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Can You Trek in Nepal without Guide?

This article clear the concept on is it safe to trekking alone or you can go for trekking without guide during your trek to Nepal..

Adventurers everywhere are often on the lookout for new ventures where they can immerse themselves completely. This quest for thrill has taken people to the summit of Everest, and to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. One can easily comprehend as to the lengths, man can go to fulfill his needs. Out of the numerous exploits out there, trekking and hiking are marching all the way to the pinnacle of daring activities. What’s not to love about mountains, jungles, and serene lakes? The most frequented destination in terms of trekking is none other than Nepal. The country boasts a spectacular array of diverse cultures and landscapes which makes it a utopia for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whenever you search for information about trekking, Nepal will always be on the top 5 destinations. Travelers are often bothered by one simple question when it comes to trekking.

Is it Suitable for me to go Trekking without Guide in Nepal?

Fret not as this blog shall aim to clarify all sorts of doubt that you might possess.

Before you head to Nepal (anywhere else too!) the first thing that should be done is to check your financial condition. We don’t mean the literal meaning as you might search for an accountant! You need to estimate the money that you will spend on the trip. From a financial point of view, you may feel that hiring a guide places an extra burden on the pockets. Considering the tips, allowances, and other necessary costs. Let’s assume a scenario where you have decided not to hire a guide.

You went trekking in Nepal and managed to save some bucks. Hurrah. But at what cost? You were lost and had to walk miles to find the correct location. You did not know places where to find quality food so you had to lots of research to find one. You were unknowingly scammed by people and lost extra bucks which could have been utilized somewhere else. At some point, you might have regretted your decision to visit Nepal. Unnecessary stress and grievances will find you if you fall into this charade. In some cases, it is better to pay additional money to save time and to make the trip worthwhile. I believe that the financial part of trekking without guide is answered.

How to Prepare for Trekking without a Guide in Nepal?

Many seasoned travelers live under the assumption that if you travel (alone or group) for some time, then you can visit new places and do the exploring without anyone’s help. Well, this case is not applicable to all scenarios. If you choose to explore any rural area in Nepal with either an actual map or a virtual one, then trouble will find you. The first order is that rural areas have very little to no internet connection. Actual maps will only get you so far and later you have to explore based on human guidance. People living in the local parts may not speak your language so language will be your biggest barrier. If you head out with a guide, then he will show you the Correct way. He will tell you facts and figures about the destination. Trekking without guide may seem appealing but has its own repercussions.

If you consider yourself as an extreme trekker, then you might have made plans about exploring the famed Everest and Annapurna region. You might even want to scale the mighty mountains. Trekking alone in the wilderness of the conservation areas and jungle is thrilling but it does not guarantee life. There have been numerous cases of solo travelers losing their way and some have not been found too. Many conservation areas in Nepal have prohibited solo travelers. Traveling with a knowledgeable person and in a group proves much safer. There are very few residents inside these conservation areas and it may be difficult to find a roof over your head. With a guide, he can easily arrange one as he has connections. He can fix the accommodation at an affordable rate too. Travel alone and chances are that you might have to pay twice or even thrice the usual amount.

A trekking guide is much more than a navigator. He is your companion throughout the trek. He answers all the queries that you have and he makes sure that your time spent in Nepal is the best. If you choose to go trekking without guide then you are losing out in making a great friend and companion as well. So, it is best that you trek with a guide as it makes your trip much more enthusiastic.