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Reasons For Yoga Retreat after and Before Trekking

Yoga retreat after and before trekking supports your trekking program very much, it helps to teach you breathing process, increase the stamina and make you more flexible so that you will feel less tired during walking.

Trekking is considered by many to be a rather rigorous activity that demands your 100%. This is the myth that has enveloped trekking for quite a few years. You cannot blame the general population too. I mean there are always headlines of how people lost their lives while scaling higher lands and some lost the fight with elevation.
All these factors hamper the already tarnished image of treks and hikes. What the general commute is unaware of is that through proper practice and arrangement, one can easily tackle whatever nature throws at them. The training involved before venturing into the wild consists of learning the use of climbing equipment and various do’s and don’ts in trekking.

Most training strengthens the body physically in terms of endurance and stamina. This aspect of the trek is undeniable but in recent years, trekkers not only want a physical prep but want something that will calm their nerves. That is where the Yoga retreats come in. A yoga retreat can be considered as an important aspect before diving headfirst into the trek. You can choose Nepal Yoga Home one of the leading yoga schools in Nepal for yoga retreat after and before trekking program.

Yoga has grown into a worldwide phenomenon and if the statistics are to believed, it is said that more than 30 million Americans practice yoga daily. Some take it as a recreational activity whereas many want to make a career out of it. Readers might be perplexed as to what role does yoga have on current times and trekking? As per the words of Marcus Garvey, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots”, let’s understand some basic history and myths of yoga before we dwell further.

Yoga is so antediluvian, that people are unsure as to where it exactly originated. As time went on, yoga developed further and so did the tales regarding its origin. It is believed that yoga started about 5000 or about 10,000 years ago. One fact that everyone agrees upon is that it was initially practiced by Lord Shiva. Stories state that he had seven disciples who were later renowned as seven rishis. Yoga is even mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita too. One can understand the magnitude of importance that yoga has played over the years.

Practicing Yoga Retreat After Trekking To get Rid of Stress and Heart Diseases

Now that we have learned about the history of yoga, let’s head into the subject at hand. Longer and shorter treks alike place a certain level of stress on the body. If the body is previously unknown to such stresses, then the chances of injuries are high. To prevent the body from these sorts of injuries, a yoga retreat proves beneficial. The poses involved in yoga target the weak muscles and tendons. This proves beneficial in the long run as well. Trekking involves a lot of uphill climbing and fatigue is the common enemy. A yoga class will teach you the correct form of breathing that enhances the lungs’ capacity. It also helps the body to react in stressful situations.

Yoga has a great impact on the overall cardiovascular health of an individual too. It reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes. As you trek in difficult situations, you will find the need to squeeze through small tracks or even make huge strides. To do these tasks, you require a certain level of flexibility. Yoga helps in making the body flexible. You will understand the importance of flexibility when you have successfully conquered a scary path. An unappreciated benefit of yoga is that it aids in making the body strong. Yoga causes certain strain on the body and as a result, causes the muscles to become stronger. Some poses that you can practice before trekking includes bound angle pose, hero pose, and cat/cow breaths.

Once you have practiced all the necessary things in a yoga retreat, the trekking becomes relatively easier. If you want to multiply the benefits of yoga and make it an ethereal experience, then it is highly recommended that you partake in a yoga retreat after and before trekking. After the trek is complete, your body experiences certain soreness and fatigue. To gradually deplete them, a yoga class provides much-needed aid. It will assist you in bringing your body to a much more refined condition through quality food and practicing poses. Normally, after the trek, you are in a feeling of excitement and tiredness. Yoga helps in bringing calmness to your body.

The benefits yoga provides is simply immeasurable. Its importance is acknowledged by millions of people across the globe. Its benefit before and after trekking cannot be discarded as well. So, if a blend of culture, nature, and spiritual awakening are what you desire then a yoga retreat is a must. Nepal Ayurveda Home is next place that we recommend you to join yoga retreat after and before trekking.