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Search your perfect guide after searching your trekking area

Traversing through the unknown to find new horizons is the dream of many people. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you stray away from the correct path. To prevent such ordeals from happening, a guide is crucial. A guide will navigate you through the road and make the journey enjoyable and easier. This article shall shed some light on the key points that should be considered while choosing a perfect guide for trekking.

The first thing to remember while choosing a trekking guide is to sort out your method of travel. You need to make sure whether you’ll be traveling with a trekking agency or independently or with a group of friends. While traveling with a trekking agency, a guide is automatically arranged by them so you don’t have to worry about it. Although this may be true, there might be instances where you are allowed to choose your guide yourself. Normally, trekking without a guide is considered to be very unsafe, to know more check our next article here about is it safe to go trekking without a guide?

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Language and authenticity

Once you have figured your method of an excursion, now you need to find a perfect guide. The general rule of thumb is to find a man with ample knowledge and skills. A guide is more than just a navigator, he will be your friend/companion through the entirety of the trek. He will explain to you the way of life and how things are going in the trekking region. You should search for a guide that is friendly and has quite a bit of experience as well.

There are many languages in the world and at times it can cause a problem. When you are on the lookout for a perfect guide for trekking, make sure that they at least speak English. English is the widely spoken language in the world and a guide that speaks English will make communication easier. Some guides speak more than one foreign language and if you search a little hard, you can find them. So, considering your language requirements, you can find a guide that suits you best.

At the same time, you need to consider the authenticity of the guide you are hiring. Most of them belong to a co-operative group while some work on a freelancing basis. In terms of co-operatives, you can check the validity of their organization by going through its website (if any) and the legal documents. You should make it a priority to travel with such guides, that have fulfilled all the mandatory legal requirements.

Affiliations of guide

The more affiliations you have the more the better. The co-operatives formed by guides might be affiliated with many other organizations. Through these affiliations, you can put extra reliance on such organizations and take extra perks too. If you travel with a one that has affiliations, then the trek goes much smoothly than previously anticipated. Be sure to check for affiliations while choosing your perfect guide for trekking.

In case of normal trekking, you need a perfect guide whereas in case of yoga trekking you also need a perfect yoga instructor as well. Your teacher should have some sort of yoga affiliations in order to teach you well. So, you need to ask your agency where he has completed his yoga training and from how long he is teaching yoga classes.

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Price factors on choosing a perfect guide

Price plays an important role in choosing the perfect trekking guide. Normally, the price for a guide depends upon the duration of the trek. The experience of the trekking guide adds a certain margin to the stated price. The more seasoned the guide is, you can expect to pay a comparatively higher price to him. The seasoned guide has accumulated great experience in handling various treks and tours and he will ensure that the trek goes as smoothly as possible.


Various factors need to be taken into consideration while choosing a perfect guide for your trekking. We hope that this article has given you a certain idea about the various checkpoints that need consideration while hiring a guide. We advise you to do your bit of research and then only select the guide. A good guide will take you through the trek but a perfect one will make the tour enjoyable and knowledgeable.