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Major Medical Issues In Trekking

The trend of trekking in recent years is popular as new and interesting trekking regions is being accessible. Trekking around the globe is a great way to feel the world and a range of exciting and new interesting to explore new places. These days hikes are treks are aimed at various degrees of difficulties to make hikes and treks more fascinating. In this article, we discuss about Major medical issues in trekking.

People are more interested in long trips more than short ones. Introductory level treks are not so difficult but they are not also interesting and challenging as the difficult ones. All trekkers should consider about their health and try to start trekking with reasonable level of health and fitness.

Trekkers should prepare for arduous treks with a basic fitness program before serval months from departure. The most important thing with travel is the fine print. Regardless to the trek you choose, you must prepare yourself from possible dangers and risks.

You should plan your trekking trail considering health issues, fitness and training, equipment, boots, clothes, packs and travel insurance. Many travellers may experience medical issues in trekking like respiratory illness, diarrhoea etc. during the trek so it is better to be prepared for them with necessary precautions before going for trekking. Here are some medical issues in trekking that need to considered before preparing for trekking.

1. Travellers’ diarrhoea one of the Major Medical Issues In Trekking

The facilities for dealing with this illness during the trip is very limited. So many trekkers face this problem and it is unlikely that there will be a medical clinic or any health service. Trekkers should cure this problem by their own so you should have necessary medicine or any of its cure within you.

2. Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is one of the major medical issues in trekking.

If you are trekking in a high altitude, then this is the most common altitude related illnesses, which affects trekkers as they move above 2500m. The risk of this sickness depends upon individual health condition. If you have breathing problems or any altitude related diseases then it is better for you not to go on a high altitude trekking. It may be risky choice to make.

3. Malaria 

If you are trekking around the region where malaria is a problem then you need to seek medical advice and preventive measures before going to that place. Without preventive measures, three are many risks that can drive you to death or serve illness. Instruments like Travel Doctor-TMVC are highly preferred in managing the risks of malaria. Apart from this, it is important to use repellents, sleeping bags, mosquito nets etc. for safety. So be careful from malaria, one of the medical issues in trekking.

4. Worms infection 

It is the most likely to happen problem while trekking. Almost every trekkers faces this problem. Hookworms and other worms can strongly yield through your feet if you are walking barefoot. Intestinal worms and parasites can their way through contaminated foods.

 5. Sun burns

Sunburn is one of the common medical issues in trekking. If not taken care in right time then it can welcome other damages also. Trekkers always underestimate the use of sunscreen and sunglasses and this careless damages the skin. UV rays from sunlight can mercilessly affect our skin. Therefore, it is must important to carry a sunglass and sunscreen within us.

6. Apart from accidents, injuries, insect-borne diseases, schistosomiasis, etc. can also be a risk during trekking.

Be Careful on all these major medical issues in trekking which makes your walks great and experience Incredible. Never travel without the necessary medical kit during trekking to save your life. Trekking is a wilderness walk that transverse and grades with difficulty to increase the excitement and enthusiasm level. It may be difficult for ones who are unexposed to outdoors and experiments but normally it is associated as arduous task when done with proper precautions can be the best adventure anyone can think about. Wearing warm and comfortable clothes, carrying first aid and traveling in a group can be some precautions that might help you to make your trekking unforgettable.