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Nepal is a country that is filled with forests in most of the parts. Except in the high mountains the country has forests all over it. It has various types of forests which people use for various purposes. Forests are the treasure of nature gifted to humans. From ancient times to today we have been getting many things from forests. In Nepal, there are many forests, natural parks, wildlife reserves, and hunting reserves that people visit. Jungle safari in Nepal is very amazing and a lifetime experience.

Nepal is covered by forests in its many parts. In the past forest was used as the source of timber, raw materials, and a place to hunt. However, in the previous century hunting and deforestation increased enormously. The forest and animals were at risk of becoming endangered. So, the Nepal government created various wildlife reserves, national parks, and other conservation centers to protect wildlife and the forest. The area is protected with the aid of the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, and the local people who live in the area.

There are various places in Nepal where a Jungle safari is available. Some places are much more popular and bigger than other places. Some of them have the rarest animals and birds in the world while some are also the home of migratory birds and animals who come here from various countries in the world. Let’s look at some places which are the best destinations for Jungle safari in Nepal:

Chitwan national park

Chitwan national park is the oldest national park of Nepal which was established in 1973 A.D. however it got into UNESCO natural heritage site in the year 1984 A.D. When talking about Jungle safari in Nepal it is the first name that comes into the mind of the people and that too for the good reason.

Chitwan is the name of the district in the middle section of Nepal. It is west of Kathmandu valley and can be reached in a few hours from there. Chitwan is considered the best place for a Jungle safari in Nepal because of the few unique traits it possesses which may not be found anywhere else. While Chitwan is the name of the district Chitwan national park covers parts of other districts as well Makwanpur, Nawalpur, and Parsa.

The Chitwan area is best as it has the perfect climate and environment. Now, let’s talk about the Chitwan Jungle safari in Nepal. The land is filled with amazing animals. Chitwan is popular for its one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal Tiger. Yearly people come from various parts of Nepal as well as other countries to visit Chitwan and see amazing animals. One can visit Chitwan national park in either jeep or on the back of an elephant.

The ride is safe as long as they do not come down from elephants and vehicles.  Chitwan is the first choice of Jungle safari in Nepal as it has all the necessary elements. From a good environment, amazing animals, and good safety measures Chitwan has it all. The guide has good knowledge about the living places of rhino as well as the resting place of the Tiger. So, with good guides, one has a good chance of watching those magnificent animals. Jungle safari in Nepal is incomplete without Chitwan national park visit.

Bardiya national park

Bardiya is another fabulous destination for a Jungle safari in Nepal. The park was established back in 1988AD and covers an area of 968km sq. This national park is a big area for wildlife and birds in the Terai region of Nepal. This national park lies in the further western part than Chitwan national park.

Bardiya national park is also the home of various flora and fauna. The area is huge and about 70% of the total area of the national park is covered in forests. The rest of the area is grassland, swamps, rivers, and other things. This national park has every aspect to be the top choice for Jungle safari in Nepal.

Bardiya national park is also the home of one-horned Rhinoceros and Bengal tiger. When we talk about one-horned Rhino, we often talk about Chitwan and the national park. However, a good number of one-horned Rhinos are also present in this national park. With the rare and protected animals, amazing, preserved nature Bardiya national park is the best place for Jungle safari in Nepal.

Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve

Now, let’s move from the national park and get to Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve. The wildlife reserve was established in the year 1976 and covers an area of 175 km square. It lies in the Terai part of Nepal and is located in the few districts of Nepal.

Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is the best place for Jungle safari in Nepal as it is recently promoted as a safari park. The place lies on the grassland of terai where riding a vehicle is very easy. Of the total area about 68% of the total land is covered in grasslands, only 6% of the total land is forest.

The area is home to various plant life and animals which are hardly found in any other part of Nepal. One of the amazing things about the Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is that it is not remote in location and can be easily accessed through the Mahendra highway.

One might assume that forests may be remote in locations but that is not the case here. Like the Rhino and Tiger of Bardiya and Chitwan, this wildlife reserve has also a few animals which are unique to this place and may not be found in other parts of Nepal. One of those animals is the Ganges dolphin which people have sighted many times. Also, various migratory birds come here from various parts of the world. Koshi Tappu is also home to Arna, the wild buffalo. The amazing grassland, wonderful animals, and environment make Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve makes it as the top destination for a Jungle safari in Nepal.

