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5 Superb but remote treks in Nepal- Beauty of Nepal

Nepal is a heaven for everything related to travel and trek. We have the popular trekking routes like the Annapurna Base Camp trek and the Everest Base Camp trek. However, in recent years, new trekking routes and regions have been discovered to facilitate tourism and development. In this blog, we shall discuss the unique and off-beaten trekking trails also known as remote treks in Nepal which are Superb but less visited in Nepal due to remote areas but with beauty, it should be most visited.

1. Manasalu Circuit trek

The Manasalu Circuit trek runs parallel to the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. Many believe that it was unable to gain popularity due to it being in the shadow of the Annapurna trek. Also, it was closed to the general public. But in recent years, things have changed. The Manasalu region is gradually changing and allowing travelers to explore it.

The Manasalu region comprises of various wonders like the Budi Gandaki gorge and remarkable landscapes. Initially, the trek commences from low grounds and gradually picks up pace. The Larkya La Pass at 5160 meters is the major highlight of this trek. Also, the people living in the quaint villages of Sama gaon and Samdo still practice Tibetan influenced lifestyle and culture. These villages are cut off from modernization and are one of the best remote treks in Nepal.

2. Upper Dolpo trek

If you thought that the Manasalu circuit trek is remote, then you need to check the Upper Dolpo trek. This trek takes place in the far-western mountainous regions of Nepal which are still untouched by modernization. In recent years only, treks and expeditions have begun in this region. The journey to Dolpo commences from Dunai and takes you through the densely forested trails inhabited by exotic creatures.

The Phoksundo lake is the major highlight of the Dolpo region. The turquoise blue gem resides peacefully in the lap of hills and is a sight to behold. Furthermore, snow leopards stroll around these icy paths so you might see them in action. At Dolpo, Tibetan culture and nature have found a way to get along nicely. When you visit Shey Gompa, this matter becomes clear. The Upper Dolpo trek is undoubtedly one of the best remote treks in Nepal.

4. Hongu valley trek

Trekkers are always on the lookout for new trekking destinations. As an illustration, the Hongu valley trek was developed when trekkers decided that a new adventure destination is needed. This trek takes place in the secluded Rolwaling valley. It lies in proximity to the Khumbu valley and can be accessed if you were to cross the Tashi Lapsta pass. But that is an adventure for a new day.

During this trek, you can marvel at the surreal picture of the Mera Peak, Island Peak, and other frosty giants. Walk past a lake with sandy banks and admire the plains formed by the Hongu river. There are a lot of things to see and do in this Hongu valley trek. To top it off, it’s seclusion from the outside world makes it that more attractive.

4. Makalu Base Camp trek

The Makalu Base Camp trek is a 22 days (approximately) ordeal in the snowy and barren parts of Nepal. Many people do not possess the required courage to take this trek and thus, it is yet to be fully explored. This trek provides you an inside look into the geography of Nepal, i.e. from the hills to the mountains. Move through the warm Arun valley and admire the lifestyle and culture of the locals. The trek gains elevation and later passes through pine and rhododendron forests.

Switch to the Barun valley and find yourself walking on icy terrain. Take a break in Dobate and finally reach the Makalu Base Camp. The colossal Makalu mountain is bound to give you the chills. If you move a bit further, you can even observe the Barun glacier. A blend of unblemished nature and remoteness makes it a viable candidate for the position of best remote treks in Nepal.

5. Nar Phu valley trek – Remote treks in Nepal

remote treks in Nepal- nar phu valley trek

While we are discussing the topic of remoteness and seclusion, none fits better than the Nar Phu valley trek. This region sits at the northernmost part of Manang and is beautifully nestled between the Annapurna and Manasalu mountains. The Nar and Phu valley are untouched by the modern happenings. This extremely remote village has people that practice primitive Buddhist culture and the houses are built of mud and stone.

Furthermore, there are some people from Tibet too that are living here. Maybe, you can interact with them and learn about their culture. In terms of nature, the trek provides astonishing views of the Annapurna mountain range, deep gorges, and the dangerous Kangla Pass. It truly is a great remote trek in Nepal. 

There are numerous trekking regions too that cannot be encapsulated in this blog. Shortly, we shall discuss them too. We hope that after reading this blog, you shall visit at least one place mentioned in it.