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Nepal is one of the wonderful countries in the world. Yes, we know the country for its mountains, but can we call it heaven for mountaineers? The country is filled with many natural wonders and natural beauty. The climate is good, the land is green, people are friendly. Due to these aspects, Nepal is doing very well in the tourism industry. Mountaineering in Nepal is a noticeably big part of tourism in Nepal. The country is gifted with magnificent landscapes that make it a heaven for mountaineers.

Nepal is a landlocked country; it has no direct access to the sea. Despite lacking direct access to the sea, the country has a ridiculously huge amount of water resources. One of the major reasons the country has such a huge amount of water resources despite being in the middle of large landmasses is due to the large glaciers and huge water resources being present there. The country has an enormous number of beautiful mountains, hills, and exciting landscapes that are beyond anything in the world. The country gets many visitors due to the mountains. They not only come to climb the mountain but complete many trekking routes around the mountains.

Nepal is sometimes called heaven for Mountaineers. However, why it is called so. What are the factors that make people say that it is heaven for mountaineers?

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. The gigantic mountain stands at an altitude of 8848.9m from sea level. There is no place in the world that is higher than Everest. The tallest peak in the entire world is the biggest reason why Nepal is heaven for mountaineers. Mount Everest is located at the Sagarmatha national park of Solukhumbu district of Nepal.

The Mountain was discovered in 1852 A.D. and was crowned as the highest peak in the world. One funny thing about the discovery of Everest is that before its discovery in that year, few other mountains in the world were considered as the highest peak in the world. Some held the crown for some time until the ultimate beast Everest was discovered.

The mountain was for the first time climbed in the year 1953 A.D. by the two explorers. Since then, every year many visitors arrive in Nepal to climb the mountain. The highest peak in the world is the ultimate dream of the many mountaineers. It is the dream that is compulsorily held by the individuals if they want to be in the true height of mountaineering. Everest is the ultimate goal, there is no mountain that goes beyond that level in the matter of heights. The thrill to be at the top of the world is the very reason why mountaineers choose Nepal and is a heaven for mountaineers.

Top mountains in the world

There is no denying that Mount Everest is the crown jewel that makes Nepal the heaven for mountaineers. However, Everest is not the only jewel that Nepal possesses that makes it the heaven for mountaineers. Among the top 10 highest peaks in the world, eight of the peaks belong to Nepal.

Everest is the peak of the iceberg; however, this iceberg is huge which possesses many mountains. Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri I, Manaslu and Annapurna I are the other highest peak in Nepal beside Everest. Kanchenjunga is the 3rd highest peak in the world after Everest and Mount K2 from Pakistan. Another peak anomy on the top 10 list that does not belong to Nepal is Mount Gasherbrum I of Pakistan. Other than these all 8 belong to Nepal and all exceed the 8000m altitude from the sea level.

Nepal can be called the heaven for mountaineers because not three or four but eight of the top 10 highest peaks in the world all belong to Nepal. It is something to have these many beautiful peaks to be blessed by the nature in your country.

Himalayan Range

The series of mountains that lie between Nepal China border, India China border is called the Himalayan ranges. The mountain ranges separate India and China in the east and west of Nepal, and also acts as the border region for the northern part of Nepal. Most of the northern part of Nepal is covered by these Himalayan ranges.

The presence of a considerable number of Himalayan ranges in Nepal makes it a heaven for mountaineers. The Himalayan range consists of hundreds of large mountains, glaciers, and beautiful surroundings. The formation of the Himalayan range is also a geological wonder as scientists cannot exactly pinpoint the reason for the formation of the Himalayan ranges.

Most of the mountains that are present in Nepal are due to the Himalayan range and are present at the northern China border.  The number of mountains present in Nepal that are above 550m from the sea level is 1310. In a country with such a small area to have such a considerable number of mountains is amazing. This very reason makes Nepal heaven for mountaineers.

Thrill and risk

Mountaineering is one of the most dangerous things one can do. The number of risks in mountaineering is extremely high and people know it. High mountains have one of the most difficult topography on the surface of the earth. The oxygen is low, the location is remote with almost no chance of rescue and even the slight mistake can be a dangerous one. There are some dead bodies used as the landscapes in Everest as it is near too impossible to extract them. Some people have died trying to recover dead bodies from Everest.

