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Upper Mustang Trek

Overview – Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is strictly not for everyone. Due to the remoteness and the restrictions put up by the government due to Tibetan activities seen in the region, Special permit needs to be obtained before any foreigner sets foot in the region of Upper Mustang.

The typical trek to Upper Mustang begins from Jomsom. Roundtrip from Jomsom usually lasts for about 10 days and passes through typical Tibetan settlements, vast river beds, desert-like territories and shocking habitats of Tibetan origin individuals.

Upper Mustang Yoga Trekking

One may not find it hard to relate the overall geography of the Upper Mustang similar to that of Tibet. Mt. Dhaulagiri shades the region of Mustang and desolates it from any landscape found in Nepal.

The trail follows the salt caravan route of the old days, during which the people of Mustang traded Tibetan salt with grain from the lowlands. The final stop for this trek is Lo Manthang capital of the region. It’s a separate kingdom ruled by their own king even till today.

Lo La pass (3950 m)  on the way to Upper Mustang trek gives you the shimmering view of this capital city thriving in the midst of a desert. Lo Manthang gives you a different ambience that may not be found anywhere across the globe. The narrow alleys, barren landscapes and small dusty hills will drift you somewhere none can even imagine.

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Highlights of Upper Mustang Trek

  1. The forbidden capital of the country, Lo Manthang.
  2. The origin of Tibetan lamas and Buddhist.
  3. Collection of oldest monasteries and caves.
  4. The Tibetan-influenced lifestyle of mountain people


Lowlights of Mustang Trekking

  • The restricted area so, it would be better having a guide.
  • Challenging afternoon winds.

Outlined Itinerary

Day 01: Days 1st of Upper Mustang trek starts the early morning by taking a drive to Pokhara (900m) from the tourist station of Balaju. The drive is of 8 hours long.

Day 02: The flight for Jomsom from Pokhara airport after the early morning lunch, which is of 30 min. And then the trek starts from Jomsom to Kagbeni (2800 m) about one hour.

Day 03: The trek starts in the restricted area the Upper Mustang from Kagbeni. The 6-hour trek from Kagbeni up to the sandy hill of Chele (3050 m).

Day 04: The slow walk in the rocky hills of Chele leads to the Syangboche (3800 m) provides the first bite of the upper Mustang. The trekking hour is just 6 hours but it makes us much more tired.

Day 05: After the early bed tea, we would gear up the backpacks and starts trek Ghami (3520 m) our next stop. The trek would be of 5 hour-long steepest walks.

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Day 06: The hospitality of Gharmi would not let you be out of bed but to start the next adventure, we should leave the bed early and start the trek to the Charang (3,560m) which lasts for 9 hours.

Day 07:  In the 7th day of Upper Mustang trek you visualize the Tibetan border and the ancient civilization of Nepal. The trek from Charang up to the Lo Manthang(3840 m). The trek is of 4 hours long.

Day 08: Rest day and the day to explore the surroundings of Lo-Manthang.

Day 09: Now, the descending day starts down to the Dhamkar (3820 m). It is 3 hours long.

Day 10: The culture and hospitality of Dhamkar pleases you down. The trek down to Syangboche is of 6 hours.

Day 11: The rush to be back, speed up the walking hours which leads up to Chhusang (2,980m) which is of 8 hours long.

Day 12: Trek down to Jomsom Airport via Kagbeni from Chhusang, which is of 8 hours long trek.

Day 13: Fly back to the Pokhara from Jomsom airport.

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