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Chitwan Yoga Tour allows you to have the great opportunity to enjoy with elephant riding (Jungle safari), Canoe ride, Jeep safari, also you can see elephant breeding centre, chance to see Flora, Fauna and Birds with the practice of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation.

Yoga gives us the freshness in our mind and it increases the stamina of our body. Yoga can be a great achievement in our life because it can change the lifestyle of our life.

Chitwan Yoga Tour is one of the interesting yoga tours in Nepal. In the central section of the highway that elongates from the east to the west of the country is located a district named Chitwan.

Chitwan stands unique as it is the valley in between the Mahabharat range to the north and Siwalik Parbat to the south. It is also renowned as the ‘district of the jungle’.

Covering the majority of its area, there is located the first national park of Nepal called Chitwan National Park. The park, esteemed for its preservation of One-horned rhinos, Bengal Tiger and Gharial Crocodile on its precinct, has been recognized as the most visited national park in the country.

Having established in 1973 AD, it was inducted into the World Heritage Site in 1984 AD. With the area of the 932-kilometer square, it has spread in the area of Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Parsa and Makawanpur districts.

The national park has lied at the altitude of 100 meters to the southern lowland and 800 meters to the Chure hill to the north. The headquarters of the national park is situated at Kasara.


Flora, Fauna and Birds that can be seen in Chitwan Yoga Tour

The most predominant plant of this park is Sal tree covering about 70% area of the park. Chir pine trees are scattered in south terrain of Chure hill along with Sal trees whereas rosewood, balsam, elephant apple are spread to the northern range of the park.

Savannah and grasslands spread over the 20% area of the park. The tallest grass of the world name elephant grass (Saccharum ravennae), as well as 50 other species, has been found in the area of the national park.

It is the habitat of over 700 species which rely on the fertile vegetation and flora it has conserved. Moreover, it is also the home above 68 species of mammals including the ‘the king of the jungle’ named Bengal Tiger.

Despite the recurring poaching and floods, the number of tigers in the park has been substantially increased and maintained. The number of tigers has been counted 120 in the record of 2013 AD. Leopard is also prevalent in the outlying of the park.

Rhino in Chitwan

The second extinct mammal is one-horned rhino which numbered 503 in 2013 AD also has been facing the fatal fear of poaching and the risk of their lives is deteriorating because of the illegal acts of the mafias.

In order to conserve such endangered species from the epidemics and sudden outbreak of the disease, one-horned rhinos are relocated to Bardia National Park and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Conservation Centre annually.

In spite of regulation of strict and severe punishment, the poachers have been ending the life of rare rhinoceros for the greed of money which comes out of the horn. Out of 645 Indian rhinoceros in Nepal, Chitwan National Park possesses 605.


This park is also a promising place for birds. The number of species of bird counts 543 in total being the home of about two-third of birds in Nepal which have been declared as the vulnerable birds in the world. Bengal florican, lesser adjutant, grey crowned prinia, swamp francolin, spotted eagles etc are the few among many extinct species of bird.

Sauraha a Beautiful Place To Stay in Chitwan Yoga Tour

Situated on the eastern part of the Chitwan National park about 23 kilometres to the east from Narayanghat, the focal city of Chitwan district, Sauraha is the epitome of the antiquated livelihood.

The Tharu community and its well-carved design and craftsmanship of Mithila culture can be experienced in this lowland laid on the bank of Rapti River.

The old-fashioned huts and the houses built of mud gives the different look of the mud houses constructed in the hill and the upper region of the country.

The time in observation the artistry of tiles placed on the roof of the house in a curved shape along with the carving painted on the walls would definitely occupy your time than anything else if you’re an enthusiast of architect and fine arts.

As it is the eastern point of entrance to the national park, it is also the place of homestay and night stay. To bring comfort and cosiness in the town, the traditional identification seems to be sidelined gradually.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to enjoy and experience the century-old culture and carving is still on your hand until this day.

The experience of this typical Tharu community would be entertained by the Tharu cultural show in some of the lodges and guest houses during your stay in this secluded but serene land of culture and custom.

