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Nepal is a beautiful country located at the south of Asian continent. It is situated between the giants India and China. Located between these two countries, Nepal has no direct access to the sea and is a landlocked country. The total area of the country is, 147,516 sq km and is the 93rd largest country in the world by its area. Despite, being 93rd in its area, the population of the country is in 49th place with 29,520,536 inhabitants.

The country despite being 93rd in its area, hold many wonders in its limited land area. There are numerous Reason to visit Nepal. With its unique geography, flora, and fauna with its other components make it one hell of a tourist spot.

The top 20 Reason to visit Nepal are:

The mountains

The biggest reason to visit Nepal is the mountains. Nepal is known worldwide for its mountains and mountain ranges. The country is home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest (Sagarmatha). However, Everest is just the tip of the iceberg. The country has total of 1310 peaks in total. There are fourteen peaks in the world that are above 8000m, of which eight belong to Nepal. If you are mountain lover and that does not, excite your what will.
On the yearly basis thousands of tourists, visit the country to climb the mountain or just to visit the mountain and admire its beauty. If you are immersed in mountaineering, mountains may be your reason to visit Nepal.

In Budget

If you want to have the best trip in your life in budget, then it will be your reason to visit Nepal. Nepal is a developing country, the living and eating cost is very low compared to the other developed countries. The average cost per day for tourists in Nepal is around 25$ which is unbelievably cheap and reasonable. However, if you are wondering if the cost is low then the services may be of inadequate quality. But that is not the case here you can have the best trip, with best commodities with very reasonable prices.

The forests

Nepal is a very green country; the country has no desert in its territory. No matter where you go in Nepal, you will be closer to the forests or mountains. The terai region, hilly region and most parts of the mountain region are covered with substantial number of forests. 37.4% of the total area of the country is covered with forest to be more precise. From terai to mountain, you can find all kind of forests. Evergreen forest in terai, deciduous forest in hill region and pine forest are found in the mountain region. If you love green, then you have your reason to visit Nepal.

Adventure Destination

Nepal is the dream destination to the adventure junkies all around the globe. The difficult, geography of some of the selective places in the country makes it the adventure destination it is today. Rafting in the dangerous rivers, paragliding, zip-flying, bungee jumping, mountain flight, are some of the adventure activities that you can do in the country. The topography makes these activities more challenging and adventurous. If you live for adventure, you have your reason to visit Nepal.

Easy visa

This point may look little different at first glance; however, it is a very reasonable one. Nepal has an extremely easy visa process. One can travel here easily without any kind of hassle. If one has limited travel time, and brief time to plan the trip easy visa becomes the life saver. Some, country with long visa process need months of preparation time to travel. However, with Nepal you plan and within few days you can travel.

Awesome trekking routes

Another thing the country is famous for is its awesome trekking routes. Annapurna base camp trekking, Mardi Himal trek, Langtang Trek, Everest view Trek are some of the many trekking routes of the country. The amazing trekking routes may be the reason to visit Nepal, most of these trekking routes have the spectacular view of mountain ranges, forests, streams and many more. Annapurna circuit trek is considered one of the best trekking routes in the entire world.

Friendly peoples

Nepalese people are well known for their friendliness and hospitality. In the Hindu culture, guests are treated as the form of god. Hence, they will treat you such with hospitality and warm welcome. Nepal is the destination where you can feel the warmth of the locals in your heart. This may be the reason to visit Nepal for you.

Cultural Heaven

Nepal despite being small is area, is the home of people with various cultures. The locals have various different cultures. Nepal is so much rich in culture that Kathmandu valley alone has seven cultural heritage sites on its small area. People have various style clothes, religion, holy sites as per their religion and culture. If you have taste for the unique and diversified culture of Nepal, then it is your reason to visit Nepal.

Safe to travel

Nepal is a safe destination. The efforts of the people involved in tourism, government, police force, locals make the travelling safe. It is so safe that you can find solo foreign travelers in the trekking routes and also in remote locations. The country has its reputation for being the safest country to travel in south east Asia. Also, not only males same condition applies to the females. If you are looking for a safe destination with tons of adventures, then it is your reason to visit Nepal.

National parks

Nepal has 12 national parks in total. Each of them is unique to others. They are distributed throughout the country and acts as the major tourist destination. Sagarmatha national and Chitwan national park are listed in the world natural heritage sites. All the natural parks have something unique in them, like Sagarmatha national park has mount Everest in its periphery. Chitwan national park is famous for one horned rhino, Bardia national park for its tigers. Mesmerizing national parks may be the reason to visit Nepal.