Shukla Phanta National Park

Shukla Phanta national park is the youngest national park of Nepal. Before being converted to a national park it was established as the hunting reserve and was later converted to a national park in 1976 A.D. It was converted to a national park from a hunting reserve with the specific goal, the goal was the protection of swamp deer.

Shukla Phanta national park is located in the far western development region of Nepal and covers an area of 305 km sq. It is covered by forests, grasslands, riverbeds, and wetlands which are home to various plants, animals, and birds as well as marine life.

The national park is very rich in respect of its variety of vegetation, animals, and birds. It is a true and amazing place to be and must be included in the list of destinations of Jungle safari in Nepal.

There are many species of mammals and birds living in this area. According to the surveys and data, there are a total of 46 mammal species of which some are rare in the entire world. Like the Chitwan and Bardia national park, this national park is the home of the famous Bengal tiger. One-horned rhinos are also found here but were translocated from the other two national parks with the motive of creating another habitat for the endangered animal species.

Yes, Bengal tiger and one-horned rhino are here but the crown species which is most famous here is the swamp deer. It is the same species for which protection Shukla Phanta national park came into existence. As of 2013, there were a total of 2170 swamp deer in the national park.

Above mentioned animals are some of the rare animals that are found in the national park. However, there are more animal species there that are very beautiful and wonderful. The national park located at the corner of Nepal offers much as a destination for Jungle safari in Nepal.

Jungle sari in Nepal or any part of the world is an amazing activity. However, one must not forget that they are now on the territory of the animals, and they need to be more careful.

Following are the things that need to be considered during Jungle Safari in Nepal:


Jungle safari in Nepal is a pleasant activity but there needs to be a sense of communication between the guide and visitors. If the locals of Nepal are visiting the forests, there then they will not have any kinds of problem with communication. However, various tourists belonging to various countries come for a Jungle safari in Nepal and communication is vital.

People of some countries are also not so good at communicating in English. So, they must take someone with them who can act as the mediator. Sometimes the guide needs to pass important information to the visitors, most of the time it may be common info but at rare times it may be critical and life-threatening.

Listen to your guides

While being on a Jungle safari in Nepal always listen to your guide. The guide has gone through various training and it’s his daily job to come to that forest, so he knows many things which you do not know. The guide is very experienced and good at his job and knows what he is doing. So, if the guide asks you to do something during the safari do not answer ridiculous questions and also do not challenge his authority. It is his duty to keep you safe and away from the path of danger and he will do so.

Do not get off your vehicle

During Jungle safari in Nepal or any other place in the world, your vehicle is your strength or elephant in case you are riding the elephant. Your ride keeps you safe from the dangers of the forest. Rarely, the person on the vehicle or who is riding the elephant is attacked by the animals. There are some designated points in the forest where the visitors can get out of the vehicle to see the surrounding.

However, these places are predesigned according to their visibility, past incidents, sightings of dangerous animals, and so on. Also, you can only get off at these destinations with the permission of your guide. During Jungle safari in Nepal or any other place getting off here and there is filled with dangers and not so safe.

Do not wander while taking photos

In this age and time, people are obsessed with clicking photos. These desires are even elevated by the wish of uploading beautiful photos on social media. However, it is not safe in the forest to go here and there to click the photos. Yes, photo clicking is the hobby of certain individuals and the profession of some people.

However, this should be done while staying in the vehicle or being in a safe location with suggestions and permission from the guide. During Jungle safari in Nepal, you are going to find various beautiful locations and destinations but think about your safety and do not wander off to click photos as it is dangerous and can even be fatal.

Clean forest

It is the ultimate rule for Jungle safari in Nepal, other countries, and any forest in the world. You are going to the forest which is nature in its pristine form and also it is the home of many animals, plants, birds and so on. Do not throw waste into the forest. The waste thrown into the forest can disturb its ecosystem as well as play a negative part in the health of animals. So, while going to Jungle safari in Nepal or any other places take back the waste created by you and put it on the dust bins.

Do not disturb the animals

When going to the forests we are the visitors, and they are the owners of the place as it is their home, and we are there to only spend a little time and enjoy the moment. So, do not disturb the animals, some people throw sticks and rocks at animals. It is both unethical, bad behavior as well as a dangerous activity.

People should be away as far away as possible from the path of the animals. They are only there to see them, not disturb them or be on their path. Disturbing the animals also sometimes be fatal and various such conditions have been reported in the past also. So, go safely and quietly and stay away from the animals.