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Information Of Medical Kits For Trekking

During trekking in the high Himalayas, anything can happen so there is a popular saying ‘Prevention is better than the care’. In this article, we have tried to enlist the entire necessary medical that is handy to carry with the trekkers during the expedition. Even though we have recommended the medical kit for trekking, however, it is not a panacea if you carry the kit during the trek. We recommend you to join the intensive training to achieve the trekking goals. If you want to know further about the necessary equipment required you could contact us at We will be more than elated to assist with guiding you to achieve your goals.

List of 18 Best First Aid Kits for Backpacking & Hiking/Trekking 

  1. Pen and notebook
  2. Water flask/bottle
  3. Thermometer
  4. Stethoscope
  5. Torchlight
  6. Handiplast
  7. Lighter
  8. Syringe (30ml)
  9. Tongue depressor
  10. Bandages
  11. Paper and scissors
  12. Toilet paper
  13. Hand moisturizer
  14. Hand wash
  15. Hand sanitizer
  16. Dressing equipment
  17. Thermometer
  18. Tapes

List Of 8 Medication For Trekking

  1. Antipyretic drugs (500 mg tabs)
  2. Aspirin and painkiller
  3. Anti-allergic tablets like Avil and others
  4. Eye infection: Neosporin Ophthalmic cream
  5. Betadine and Dettol
  6. Iodine based disinfectant
  7. Vitamin Tablets
  8. Diamox remedy for altitude sickness


At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned the recommended medical kit for trekking. However, if you are suffering from any kind of maladies then we recommended you to consult the medical practitioner and get proper advice from the consultant doctor. As the above-mentioned recommended medical kit for trekking is not solve all problems. We wish you success in your trekking journey.