

Your welcome at the shore of the lake is honoured by the boats ready to sail you on the majestic lake. On a clear sunny day, you would be able to see the shadow of the mountains in the Phewa Lake. It is also a part of our yoga tour to Pokhara.

To its northern part, the area of Baidam, Dam side, Lake Side has been occupied by the restaurants and lodges. To the southwestern part of the lake is beautified by the Rani Ban (Queen’s Forest).

The area has been clamored by the set-up of few restaurants over there. On the top of the southwestern part of the lake, a white Buddhist shrine called World Peace Pagado illuminates bright and white offering the peace to the city.

2. Mahendra Gufa (cave)

Located in immediate distance, both Mahendra and Chamero cave are one of the famous sites for visitors in Pokhara. To the northern part of the city is located the Mahendra Cave which is one of the most popular caves in Nepal.

Entering the entrance of the gate, you walk a little further to reach the mouth of the cave. The stone stairs made in the front of the cave leads you down into the cave.

You would see the worshipped stone when you further follow the path of the cave which is Shiva Linga. Another name of the cave is Varah Gufa. The lights are fitted on the ceiling which is not very tall that you reach by your head.

In some paths, you also need to bend your head to make the path easier. The visit inside the cave would be completed within ten minutes or so even if you do worship and take a few photos.

3. Chamero Gufa ( Bat Cave)

Next interesting part of our pokhara yoga tour is Chamero gufa. Chamero gufa also called Bat Cave is located to the western side in a neighbouring distance of Mahendra Cave. The entrance is welcomed by the clamour and chirping of the bats hung on the ceiling of the cave.

The visit to this cave demands courage as it is dark as well as slippery. The most adventurous, exciting and challenging part of your visit to this cave would be to slide you out of the narrowed point of the cave which ends the cave’s journey.

It is a general belief that those who have committed sin can’t climb up through this small hole of the cave. And those who are virtuous can get themselves out even though they are heavier in weight.

Above all, this can be the most interesting and courageous act of the visit. If you have a bag or any important accessories with you, don’t forget to hand over to the friends or someone reliable who is on the top of the cave.

Don’t get bothered if you have got some stain and dirt on your clothes after you exit of the cave through that minuscule space, it is the mark that you are a righteous being of this world! Otherwise, you can keep your bags at the ticket counter.

4. Sarangkot

Sarangkot is the perfect point to see the sunrise in the morning and enjoy the 180-degree view of snow-capped mountains glittering in front of you makes this yoga tour in Pokhara more entertaining.

You could book a taxi or jeep from the city and start your path climbing up to the hill. You would eventually reach half of the Sarangkot hill where you can get off and hike from there to the top.

If you want to continue the trail getting on the vehicle then you can even further. However, the point would come where you would have to get off and make your legs stretch and ready to pave the way upward.

The shops and lodges located beside the trail would offer you the stay as well as the meal, snacks and goods you would want to buy as a souvenir.

The ascending path to Sarangkot would make you feel like you are climbing up to stairs to reach the top of a sky-crapper.

More on Darankot

You would see the army posts on the way and also a temple very close before reaching the summit where a view tower has been erected.

When you entertain your eyes by observing the marvellous panoramic view of the Pokhara valley, the Phewa Lake on the one hand and on the other hand, the scintillating scenic view of the illuminated mountains which would look golden by the early rays of the sun.

You would not only enjoy the view viewing and taking a photo you would also have many more to do. If you ever had an imagination flying in the sky and fulfill your thirst to observe the awesome and breath-taking view of nature and the city then your thoughts will be materialized by the experience of paragliding here in Sarangkot.

In recent years, it is said that the location is one of the best locations in the world for paragliding. You are right here at the same venue. Perhaps you wouldn’t miss an adventurous awe-inspiring moment of paragliding.

5. Pataale Chhanga (Davi’s fall)

Pataale Chhanga is also known as the Davi’s fall as on 31 July, in the year of 1961a Swiss couple went swimming and a woman named Davi drown in because of the overflow of the water which is also called Underworld Waterfall in Nepali and lost her life.

In the memory of that woman, it is having been named Davi’s fall. The fall is situated to the southern part of the city. After a few minutes of drive from the main city, you would come to the gate of Pataale Chhanga.

To the opposite side of the fall is located a Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. The site is specially revered as the holiest place to worship the Lord Shiv. The ShivLinga can be seen as a large stalagmite inside the cave.

The site has been sanctified with the establishment of the temples and a state of the Kamadhenu cow which keeps offering milk when you put rupees into the mouth of the cow.

When you keep your trail further down the cave you would reach to the area where the deafening sound of water makes you excited and scared. The boisterous water has flown into the area of this holy cave from the Davi’s fall.

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Day 01: Arriving day in Kathmandu

This is your first day in Nepal for 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour. When you will be at Tribhuvan International Airport, you will come to the office in Goldhungga. You will be welcomed in the office.

The office will manage all the accommodation and dinner. You will be informed about the whole package of our 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour in the office.

Day 02: Fewa Lake Visit

We will do yoga in the morning before our breakfast.

On the second day of our 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour, we will go to Pokhara from Kathmandu by the bus, after doing yoga and taking our breakfast in Kathmandu, early in the morning.

You will check in hotel and we will go to visit Phewa Lake. We will boat in Phewa Lake for two hours and will rest in the hotel.

We will practice Pranayam and meditation in the evening.

Day 03: Pokhara Sightseeing day

We will do yoga in the morning before breakfast.

On our third day of 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour, it will be the day of a sightseeing tour of Pokhara city.

The places where we will go are Fewa Lake, David’s falls, Seti gorge, barahai temple, world peace pagoda, Mahendra Cave, Chmere Cave etc.

We will practice Pranayam and meditation in the evening.

Day 04: Watching sunrise view in Sarangkot

We will do yoga in the morning before our breakfast.

On our fourth day of 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour, we will go to Sarangkot early in the morning to see the sunrise of the mountains.

We can see a panoramic view of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri and many other mountains. We will back to the hotel and have our breakfast.

After our breakfast, we will start our journey to Kathmandu. We will go to the hotel in Kathmandu and we will have free time then.

We will practice Pranayam and meditation in the evening.

Day 05: Departure Day

Your 5th day of 5 days Pokhara Yoga Tour will be departure day to your home country from Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal.

We wish your very safe journey. 

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What’s Included

  • NWe provide you the bed and breakfast. Accommodation will be shared by two people. However, you can book for the single room with extra charge.
  • NThe overland transport will be held on tourist coach as per the itinerary and size of the group.
  • NThe applicable fee for the Trekking, National Park and Conservation center will be covered.
  • NWe offer you a welcome group dinner
  • NThe wages, meals, and transportation of our trekking staff (guide) will be arranged.
  • NWe also have included a comprehensive medical kit and service of guide.

What’s Excluded

  • QPick-up/Drop from/to the airport.
  • QThe visa fee you would have to pay for travel, medical insurance and airport tax.
  • QThe meals of your personal interest will not be offered in our expense.
  • QWe would also not provide personal sleeping bags and bags.
  • QThe charge applied in case of emergency evacuation by any means of transport would not be included.
  • QThe charge for accommodation in Kathamndu in you early arrival before the trip will not be included and also the late departure. Moreover, the early departure from trek will also not included in our expense.
  • QWe also don’t include the cost of international flights.
  • QThe trip doesn’t offer the travel and rescue insurance.
  • QWe also don’t include the phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra poter etc.
  • QWe also don’t offer tips for guides and porters, you can give them yourself if you like to give.

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