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There Are Lots Of Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal

Immigrating to other country and living alongside earning for living by working is one of the gratifying way to live in any country. The way of living gets further embellished if you get a chance to live in a beautiful country like Nepal, which is filled with verdant vegetation, pristine mountains, temperate climate, rich in culture, and umpteen of things to scribble if we write the list goes on and on. In this article, we list some major Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal.

Who would not want to live in such a blissful country? Many foreigners dream of living in Nepal. Living, studying alongside working can be such a satisfying to the life. Likewise, deepening the understanding of another life becomes easy by studying, meandering in the hills and working at the same time. There is no better way to live and know about Nepal than by doing the above-mentioned three things at a time. However, visa policy of Nepal makes dream a bit harder.

The process to get the tourist visa is easy; most of the tourist get them easily. Undesirably, the law of Nepal does not allow to live more than 150 days in any calendar year as a tourist in a tourist visa. Furthermore, it is equally expensive to expand the days to live as a tourist in Nepal. There are many hidden costs involved in the hassled process. so you can do some work during your stay and here we are providing some ideas of Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal.

In a bid to stay longer, there are other options such as business, residential or study visa; however, the process involved to get those types of visa is completely different and require a proper application from an accredited organization to the pertinent government-industry or an offer letter from the prestigious universities or colleges from Nepal. List of Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal are as follows:

Working as a Business promotor in Nepal or Investor

The rate of unemployment is high in Nepal. Furthermore, like in the most of the first world countries, jobs are not highly remunerating to full the needs and wants of any foreigners who have lived a lavish life back at home. It might be easy for any skilled person to get any sorts of job. The start-up culture is on rife in Nepal. A trend of hiring skilled foreigners is seasoned and have the entrepreneurial skill to beef-up the status quo of the start-up. The process to obtain a working visa also become much easier for those personals. Likewise, there is another option of investing the seed fund in the business and getting the visa to work in Nepal.

Among many Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal,  running a business as a promoter and share the profit with those who have Nepalese citizenship. The law and order of Nepal does not allow any foreigners to own a business. To open a business you can be a promoter and have your share as a silent partner. There exists other options like opening an NGO in Nepal and working for the welfare of the marginalized community or any other humane cause. Unfortunately, there are many people who are doing other business by opening an NGO or INGOs; for example there are many news surfacing about the selling of Nepalese carpets and antiques by opening an NGO.

Volunteering- Most Common Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal

There are umpteen of options to volunteer in Nepal. There are some organizations, which brings foreigners to volunteer in Nepal. However, if you do not come through such channels, there are other options like directly involving in the volunteer work such as in the hospices in Pashupatinath run by Mother Teresa’s foundation. Aama ghar run by Nepali women and other various options.

Volunteering in Orphanage

There are numerous orphanage running in Nepal. Volunteering and helping the needy kids can be gratifying to one’s soul. However there are some dark side of these orphanage too; for example exploitation of the kids are reported, money is used in other purpose than the desired purpose, misuse of fund, gifts etc.

Teaching English is Working Opportunity For Foreigners in Nepal

Teaching language like English or any other native language of foreigners can be a great way to exchange ideas, culture and share ideas on the particular subject matter etc.

Volunteering in the aid agencies

Volunteering in the agencies like VSO, Peace Corps and other international organizations can also be an option to work in Nepal and know about the culture, people and place better. Some other aid agencies like Action Aid, Save the Children, CARE and Oxfam operate in Nepal and enrol the volunteers as per their need.

Paid work

It is anything but easy to find the paid work in Nepal. Furthermore, it is illegal to work in a tourist visa. Nevertheless, finding the job as tour guide, working as a meditation guide can also be an option, but the prerequisite to work as the particular guide should be fulfilled.