Birthplace of Lord Buddha

Nepal is the birthplace of lord Buddha. Lumbini the birthplace has numerous stupas showing the art of various Buddhist countries. However, the core attraction of Lumbini is the Mahadevi temple. The temple has preserved the remaining of the original house where Buddha was born. Moreover, the country has holy Buddhist sites all around. Swyambhunath, Boudha Nath, Namo Buddha are some of the holy Buddhist site other than Lumbini in the country. If you are interested in Buddhism or are a Buddhist or want to know about buddha, it may be your reason to visit Nepal. The Buddhism Nepal tour might be one of the interesting point for you.


Nepal is home to various unique animals. With its vast number of forests across the nation, it is home to the various species of wildlife. The wildlife reserves, national parks, community forests etc. aid to protect these wild lives from poachers and hunters. These efforts have preserved various endangered wildlife species in the country. Bengal tiger, one horned rhino, red panda, snow leopard, golden jackal, etc. are the major tourist attractions of the country. Diversified and endangered species of wild animals, gives you the reason to visit Nepal.


The diversified culture and ethnic group resulted in diversified food. If you are a foodie and love trying new dishes, you have your reason to visit Nepal. Nepal has huge number of foods varieties, as it has number of ethnic groups. The food items are so varied that the person of one ethnic group may not know about the food item of other groups. They are very tasty and carry huge cultural importance. Momo, Dal baht, bara, chiura, achar, chhurpi, choila are some of the most popular food items that the foreign people also love to try.


Dashain and Tihar are the main festivals of Nepal. However, there are numerous festivals around the entire year. Since, people of various cultures live here one can taste numerous varieties of festivals around the year. The festivals act as the extension of the cultures of the ethnic groups, each festival is unique and amazing. Feeling and participating in various festivals may be your reason to visit Nepal. Shivaratri, sworsatipuja, Bisket jatra, Machindra jatra, loshar etc. are some of the major festivals beside Dashain and Tihar.

Commercialized routes

The popular trekking routes, tourist destinations even the way to the mountains are very commercialized in Nepal. The commercial routes provide all kinds of services, desired foods, and other required services even in the most remote location. Even, if you are a novice at trekking, due to the services of the commercial routes one can easily complete the trail. One can choose to take the commercial trail or can even have non-commercial trail as the country has large no of trekking trails. Easy and highly accommodated trails may be your reason to visit Nepal.

Peaceful country

One big reason to visit Nepal is its peace environment. The serene environment with combined with its friendly people results in a peace environment. The natural beauty provides the sensation of peace to the individuals who visit Nepal. Huge forest across the country, large mountains turned golden by the sun, beautiful climate makes the trip to be remembered for lifetime.

Lakes and rivers

Nepal is a land locked country, so it has no access to the sea. However, having no access to the sea does not make the country less with beautiful water masses. The country is hailed as one of the countries with huge number of water resources. Beautiful lakes and rivers give anyone a reason to visit Nepal. The lakes are distributed throughout the country. The phewa lake at Pokhara is the lake with such large city at its bank, while phoksundo and tilicho are located at remote location. Phewa gives the city like experience while phoksundo and tilicho give peaceful, serene, and close to nature experience.

Yoga meditation and traditional healing course

Yoga and traditional medicine were invented in ancient India. Which today is Nepal and India. Nowadays, it is available worldwide and many people know about yoga. However, the richness and taste of originality that are found on the teaching of here is unparallel. Learning yoga, healing through yoga is some of the reasons to visit Nepal. Also, gurus travel here for the purpose of researching and enhancing their learning. Yoga techniques have been used from ancient times to heal one physically, mentally, and spiritually. Vast number of people on yearly basis travel Nepal as yoga as their objective. Nepal is also popular for traditional yoga teacher training and yoga retreat programs.

Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley has the capital city of the country Kathmandu. It is the most populated place of the country and is the economic center. However, Kathmandu is more than just the economic center of the country, it is the major tourist attraction and a cultural center. Kathmandu has Pashupati Nath, Boudha, Hanumandhoka, Bhaktapur durbar square, Patan durbar square, Changu narayan, Swoyambunath are the major things in Kathmandu for which people visit Nepal.

Besides, this the partying night life of maharajgunj, shopping in Thamel bajar are the major plus point of going to kathmandu. The capital of the country also has the awesome hiking trails in the country. Shivapuri, phulchauki, chandragari hiking are some of the best hiking spots in the Kathmandu valley. The charm of Kathmandu may be your reason to visit Nepal.

Hiking trails

Aside from long trekking what Nepal is famous for is it’s hiking trails. The country has thousands of hiking trails in its periphery. Even if you are on a city of Nepal for some work, you can squeegee enough to take a short hiking. Even Kathmandu valley the capital of the country and urban region has hiking trails. Sometime, what we need may not be the long holiday but a short hiking around the most beautiful locations.

Peoples who cannot go to long trails and trekking due to medical conditions, time constrain and are beginners, hiking is for you. The hiking routes of Nepal act as the miniaturized versions of the long trails. Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Sarangkot , kakani , Nagarjun, chanragiri are some of the popular hiking routes of the country.