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10 Adventure Activities In Nepal -Introduction

If you are an adventure seeker then Nepal should be in your top bucket list. Here we are giving you the 10 most adventure activities in Nepal. If you want to spend your vacation with spicing up the time then you can surely visit Nepal and enjoy it. It is that varying altitude in Nepal that made Nepal a beautiful place to explore and to adventure. Very few places in the world offer this kind of natural beauty and Nepal offers that. There are a plethora of adventure places in Nepal and you will surely enjoy the variety Nepal provides.

The variety of adventure in Nepal here ranges from land to water and air. Trekking through the Himalayans, bungee jumping, canyoning, etc. are some of the most beautiful experiences one could feel in life. Anyone who is having a monotonous life and wants something interesting now can visit Nepal and enjoy their time in Nepal. Nepal may limit to someone as a South Asian country or the birthplace of Gautam Buddha or the home of Mount Everest but the reality is something more than these are.

 Nepal is the best place for adventure tourism. The blood pumping and heart-racing adventure activities here are hosted with proper safety and precautions. In the high mountains of the Himalayas, you can enjoy trekking. In the foothills and lower regions, there are a lot of places for vast canyons, rushing rivers and the wide-open expanses of grassland will let you have an awesome and adrenaline-fueled experience. Here are some of the adventure activities in Nepal that you can enjoy:

1. Paragliding- interesting adventure activities in Nepal

Experiencing a stunning view of Nepal from the air is not less than experiencing heaven. The flying season in Nepal starts from November to the end of February. More than 22 sites in Nepal have qualified paragliding pilots that can take you up and help you enjoy the mystical view. This sport is not for faint-hearted people and people having breathing issues. All the types of equipment will be provided by the centers but you must drape yourself with warm clothes and shoes.

2. Bungee jumping

It is one of the most amazing adventures you can undertake, which is available in only two places in Nepal. In Pokhara and at the last resort, at the Bhote Koshi river gorge near the Tibet-Nepal border. The place is open all year round but March to May or August to November are the best times to enjoy it. It is very important to explain your medical conditions to the jumping crew cause people with some specified disease cannot perform this adventure.

3. Jungle safari and mountain biking

Jungle safari in Terai is preferred to enjoy and see the inhabitants of wildlife and a venture into the lush green forest. Mountain biking is another preferable sport that offers an environmentally sound way to explore the magnificent landscape and the vibrant culture with a remarkable heritage. Both activities are heart-thrilling ways to enjoy the adventure in Nepal.

4. Rock climbing- adventure activities in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal is limited to the Nagarjuna and Khumbu mountain. Climbing through the rough rocks will always be a heroic moment for you to remember. Spring is the most favorable time for rock climbing. People who are not physically fit and have breathing issues cannot be a part of this adventure.

5. Paramotoring 

The other adventure activities in Nepal is paramotoring. If you want to rule over the sky then paramotoring is the best way to do that. This flight gives you a chance to explore the beautiful sites of Nepal in air. October is the best month to enjoy this adventure. People with high BP and asthma are restricted to perform this activity.

6. Zipline in Sarangkot 

The zip line activity in Saragkot is set in the scenic paradise of mountains, you will be flying down the elevation of 5400-meter for a distance of 1800 meters. The safe and comfortable sitting in the zip line makes Sarangkot popular among visitors. The trainers are highly professionals and they will know about your health conditions first before letting you enjoy this activity.

7. Fewa lake stands up paddle boating

The next adventure activity in Nepal is to stand up paddle boating. Located in the south of Pokhara valley, Phewa lake is popular for stand up paddle boating. The calm and soothing water here makes this sport beautiful. Standing upon a narrowboat and paddling through it, you can enjoy the best water scenarios and know more about water habitats.

8. Trekking the most popular adventure activities in Nepal

The most popular adventure activity of all with hundreds of people descending on this small Himalayan country every year to trek along the beautiful mountains and high landscapes. You can go for ABC trekking ( or Annapurna Base Camp Trekking), EBC trekking (Everest Base Camp Trekking), and Many others trekking to different Himalayas of Nepal. Trekking here is not only limited to the Himalayas but you can also enjoy trekking in the Terai part. You can trek by yourself if you have an experience of trekking but it is best to travel with a group or with a guide. You need to carry your essentials by yourself and wear clothes according to the weather there.

9. River rafting

The real excitement of jumping into a river raft and racing down a fast-flowing river is just a golden ticket. Rafting in rivers through boulder-filled rapids will surely take your breath. The main sites for rafting in Nepal are the Tamor River, the Karnali River, the Sun Koshi River, and the Bhote Koshi River. You will be provided life jackets and helmets but you need to manage your essentials by yourself.

10. Canyoning

The new adventure sport of this modern age, which is done by traveling along and through the canyons, is very popular among people. This adventure includes activities like swimming, walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and diving. Bhukuthe Khola, Kanglang Khola, Kahule Khola, and Panglang Khola are the places in Nepal where you can enjoy canyoning activity. Organizers often manage the specific gear for this activity but you should wear comfortable clothes inside and rubber shoes.