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Annapurna Base camp Helicopter Tour

Overview of Annapurna Helicopter Tour

The Annapurna region is synonymous with thrill, adventure, and romance. Whoever steps foot in this wilderness is greatly amazed by the unparalleled diversity and natural enigma that it beholds. For years, people have been exploring this mysterious land with hopes to unravel the secret it hides. The major landmark of this region is undoubtedly the base of the Annapurna mountain or the Annapurna base camp. In the past, the only option to reach the base camp was through arduous walks. As of now, an easier alternative is developed that not only eases the journey but lets you travel in style too. Yes, we are talking about the Annapurna helicopter tour.

This helicopter journey will provide you a bird’s eye view of the mountains that decorate the entirety of the Annapurna region like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Macchapucchre, and Hiuchuli. You will feel the thrill of looking from the helicopter window and observing the green pastures and well-maintained terrace fields of the Pokhara valley. The time spent at the base camp will be magical for you and the memories gained will be immeasurable too.

Factual Statements regarding the trip

Terrain type: Hills and mountains

Location: Kaski, Lamjung, Manang

Difficulty level: easy

Time needed: 2 days

Max Altitude: 4130 meters

Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism   

Local residents: Gurung, Thakali, Brahmin, Chhetri

Transportation: helicopter


Highlights of Annapurna Helicopter Tour

Panoramic helicopter tour which provides amazing pictures of the Annapurna mountain range

Relaxing at the soothing environment of the Annapurna Base Camp

Soaring across green pastures and the verdant lakes like Fewa, Rupa, and Begnas

Observing mountains like Macchapucchre, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri

Exploring the immaculate Annapurna Conservation Area and interacting with the locals

Visiting the world peace pagoda, Davis Falls, and other beautiful landmarks that incorporate the Pokhara valley


Food and Accommodation

During this Annapurna helicopter tour, you will be residing in hotels. Pokhara is equipped with one of the finest hotels and lodges. These hotels serve quality cuisine and if you wish to explore, then there are other restaurants in the city too. At the base camp, there are no facilities available so, we shall carry with ourselves some edibles and hot tea.


Day 1: Travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara

The first leg of this amazing Annapurna helicopter tour ( Annapurna Base Camp helicopter tour)sees you travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara. You have the option of choosing your vehicle of choice which in our scenario is either by bus or by road. the road journey takes about 8 hours and covers a distance of 200 km via the Prithivi highway.

On the contrary, if you travel by airplane, the journey lasts for 30 minutes. Despite your method of travel, you are bound to be greeted with exquisite views of the snowy mountains and green Nepali background. Upon arrival, you will be taken to the hotel and our tour guide will enlighten you about the additional details regarding the flight tomorrow.

Day 2: Helicopter flight to Annapurna Base Camp and back to Pokhara

The morning commences early and we shall arrive at the airport at around 6:30 to 7 am. Your helicopter will be waiting for you at the airport. The timing for arriving at the airport may depend upon weather conditions, visibility, and other variable factors. Inside the helicopter, the seats are comfortable and spacious which provides you with a much-needed assurance that the flight is going to be wonderful.

There are certain protocols that you might need to adhere to so be sure to enquire about it. The Annapurna helicopter tour commences from the Pokhara airport and flies north to the Annapurna Base Camp covering a distance of approximately 45 km. the flight will give you a bird’s eye view of the soothing Pokhara valley and as we proceed ahead, the terraced fields and green pastures are bound to make you feel happy.

The green pastures slowly transcend into barren lands which signals our arrival in the higher parts of the Annapurna region. Observe the delightful picture of the Annapurna mountain range and upon arriving at the base camp, bask at the glory of the massive Annapurna mountain. After sipping hot tea and interacting with other campers, we head back to Pokhara at around noon. At Pokhara, you can spend the day by visiting other landmarks that the city possesses like Fewa Lake and World Peace Pagoda.

Day3: Return back from Pokhara to Kathmandu. 

You can Join the Yoga retreat or Ayurveda Retreat on extra cost if you have time after the tour.

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