We can see the picture of how dangerous is mountaineering. However, this risk and thrill is the very reason which motivates the mountaineers to climb and reach the summit of the mountain. Nepal has one of the most dangerous and highest mountains in the world. There are quite a several mountains which are above 8000m and extremely hard to climb. Many people have died trying to summit the mountain. However, this does not stop the adventurers but further encourages them. The dangerous and exciting mountains also make Nepal heaven for mountaineers.

Easy Visa

Another thing that makes the trip to the mountains is the easy visa. Visa acquiring can be sometimes so dull and lengthy that it kills some fragment of the enjoyment of the journey. To get to Nepal, one does not need to spend months of a lengthy process to acquire the visa or study day and night to study the language and appear in exams.

The process is quite simple and will be completed in a matter of days. You focus your time on other things and other mountaineering preparations, the access to the country is easy as that. There are other countries with beautiful mountains also, but the visa access and the entry are not equal and assessable to all as Nepal. Easy entry with no lengthy process is another thing that acts as the plus point to why Nepal is heaven for mountaineers?

Affordable food and lodging

Nepal is a developing country. The cost of per day living and cost for food here is very cheap comparing with the developed countries. The average per day spent per person in Nepal is only around 25$. This amount represents the average sum that is required by the travelers for the average items and can vary according to the type of accommodations and luxury services they want to have. During mountaineering, the travelers need to arrive in Kathmandu first. Tribhuvan International airport is the only international airport in the country so to go to the mountains you first need to land in Kathmandu then to the mountains from there.

The food and lodging of Kathmandu and other city area are balanced and is average. However, when the travelers go to the mountain areas the cost of the food increases while the cost of staying decreases as compared to that of Kathmandu. As the mountain region’s difficult topography makes it hard for the import and growing of the foods. Despite all this comparing the other countries it is still very cheap. The only place where one can enjoy the best mountain experience at an affordable price. This makes Nepal heaven for mountaineers.


Sherpas are the term used for the local people of the mountain regions of Nepal. The Sherpas are indigenous to the mountains of Nepal. They had lived there for hundreds of generations. Since they had been there for many generations, they have built a certain level of tolerance for mountains. When the tallest mountain of the world was submitted by two peoples one was local Sherpa. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa was the local who climbed Everest with Edmund Hilary.

The Sherpa people have immersed themselves in the mountaineering business for generations. Their certain level of adapting to the altitude and climate makes them the best companion in the mountains. They are fit, agile, and very dedicated to their duties.

The Sherpas are the ones who will take the real risk and make the mountaineering experience of the tourists a great one. The Sherpas are the ones that map out the routes to the peak of the mountains, they take the job to fix the ropes and routes to the mountains. They make Nepal heaven for mountaineers. They also act as your guide and take you to the peak of Everest. In those difficult Terrans Sherpas are the one who takes the real risks and will make your journey as smooth as possible.

The dedication and contribution of the Sherpa people is the thing that is making the mountaineering business of Nepal flying as high as it is today. Sherpas and their dedication are also the prime reason Nepal is heaven for mountaineers.

Unexplored areas

Nepal is a small country when we look at its area and coverage. How can be such a small area be heaven for mountaineers? Looking at the neighbors and other big countries in the world the country looks very minute in the globe. Despite being small the country has some of the best tourist attractions in the world.

There are many things here among which the mountains are the most. The most popular mountains like Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri have a year around the flow of the tourists and mountaineers. Most know about them and want to submit them. Nepal is known to the world as the country of Mount Everest or the country of the highest peak in the world to most. However, there is more to Nepal than the mainstream mountains that everyone knows about and wants to visit.

One needs to go beyond the few popular mountains and to the deep in the Himalayas to truly understand why Nepal is heaven for mountaineers. There are more than a hundred peaks in the country that no one has ever climbed. The mountains remain tall and unclimbed till day.  The mountaineers have a dream to be the first one to climb a certain mountain that no one has dared before. At this age, there are not so many mountains left that have never climbed because for decades people have spent their time climbing the mountains in the world. However, that is still possible in Nepal which makes it a heaven for mountaineers.

Tourism country

A large part of the economy is supported by the tourism industry in Nepal. Also, mountaineering covers a significant segment of tourism in Nepal. This is the very reason which makes the government extra focused on uplifting the mountaineering experience in Nepal. The country being this much engaged and focused on it also makes it the heaven for mountaineers.

The country has significantly improved its tourism sector to uplift the condition of mountaineering. This engagement benefits the tourists and makes it a heaven for mountaineers and other tourists. Being the focus of government and tourist business, will not go unbenefited. They are trying their best through research and other activities to make the mountaineering experience as smooth and efficient as much as possible.