More about Sauraha…

The dancing and singing by the locals would give you a different flavour of the music and melody than your usual one provided that you’ve never been to this community and experience it.

Stick on the hands of the dancers would be used to thump in time to bring the musical and rhythmic sound by the stick.

The memory of the Sauraha visit would be grasped for long by your trip to jungle safari in jeep and elephant. Besides the bathing by the water poured by an elephant would be your adventurous choice in comparison to sight-seeing and observation of the carving and crafts of the community.

The trunk of the elephant would be the tap for having a bath whereas the owner of an elephant would charge Rs. 100/150.

About the walk of 20 minutes, you would end up visiting the Tharu village named Bachhauli. You would be mesmerized by the lowland and plain terrain spread to the horizon on the lap of the hills on the one side and on the other being the bank of the river.

The village has been honoured and enriched with the establishment of the Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Centre. This property of the village has preserved the paintings, robe, relics and artefacts of the Tharu culture and community.

The next beautiful ethnic village existed in the vicinity of Sauraha is Harnari. Even though Harnari is little far away from the hub and is also the less visited place than Bachhauli and Sauraha, it welcomes you the better flavour of typical Tharu community.

By its possession of Tharu Cultural Museum with the setup of Tharu jewellery and distillery pot of rakshi (alcoholic beverages of typical taste).

The Attraction of Chitwan Tour

1. Elephant Breeding Centre

About 3 kilometer to the west of Sauraha is located Elephant Breeding Centre, which is one of the only two in the world. Your visit to this place gives an opportunity to see the child elephant as well as the adult elephant.

If you go in the morning to this centre, you could see the preparation of food for elephants by the mahouts. Considering the vulnerable number of elephants in Nepal, the breeding centre has been established.

You would be cautious about playing with an elephant. Mostly the mother elephants are kept in the stable. In spite of the mother elephants being in the stable, you would be able to see the child elephants.

The suitable timing to see the elephants is before 10:30 am and after 3:30 pm as they are taken to the jungle for grazing.

The visit to the centre will definitely provide you with lots of information regarding the elephants breeding and the issue related to this gigantic creature.

2. Elephant Safari

It would be one the best time having ridden on an elephant and experience the view of the wildlife. If there is anything which allows you to be closer to the other animal is to be on the back of an elephant.

Mostly other wildlife doesn’t see you’re on elephants’ back. The only regulation you will maintain is silence during your ride on elephants so that other wild animals would not go away hearing your murmuring and human sound.

The elephant is controlled by the mahouts in the front to steer the way. You will also be accompanied by the naturalist and many other tourists who make the elephant safari more interesting and wonderful.

3. Jeep Safari

If you long for a faster drive and far to the jungle, this would be a better option as you can get on the backside of the jeep driven by a driver and accompanied by a guide with you in the group of about seven persons.

The second option could be to book a jeep for the whole day by you. The latter choice allows you more chances of seeing the tigers and enjoys your trip with your own speed and rest.

4. Canoe Ride

In this Chitwan Yoga Tour, Once you complete your visit to the earth now you start your journey on the water. The jungle safari took you to the thick and dense area of the national park where you may have seen the wild animals.

Here you would experience the appearance of crocodiles and birds on the side of rivers flying and chirping around.

It is safari or it is canoe ride, you are always free to relax on the seat and rejuvenate in the serenity and coolness of the environment. Splashing the water by your fingers you can freshen up yourself and the friends.

The thing is you will not get excited and dynamic so that the canoe would lose its balance. Hold on, if you have queries they will be answered by the guide.

Jungle and Village Walk of Chitwan Yoga Tour

The healthiest and harmonious choice of Chitwan Yoga Tour would be walking to the jungle and observe the flora and fauna of the national park. In addition to flora and fauna, it would also be great adventure for bird watching.

It is not only the jungle you would visit but also the area of village which is famous for Tharu culture and tradition. Your walk in the village and the jungle definitely give you a good sleep at night, along with the information and insight you would gather during your walk.

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Day 01: Arrival Day in Kathmandu (1338m)

On this first day of your Chitwan yoga tour, you will arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport. You will come to our office in Goldhunga. We will welcome at our office. We will check at the hotel and stay there.

