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Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

Chitwan is one of the 77 districts of Nepal and one of the top tourism destinations of the country. It is not wrong to say that Chitwan is the capital of the Jungle safari in Nepal. The country in the Himalayas is covered in forest in all its parts. Even the capital of the country has forests and trees all around its territory. However, when comes to Chitwan, the topics are different as it is massive and more beautiful than most of the forests in Nepal and even the foreigners come to Chitwan for jungle safari in Nepal.

Chitwan district location

Chitwan is in the western part of the Kathmandu valley. If someone is coming, there for a Jungle safari in Nepal then they need to arrive at first in Kathmandu valley as it has the only international airport till day. It is also the capital city of Nepal. However, if they are Indian citizens, they do not have to go to Kathmandu at first and can directly go there from the border through the road if they wish.

Chitwan national park

Chitwan national park was established in 1973 and was named as a UNESCO-listed natural heritage site in the year 1984. The area that this beautiful park covers is 952 KM square and is well known for its beauty and the various flora and fauna present there. Rapti river forms the border between the national park and the nearby villages.

Fee for Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

For the Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal, one needs to pay a fee to the government of Nepal. The payment for this jungle safari in Nepal varies according to the citizenship you hold. If you belong to Nepal, then the cost is Rs 150 per person per day. For the citizens of SAARC countries is Rs 1000 per person per day. If the citizen belongs to countries other than the SAARC countries, then they will have to pay Rs 2000 per person per day.

Lodging during Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

Since Chitwan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal the lodging and hotel business has flourished here. There are a variety of locations to choose from for the stay. One can stay at the hotels of the city as well as around the national park area. Also, there are facilities to stay at the hotels that are located inside of the national park. The cost of living in the national park is higher than the stay outside the park but the stay inside the park is very much worth the pay.

Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

Chitwan national park is ridiculously huge and contains various zones. It will take a few days if one is willing to visit the entire park. Generally, the visitors visit the park by two mediums by elephant or by jeep. Both of these modes of transportation have their benefits. The jeep is fast and can take the visitors to the core park of the paths in a few minutes, while elephant rides are slow and unable to take the visitors to the core part of the part in a short period.

However, the beneficial part of the elephant ride during the safari compared to the jeep ride is that they can get inside the forest while the jeep can only move through the tracks. Also, jeeps are loud and can scare away the animals while elephant rides are much less noisy.

Exploring the river

Rivers are always an important part of the habitat. They are home to marine life and are the source of life for the animals living around the river. During the Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal, they can explore the beauty of the forest and the river at the same time. The beautiful Narayani River is home to Gharials and beautiful dolphins. Also, sometimes people can see Rhino and other animals drinking water from the river.

The main highlights of the Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

Chitwan national park is one of the most beautiful destinations of Nepal and has much to offer. These elements collectively attract thousands of people yearly to this beautiful destination. One-horned rhinoceros is one of the main attractions of the national park and people from all over the world come here to see the majestic beast. One can easily see the rhino during the visit as the travel guide knows the places where the rhino resides. Alongside the rhino, another top attraction of the Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal is the Bengal tiger. These majestic beasts also live in the national park and are some of the habitats of tigers in the country.

Rules to follow during Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal

Not just the Chitwan national park but during every forest visit and safari the visitors need to be careful. During the visit, the visitors will be guided by experienced guides who know the forest and all the survival techniques in case of emergency. So, all the visitors need to follow the guidelines that the guide tells them before the start of their safari and in case of emergency also follow the decisions made by them.