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Five Best Treks in Nepal

Are you an adventure seeker? If yes, what pops on your mind when you think about adventure? The most common answer will be mountain, because mountainous region provides you a large array of adventurous options to explore among them hiking and trekking are the palatable option to many people around the world. It is not an uncanny fact that out of ten tallest mountains in the world, Nepal owns eight tallest mountains and many trekking routes. But in this artilce we are trying to give the Five best treks in Nepal. The diversity in the geography of Nepal makes the land one of the most preferred place to seek for the adventurous sports.

Each peaks of Nepal are gifted with uncommon astonishing paths to stretch on its base or periphery areas and individual route are blessed with uncanny features, rating their perfection would be an arduous job and it would not appear prudent to contrast and compare one and the other.

Mostly Sherpas and Gurung inhabit the mountainous region. The unique culture of Sherpas, Gurung and Magar people in the mountainous region ornate the trails which consists verdant hills, rivers, glaciers, flora and fauna which you get soothe by watching during the trek.

It is a difficult task to rank the trekking routes of Nepal because they are unique and best on their own way. The choice of the individual differ and you can select the best route that fits you by weighing the characteristics of the trek.

Likewise, the decision to the five best treks in Nepal depends on the choice of difficulty level of the trek, the number of days you want to spend for the trek, the budget you have separated for the trek and the trek style you want to take, are the different factors that are contingent to define the best trek. However, we have listed the five best treks in Nepal based on our experience, trek’s popularity among trekkers, budget, culture etc.

No 1 in Five Best Treks in Nepal is Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trekking

There might be only few people in the world who does not know that the Mount Everest is the highest elevation of the world. The journey to Everest Base Camp kicks off and ends at  Tenzing Hillary airport. The trekking takes you to the splendid and the nearest view of the magnificent mountains including Mount Everest, Thamserku Peak and the Kongdi RI Himal.

As a perquisite, you will get a chance to observe the Sherpa’s lifestyles who are well-known for climbing precarious mountains and who can tolerate great physical endurance. The cloisters and monasteries along the tracks give you the chance to feel the spiritual vibrations along the trail.

All in all the Everest Base Camp trek is the awfully mountainous experience which is the conflation between the escapade and artistic exploration making the trek the artistically escapade trip.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek next best treks in Nepal


Annapurna Base Camp trek is suitable for the trekkers who have at least ten to fourteen days of time. The treks take you to the exquisite hills passing through the friendly village and splendid valley and hills. If we compare and contrast the Annapurna Base Camp Trek with other trek in Nepal the trek is a little bit strenuous, therefore consuming more physical and mental energy because of its steep and sloppy topography.

There is a common notion about that Annapurna Base Camp trek is arduous and precarious to trek. However, if you just visualize the mesmerizing peak through your mind you will get the revitalized to climb up the trek hills through which you will observe the verdant hills. When you climb up hill you will finally relish with the beautiful view of the spot. The cool breezing wind blowing touching your cheeks will rejuvenate from your tiresome works.

Langtang Valley Trek


Langtang valley trek is the nearest trek from Kathmandu. It is considered one of the best treks in Nepal for the tourists who are facing dearth of time to trek. The perquisite of Langtang valley trek besides beautiful mountains are it is filled with the verdant vegetation, culture that takes you through the green lush pastures and thick forests around the spiritual Buddhist monastery called Kyangiin Gompa.

There are plenty of options to explore while trekking in the valley among them Kyangjin Ri peak is one of them. The trek will provide a view of pristine Annapurnas and Makalu range after you reach an altitude of 4,984 m. Last but not the least you will get a chance to observe glaciers even at the low elevation in the specific location of the trek.

Manaslu Valley Trek



Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain, in which the trek circles around. The trek reaches up to the maximum elevation of 5,115 meters above sea level. Among many strenuous trek, Mount Manaslu is one of the arduous trek to accomplish. However, the trek is equally rewarding as well, it offers the attractive view of woodlands at the inception of the trek, and taking you up to the barren land, as well as you will observe the clouds playing hide and seek with the verdant hills and mountains.

Manaslu trek is not as crowded as Annapurna and Everest Base Camp trek enriched with various, hinterland and isolated topography. The main attraction of the Manaslu Valley Trek is Tsum valley, Larke Pass and Mu Gompa.

Mustang trek

Mustang Trekking nepal

Mustang trek is one of the popular trek in Nepal ( one of the best treks in Nepal), which takes almost 14 to 16 days to complete. Most popularly, Mustang is considered as the hidden paradise of Nepal, which is concealed behind the Himalayan range just below the border of the China.

The trek kicks off from the remote part of Jomsom and takes you to the barren land in the desert zone. Throughout the trek, you will be offered with the picturesque views of various Himalayan range that includes Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhaulagiri and many other mountains. During the trek, you will observe the Buddhist monasteries, huge barren fields that ornate your trek.