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A warm welcome to ‘trekking in Nepal’. And with hearty hospitality from the top of the world, Tour Trek and Travel Nepal gives you a chance to explore the land of Himalayas. For ‘trekkers to Nepal’ we are happy to welcome you in trekking packages and mountain expeditions at Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Gyokyo Lake Trek, Rara Lake Trek, Shay-Foksundo Lake Trek, Mustang Trek etc. Not only this, we are very happy to share our tour packages to various National Parks of Nepal along with Wildlife Safari, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding and Mountain Flights for the people who are planning for the tour in Nepal. Our honest service includes Kathmandu Valley sightseeing. Visiting the historical and cultural heritage of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. and trekking to the nearby area of Kathmandu Valley. In the list of ‘Tours in Nepal’ there are packages about visiting Ghandruk, visiting Bandipur, river rafting. For those who are coming for the purpose of Trek in Nepal, We offer  multiple options considering budget, duration and seasons. As our name suggests, we are honored to announce our trademark in the field of ‘trek in Nepal’. We guides you to visit the most exciting places and trek the most challenging and breath-taking routes of Nepal. Also, we are committed and dedicated to make your tour, trek and visit in Nepal the best and most soul-inspiring. We offer an experience you will never forget in your life. As the country is a powerhouse of tourism and trekking, in cooperation and coordination with dedicated, intellectual, hardworking young entrepreneurs, we assure you an outstanding service and vacation in Nepal. While coming to Nepal, have you ever thought of experiencing the amazing moments and challenges of adventures and ‘trekking in Nepal’…?! That thought is very thrilling..!! You are in a great place to start your dream.

Being a recognized and reputed organization in the country, Tour Trek and Travel Nepal is honored to announce that we have continued a wonderful and remarkable track record of hospitality and trekking and tours packages. Keeping in mind the needs and concerns of tourists, Tour Trek and Travel Nepal has promoted cross-cultural traditions and made the fusion of modernity and ancient tradition a harmonious ingredient. Nepal is specially known for its natural resources, mountains and cultural and spiritual acceptance and prosperity, we are highly determined to deliver the best identity of our country through our excellent service and tour and trek packages. With deep respect and reverence for the birthright of every human being, we are very excited to welcome you all to this holy land of Hinduism, Himalayas and hospitality. After coming here and completing a tour or trek in Nepal, it will be a best ‘Tour in Nepal’ that you will remember for life long.

When it comes to the topic ‘Trek in Nepal’, one of the most exciting and adventurous treks is a visit to Man Sarovar Cum Gosain Kunda, located at the southern tip of Tibet near the Nepal-Tibet border. It attracts Buddhist and Hindu followers as their pilgrimage. For Hindu pilgrims it is the abode of Lord Shiva and for Buddhist followers it is one of their holy pilgrimages. Obviously, the northern terrain of the country has given a lot of charm and attraction to the trekkers. A visit to Nepal is mostly about exploring, expedition and trekking experience above all. All these things make ‘trek in nepal’ special.

‘Lumbini’ is a must-visit place for those who come to the tour in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha. Visiting this holy place once and taking the entrance to the Land of Enlightenment makes the visit invaluable. It is located in the Rupandehi district in the south western part of the country. It is a divine place for Buddhist followers. Most importantly, the holy place can be a heavenly meeting place for tourists from all over the world. Known as the abode of the enlightened being and the ’Light of Asia’, your visit to Nepal can be experienced. Make your tour in Nepal unforgettable in this way.

There is one more place that must be visit while trek to Nepal. The country’s charisma is based on the beauty and grandeur of the architectural and historical structures built many centuries ago by various kings and rulers in different parts of the country. Archeological and architectural richness can be found in the Kathmandu Valley. Temples, palaces and ponds of the city are the most visited sites. Art and fine arts, historical buildings and palaces have exceptional preservation of the nation’s rich history, making it one of the most attractive aspects during a visit to Nepal.

Not only does Nepal identify itself as the birthplace of Buddha, it is also the blessed home of Lord Shiva, the progenitor of yoga and god of gods and goddesses. The country is blessed with a holy temple named Pashupatinath, one of the most quintessential holy places that Hindu pilgrims on the Trek to Nepal can visit once in a lifetime. Millions of pilgrims flock to the temple city every year to visit this revered and holy land of Shiva.

One thing that attracts those who come to Trek to Nepal is the natural resources of Nepal. Appreciation of Nepal has reached a height because of its natural resources. There was a saying that ‘Hario Bun, Nepalko Dhan’ means the green forest is the property of Nepal. Although the country has seen modern development and expansion of urbanization, most of the country is still surrounded by natural resources and offers a rural atmosphere. Once you travel through the Mahendra Highway that stretches from east to west of Nepal, you will find more than 3 national parks along the highway. Therefore, Nepal is a place of wildlife conservation, which has allowed jungle safari, a wild animal conservation trend to rise. In the national parks of Nepal, a variety of flora and fauna can be found along with endangered animals such as black deer, one-horned rhinoceros and stripped-tigers. In many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, visitors go on jungle safaris. A jungle safari becomes glorious with an elephant ride. Green ground and big trees all along the way when you go on a jungle safari.

With such exciting and adventurous trekking and tours to visit various parts of Nepal, the option of visiting the country is expanded and refreshed by the package of Yoga Trek. During the trek, the trail is wonderful and enlightening with a wonderful combination of yoga. Adventures of Trekking strengthens your adventures of inner self with the union of yoga in trekking. The most fascinating aspect of the trek is definitely practicing yoga in some exotic setting, with the yogi lurking within. This trek is like a spiritual journey to the Himalayas and a realization of the inner self through practice as the ancestors followed their entire lives in meditation and austerities of various splendours. While excluding such harsh and incredibly intense ancestral instincts for much of the world, yoga on the trek awakens the moment you experience the trail in a modern way. And makes it enjoyable. So many ideas make those who come to trek to Nepal and those who plan to come proud of Nepal.

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