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Terms and condition of “ The Trek Nepal” 

1. General 

Trek Nepal is a legally registered trekking company under the prevailing laws of Nepal. Given below are the terms and conditions that you need to comply with before booking/taking a trip. The terms and conditions constitute a legally binding contract between Trek Nepal and the services provided by it.

The tour price for the main and any other supplementary program will have been mutually agreed by the parties (Trek Nepal and client) before the service to be provided starts.

2. Payments

To confirm the trip, a deposit of 25% of the mutually agreed amount, photocopy of passport, and a complete booking form are needed. During the payment of the deposit, the bank service charge must be borne by the client. Once the deposit and passport photocopy are received, Trek Nepal will send the client a confirmation receipt.

The balance amount has to be paid by the client before the agreed trip begins. On failing to provide full payment, Trek Nepal possesses the right to cancel the trip.

3. Changes in Price

Trek Nepal reserves the right to change its price in cases that are beyond its control. For example, Change in the exchange rate and government policies

4. Cancellation and postponement

  • The primary deposit is non-refundable. Except in cases where the trip is canceled by Trek Nepal, the deposit amount will be fully refunded.
  • In cases where the trip is canceled by Trek Nepal and where the client has paid in full, the full amount paid will be refunded.
  • In cases, where the client cancels the trip, he must provide Trek Nepal with appropriate reasons. No refund of the paid deposit will be provided
  • If at any time before the agreed date of providing services, the client changes/modifies the previously agreed program, appropriate changes are to be made per the availability and feasibility of the replaced program.
  • Trek Nepal cannot provide refunds if the client is unable to complete the trip due to personal reasons. However, if the client is unable to complete the trip due to action by the member of Trek Nepal, then the client will receive a refund on a pro-rata basis.
  • In the case where the client postpones the trip, Trek Nepal will reschedule the trip by taking a service charge.

5. Legal Compliances

The client agrees to comply with all the prevailing and applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Any contravention to the laws by the client can lead to the cancellation of the trip without the option of a refund.

6. Travel Insurance

Trek Nepal strongly recommends the client to obtain travel insurance that covers themselves and their personal effects. A photocopy of the client’s travel insurance should be provided to Trek Nepal. Trek Nepal reserves the right to cancel the trip if it deems the travel insurance to be inadequate.

7. Emergency details

The client should provide phone numbers and details of at least 3 people to Trek Nepal as emergency contacts.

8. Changes in the itinerary due to circumstances beyond the control of Trek Nepal

If there occur circumstances that are beyond the control of Trek Nepal like floods, roadblocks, flight delays, landslides, it may result in the change of itinerary. In such cases, the itinerary can elongate. Trek Nepal highly recommends the client to allow extra days for such unforeseen situations. By assessing the situation, Trek Nepal will provide the client with alternate trekking routes.

9. Client/s awareness of risk 

The client is aware that trip (mountain trek, hiking, expedition, jungle tour, or any other tour) under Trek Nepal and its related parties, involves certain danger that is exceptional compared to the client/s daily activities. They include and are not limited to:

  • Traversing in the mountainous terrain
  • Traversing by airplane, jeep, raft, bike, or other means of conveyance
  • Accidents that occur due to natural forces
  • Contractual Commitment

The client and Trek Nepal both agree that once the deposit is paid, the above terms and conditions will be contractually binding to both parties.