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7 Days Eastern Nepal Tour (Ilam Tour)

Either it is western or eastern Nepal Tour, Nepal has carried its own significance in culture, customs, creed and language. Eastern Nepal has possessed its beauty both in natural and cultural aspect with facility of Yoga Meditation trekking in Nepal from The Trek Nepal.

It is bestowed with two top ten mountains Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Makalu. Furthermore, it’s also very famous place for tea-plantation especially in Ilam. The attraction of the place is for many other beautiful places like Dharan, Dhankuta and Ilam itself.

The lowland area of Jhapa and Morang have welcomed the glory of the people from hill that most of the people have migrated to the lowland terai for their settlement whereas the hill and Himalayan region has still preserved its natural and geographical distinction intact.

Besides, places Bhojapur, Taplejung, Khotang etc are culturally very rich and have been the places of harmony with ethnicity and cultural diversity.

Eastern Nepal Tour

The Trek Nepal has strived to make the eastern Nepal tour remarkable and unforgettable with the visit of some highly renowned and recognized places like Dharan and Ilam in the itinerary. On the one hand, the visit to Dharan means you are heading to the clean and colorful city with cultural diversity in the low-hill region.

More on Eastern Nepal Tour

The religious site like Budda Subba Temple and scenic view tower of Bhedetar will fascinate and charm you. On the other, the joy and beauty of nature would upturn while you further follow the way to Ilam which allures you with an enchanting and enormous area of tea plantation on Ilam tour.

The unpredictable weather of the tea plantation area would bewildered and beguiled you with excitement and enthusiasm that you thoroughly engulf the experience of the moment.

The view which can be seen from the hill of Kanyam Danda look incredible and magnificent that you will be awfully speechless. It’s such a mesmerizing view the area of Kanyam Danda has inherited. The tour further goes up towards Phikkal and Shree Antu.

Eastern Nepal Tour includes you the glorious time to two major places Dharan, the tourist hub of the Eastern part of Nepal and Illam, the paradise of Tea Garden in the country which exports the taste of Ilam Tea all over the world.

In the visit of these two prominent places in the tour, many other beautiful places will be included such as Buddha Subba, Dantakali Temple and Bhedetar in Dharan. In addition, the tour leads you to stunning view of the Saptkoshi valley and snow-capped mountains from the tower also called as Charles Tower in Bhedetar.

The Tea Plantation in Kanyam Danda completely serve you the spectacular view of the surrounding if the weather is clear. However, the foggy and rainy weather would let you immerse in the joy of the nature.

Itinerary for Eastern Nepal Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Kathmandu

You will be received by one of our representatives at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Checking in at the hotel, you will be oriented about trip and some necessary arrangements before starting your eastern Nepal tour.

Day 2: Fly to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu for Ilam tour

Getting on the early plane of Bhadrapur, you will reach at the airport within in 45 minutes. You will have a breakfast at the nearby restaurant in Bhadrapur airport area. Then, the bus will drive you to Pashupatinagar Ilam. It’s about 65 kilometer of journey from Bhadrapur to Pashupatinagar.

In between these two places appears Kanyam Tea State about 40 kilometers away from Bhadrapur. You can overview the scintillating scenario of the tea state and communities appeared in the farflung distance both in the hill and lowland.

Your lunch will be enjoyed at a restaurant nearby the Kanyam Danda area. After enjoying the sunset, you will move to Pashupatinagar for the overnight stay.

Day 3: Visit in Pashupatinagar and drive to Ilam Bazaar

Early in the morning, the drive will be headed to Shree Antu danda, situated at the height of 1677 meter from sea level, to see the crimson ray of the sunrise of the day which will be changed into the ball of complete shine as the time passes on.

The panoramic view will be enjoyed along with the peaks of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchejunga. Descending down to Pashupatinagar it will be a breakfast time. After having breakfast in the morning, the cheese factory in Pashupatinagar will be visited along with Pashupati Tea State.

The journey will continue to Illam Bazar leaving the charisma and memory of the city in the memory bank.  The way further goes to a beautiful and wonderful bazar of Ilam which has preserved its culture and tradition of this region. Along the way mesmerizing view of the area will be enjoyed taking the break on the way.

You will come to Phikkal Bazar, where lunch will be tasted, which is also the best place to spend and collect the picturesque view of the area. After a while you will cross a Mai Khola to reach Ilam Bazar. Overnight stay will in Ilam Bazaar.

Day 4: Visit Mai Pokhari

The Eastern Nepaltour turns to the Mai Pokhari, which is about 13 kilometers away from Ilam Bazaar, measures an altitude of 2438 meters from sea level. The drive about 3 hours will welcome you the view of Mai Pokhari, sacred lake in the hill region.

There is also the availability of boating which will escalate the beauty of the visit highly. Along the way rustic setting will be tasted and tried with the glimmering mountains view far to the north.  The whole day will be consumed for the visit of Mai Pokhari indeed.

Day 5: Ilam Bazar to Dharan on 5th day of Eastern Nepal Tour

It will be a long ride from Ilam Bazar to Dharan. Overnight stay will be at a hotel in Dharan.

Day 6: Visit to Buddha Subba Temple and Bhedetar Tower

Early in the morning, you will be going to visit Buddha Subba Temple. Visiting the temple, breakfast will be taken nearby a restraint in the vicinity of the temple. The Ilam tour then goes to see the magnificent view of the valley seen from Bhedetar Tower which is also known Charles Tower.

Lunch will be had in the town of Bhedetar. In the evening, the tour will return back to Dharan bazaar where you will be visiting Raja Rani Lake and shopping in the town. Overnight stay will be at a hotel.

Day 7: Return to Kathmandu by completing Ilam Tour

Dharan to Biratnagar and Fly back to Kathmandu

It will be a wonderful ride from Dharan to Biratnagar and then fly back to Kathmandu.