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Pokhara Tour (5 Days)- Explore The Beauty Of Nepal

Pokhara is a sub-metropolitan city of Nepal found on Gandaki zone of Nepal. Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. From lakes to temples, busy night life to mountain view everything is available in the same city. One-time Pokhara tour and the place will not let you go its lifestyle, view and adventures just hook you.
5 days Pokhara tour in the average time needed to completely visit the place. However, if you have more time you can visit with extended days.

Pokhara tour is very interesting and amazing as the real experience of centre of the tourists in Nepal. Pokhara tour includes many Natural places with fantastic scene of the mountains. In 5 days, we can openly enjoy the beauty of Lakes, darkness of caves and the whiteness of the mountains with the sunrise on them.

It has been a cliche, about Pokhara tour that unless and until you don’t visit to Pokhara, you have not visited the charisma and charm that naturally prosperous Nepal offers. In other words, the visit is supposed to be tasteless without adding the spice of place named Pokhara.

Phewa lake- pokhara Tour

The place also renowned as the city of the lakes is bestowed with the famous lake named Phew Lake. Moreover, it has also includes the lakes such as Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Khaste Lake, Maidi Lake, Neureni Lake, Dipang Lake etc.

The most fascinating scene of Pokhara tour would be the shade of the mountain Machhapuchchre appeared in the water of Phewa Lake. Thus, you would not only enjoy the boating in the Phewa Lake but also see the lake’s splendor as a mirror for the mountain.

To add, the glamorous glow of Pokhara tour has been heightened by the establishment of the settlement called Lake Side beside of Phewa Lake.

One of the three among the ten tallest mountains in the world is conferred by the God nature about the distance of 30 kilometers from this panoramic Pokhara. They are Annapurna I, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu.

Moreover, the natural prosperity of the area has been empowered by the most popular trekking route called Annapurna Trekking Route also popularly known as the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Itinerary of Pokhara Tour 

Here is a brief description what you can do in your 5days Pokhara tour:

Day 1 of Pokhara Tour

First day take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and begin your Pokhara tour. Around half an hour to forty-five minutes you will reach Pokhara airport. From Pokhara airport one can take taxi to the lake side. The distance between Airport to lakeside is about 2.8 km. After getting to lakeside area and finding a suitable hotel to stay you can keep your luggage there. From your hotel after unloading, you can take some money, belongings, and head out for sightseeing.

After sightseeing the streets for some time, you can return in your hotel for some rest as travelling drains your energy. Then at the evening time you can Walk around the lake side enjoying the view and live music at the restaurants there. After that you can either return your hotel to rest or enjoy the time at the bars and restaurants. Like this the first day of 5 days Pokhara tour can end.

Day 2

You can begin your second day Pokhara tour by visiting phewa lake and Talbarahi temple inside the phewa lake. You can rent a boat along with someone who will take you to Talbarahi temple, if you pay more than ticket to the boat driver, he will give some tour around the phewa lake by the boat. After visiting to the lake in the morning you can visit various other sites.

Bindhabasani temple is the first place you can visit after the lake. Then after some time at the temple you can visit Gupteshor Mahadev, see the David’s fall, Mahindra cave. Pokhara tour is famous as Pokhara has so many tourist attractions point in the same city. They are remarkably close to each other and one day is enough to visit all of them if you start your day early.

Day 3

Day 3rd of the Pokhara tour day you must get early as sarangkot should be went early in the morning to watch the beautiful sunrise and the mesmerizing view of mount Annapurna and mount macchapucchre. Pokhara is famous for its paragliding from sarangkot. After viewing sunrise if you want you can do paragliding. Paragliding cannot be done if the weather is bad. Paragliding season starts in early September and ends in early June. It is not that during offseason flying does not takes place but quite a day are unflyable.

After paragliding you can visit International Mountain Museum, Gorkha memorial museum, Regional museum if you are into museum. Then you can end your 3rd day of Pokhara tour with night view in the phewa lakes.

pokhara Phewa lake- Pokhara tour

Day 4

At the 4th day of Pokhara tour you can begin your day by jogging around the lake side. You can rest a little bit in the morning then visit some places scheduled to visit before but could not due to busy schedule. If you completed your schedule then you can go to shopping in the famous markets of Pokhara. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, or other things you would like to buy from the market. Then after busy shopping in the day time by visiting the popular people places like clubs, bars, restaurants. The night life of Pokhara is very colorful and fascinating. You can drink, eat delicious food, and enjoy live music.

Day 5

At the morning of the 5th Pokhara tour you can go to visit begnas lake in the early morning. Begnas lake is 16.4 km away from Pokhara lake side. Opposite to phewa lake, begnas lake is very quiet and far from crowd and city. You can do boating, swimming as well as sightseeing here. After returning from begnas lake to the city you can rest for a bit and bid farewell to your 5-day Pokhara tour by catching a flight at Pokhara airport.