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10 Days Family Holiday Tour in Nepal to Explore Mountains and Historical Places

Family Holiday Nepal Tour Package consists the spectacular view of glittering mountains appeared in the horizon to visit the historical and architectural world heritage site in the Kathmandu valley. Nepal, still being the landlocked country has not been locked by the natural charisma that the nature has to offer in lavish level.

In spite of being the country not touched by the ocean, the water resources are plenty that it has been measured at the second highest country for its water resource. In addition to its frugal water resources, it has also been the country with Himalayas, bestowed with top eight mountains in the world including the highest mountain the Mountain Everest in the world.

cultural tour to kathmandu valley- holiday tour nepal

Regardless of its high reputation and recognition as the Himalayan country with uncountable snow-capped mountains, it is also the land where Buddha was born. The enlightened being Lord Buddha not only spread the light to this divine and sacred land but also to the entire world which we explore on this family holiday tour in Nepal

Considering his immense contribution for leading human kind to the lightness, truth and compassion, he has been acknowledged as the Light of Asia. Adding its prosperity in the arts and architect, the historical structures of the temples, palaces and houses shows the incredible and outstanding ability and aptitude of arts and architecture possessed in the people of this country.

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In between the capital of the country and the tourist capital of the country is situated a place called Bandipur which will allude you with its natural and cultural affinity and amenities in the form of temples, houses, and roads it has been able to preserve till this date with unbelievably magnificent fashion and we observe this as well as a part of our holiday tour in Nepal.

The tour is entertained and embroidered by the beauty of breathtaking scenic view of the jungle and hills. Heading to the tourist hub of the country called Pokhara, the setting and atmosphere offers you even stunning and astounding flavor of the natural beauty and freshness in the recipe of pristine and soul-inspiring Lakes, soaring fountains or waterfalls, the panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset along with short hike to the nearby visiting place like Peace Pagoda and Sarangkot would enrich the number of recipes you would taste with your family members.

It will be a remarkable experience with your family which will get even thick color and impression of joy and astonishment when you further trip to lowland Terai Chitwan and Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

In the complete jungle view and environment, you would definitely recharge with the visit of numerous endangered species of birds and animals along with very famous animals like elephants and tigers which you explore in this family holiday tour in Nepal.

Acquiring the experience of the greenery area of the country, you will be mystified and enthralled by the yellow and wonderful mystical land of the Lord Buddha who was born in the very place where you are going to touch your feet on this divine holy land. So, the whole family vibes would be magnanimously rejuvenated by the spiritual energy of the land.

Itinerary of Tour

Day 1- Arrival to Kathmandu

Having received at Tribhuvan Internation Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, you will be brought to the hotel where you’ll be staying overnight. At the hotel, the orientation program will be conducted for the tour and necessary documents to be needed for the trip.

Day 2- Visit in the Kathmandu Valley

The world heritage historical and religious sites of Kathmandu valley will be visited today. Bouddhanath, Pashupatinath, Basantpur Darbar Squre and Bhaktapur Darbar Squre will be in the list of the visit. Overnight will be at a hotel.

Day 3- Drive to Bandipur

The tour starts to head further out of the valley to the western region from Kathmandu. Following the edge of the Trishuli River, the way goes to Mugling before crossing the same river to enter into the district called Tanahu where is located the place named Bandipur.


Reaching at Damauli, the way turns left towards Bandipur to observe and enjoy the rustic beauty and cultural affluence this historical place has offered. The clear weather will allow you to view the sunset and sunrise from Bandipur over the Annapurna range.

About 5/6 hours of drive from Kathmandu will be travelled the distance of 150 kilometers enjoying scenic scenario seen driving on the Prithvi Highway. Overnight stay will be at a hotel in Bandipur.

Day 4 of family holiday tour in Nepal – Drive from Bandipur to Pokhara

About two hours of drive from Bandipur will take you to Pokhara. Pokhara will consume one more day for the sightseeing and visiting the lakes and waterfalls along with caves. The paragliding and boating will be the experience of its best to take part in. Sunrise and sunset view will be seen in clear weather from Sarangkot hill.

Day 5- Hike to Peace Pagoda with Yoga and Meditation

You can visit Peace Pagoda with hiking a bit. Then you will have a good session of yoga and meditation on the serene and fresh area of Peace Pagoda. After good session of meditation and yoga, you will be recharged to follow the trail downwards to Phewa Lake before.

You will then ride on the boat to come to the Lakeside of Pokhara. There is a temple in the lake which you can visit if you wish. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 6- Drive to Lumbini

After six hours of drive from Pokhara, you will reach to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It’s huge area to visit. Indeed, it’s rarely possible to view all the monasteries and monuments within an hour or two. It may take a whole day.

lumbini tour

However, visiting some important place such Maya Devi Temple, flame of light and few significant monasteries can be possible in an hour or so. Overnight stay will at a hotel.

Drive to Chitwan National Park on 7th day of Holiday tour in Nepal

After paying visit to some sacred monastery for worship and better omen in life the tour will be headed to Chitwan.  Its four hours of drive from Lumbini that will bring you to Chitwan National Park where you will enjoy the endangered species of wild animals, birds and butterflies and many more.


The place perfectly suited for the nature lover.  However, today it will be the time for viewing the sunset from the bank of Rapti River and celebrating the Tharu Cultural Dance in the evening. The overnight stay will be at a hotel.

Day 8- Wildlife Experiences in Chitwan National Park

The jungle safari, elephant riding etc would be your option to enjoy.  In addition, rhinoceros, rhesus monkey, wild boar, wild cats, royal Bengal tiger, leopards etc. are the possible wildlife you will be blissed to observe.

The visit will be entertained with the canoe ride in the Rapti River which will provide you an opportunity to see the crocodiles and chirping wandering of the birds. Elephant Breeding Centre, National Park Visitor Centre etc. are other place you will occupy your time. Overnight will be spent at a hotel.

Day 9- Drive back to Kathmandu

After a circular visit in the western part of the country, you will be heading back to the capital city of the country. Relaxing and recollecting your memory of the visit, you will be prepared to fly back to your next destination today.

The good-bye dinner will be organized in the sponsorship of our organization which will be dedicated to you and your family.

Day 10- Back to your destination

You will be driven to the airport to see you off for your further destination.