You can rest at the hotel or go shopping. We will have a welcome dinner organized by the office. Our overnight will be in Kathmandu at the hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing And Trek Preparation Day

We will do Yoga in the morning before breakfast.

The second day of our Chitwan Yoga tour will be the day of sightseeing of Kathmandu valley. We will visit Kathmandu valley with an excellent guide who can give us all the information about the place, where we visit.

We will visit the places which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are Durbar Square, the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, the famous Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) and Bouddhanath (Buddhist shrine), which is one of the largest Stupas in the world.

In the afternoon or in the evening we will introduce each other and take information about the Chitwan Yoga Tour, which will have been starting next day from Kathmandu. Our overnight will be at the hotel in Kathmandu.

We will practice Pranayam and Meditation in the evening.

Day 03: Fly/Drive To Chitwan

We will do Yoga in the morning before our breakfast.

On the third day of our Chitawan Yoga Tour, we will drive or fly to Chitawan from Kathmandu. We will enjoy the beauty of the place from our bus of the plane. Our overnight will be in Citawan.

We will practice Pranayam and Meditation in the evening.

Day 04: Chitwan Tharu village and National park visit and Tharu cultural dance presentation

We will do Yoga in the morning before breakfast.

We will go village tour to a nearby ethnic Tharu village, where you will learn more about the life and lifestyle of the Tharus.

Visit the National Park Visitor’s centre where you can learn more about the history of the National Park and about wildlife & Sunset view from the bank of Rapti River.

Tharu cultural dance presentation (which you will also participate in) by the local villagers. Our overnight will be in Chitwan.

We will practice Pranayam and Meditation in the evening.

Day 05: Visit Rapti River, Jungle walk, watching birds, watching elephant bathing

We will do Yoga in the morning before our breakfast.

Canoe ride along the Rapti River, an excellent opportunity for Bird Watching and for seeing the 2 rare species of crocodiles; the Marsh Mugger and the fish-eating Gharial, Jungle Walk, on the way back one can enjoy the elephant bathing. Our overnight will be in Chitwan.

We will practice Pranayam and Meditation in the evening.

Day 06: Elephant Breeding Centre, Elephant Safari

Visit to the Government Elephant Breeding Centre

We will do Yoga in the morning before our breakfast.

Elephant Safari, An excellent opportunity to see four different kinds of deer, rhinoceros, wild boar, monkey, leopard, sloth bear and the Royal Bengal Tiger (If you are lucky).

You will also encounter many other smaller mammals that have made Chitwan their home. Our overnight will be in Chitwan.

We will practice Pranayam and Meditation in the evening.

Day 07: Departure from Chitwan to Kathmandu

This is the seventh day of our Chitwan Yoga Tour and we will depart from Chitwan to Kathmandu.

Tour Map

What’s Included

  • NWe provide you the bed and breakfast. Accommodation will be shared by two people. However, you can book for the single room with extra charge.
  • NThe overland transport will be held on tourist coach as per the itinerary and size of the group.
  • NThe applicable fee for the Trekking, National Park and Conservation center will be covered.
  • NWe offer you a welcome group dinner
  • NThe wages, meals, and transportation of our trekking staff (guide) will be arranged.
  • NWe also have included a comprehensive medical kit and service of guide.

What’s Excluded

  • QPick-up/Drop from/to the airport.
  • QThe visa fee you would have to pay for travel, medical insurance and airport tax.
  • QThe meals of your personal interest will not be offered in our expense.
  • QWe would also not provide personal sleeping bags and bags.
  • QThe charge applied in case of emergency evacuation by any means of transport would not be included.
  • QThe charge for accommodation in Kathamndu in you early arrival before the trip will not be included and also the late departure. Moreover, the early departure from trek will also not included in our expense.
  • QWe also don’t include the cost of international flights.
  • QThe trip doesn’t offer the travel and rescue insurance.
  • QWe also don’t include the phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra poter etc.
  • QWe also don’t offer tips for guides and porters, you can give them yourself if you like to give.

Trek start dates

  • N1st Group: 1st of every month
  • N2nd group: 15th of every month

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