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Why Nepal Counts on Best Trekking Destination in the World?

Mountains, Hills, Culture, and some more mountains. This is the definition that you will find if you ask anyone who has just been to Nepal. They will enthusiastically tell you about the local Dal bhat, the plethora of temples, and the surreal view of snow-laden mountains. People are bound to notice the repetition of the word ‘mountain’ and rightfully so. Nepal bears more than six 8000 meter plus mountains and is rightfully called by many to be a trekker’s paradise. The way that leads up to the mountains is adventurous with numerous twists and turns. Along with that, it provides an amazing opportunity to witness life thriving in this extreme wilderness. There are many trekkers, who would even describe Nepal as the best trekking destination.

Considering the vast array of things that can be seen and done while trekking in Nepal, the claim does not seem far-fetched. If you are perplexed regarding this claim, then this blog shall clear all your doubts and confusion.

Reasons Behind Nepal for the Best Trekking Destinations

1. An abode of Frosty Mountains

Despite its small stature in comparison to its behemoth neighbors, Nepal houses 8 out of the 10 highest peaks in the world. Much of it can be contributed to geography and movement of the tectonic plates but we can discuss geography some other time as well. Colossal mountains like Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Macchapucchre, and Manasalu decorate the blue horizon. It truly is a sight to behold. People from throughout the world take the famous Annapurna Base Camp trek and Everest Base Camp trek to witness the beautiful symphony of mountains.

There are people who wish to carve their names in history and conquer these giant snow blocks. For them, mountain expeditions are available. Travel along with your rusted companion to the summit and define ‘Bravery’ in your own words. If you’re not into mountain climbing, then you can take shorter treks and still witness the wilderness and grandeur of the Himalayas. The feel of spiritual awakening, the sound of gushing rivers, and the delightful mountain view are responsible for making Nepal the best trekking destination.

2. Refreshing lakes and Rivers

The trekking regions in Nepal are home to a variety of lakes and ponds. These lakes are backed with hundreds of years of history and are nature’s ultimate creation. As you indulge on a trek, you will get to observe amazing lakes. For instance, the Langtang valley trekking provides travelers an opportunity to witness the grandeur of Gosainkunda Lake. History dictates that this lake was created by Lord Shiva when he destroyed a glacier with his trident. Each year, a festival is held here. The surreal aura of the lake gives ample time for soul searching.

The Rara Lake trek takes you through the rural parts of western Nepal and deep into the wilderness. It is in this wilderness that the Rara lake shines. The lake serves as an oasis of life which is guarded by the hills. The reflection of snowy mountains can be seen in its tranquil waters. Rushing rivers are a common sight in any trek in the Himalayas. These rivers originate from the mountains and water flows down. As you understand the delicate dance of mountains and rivers, you’ll appreciate the beauty of Nepal and why it is labeled as the best trekking destination.

3. Religion finds you where you least expect to find it

Any sort of trek either in Nepal or anywhere in the world, it is incomplete without understanding the people living there. Besides, Nepal cannot be labeled as the best trekking destination if you exclude the people living here. As you wander on the high hills and mountains, you’ll find people that follow Buddhism and Tibetan influenced Buddhism. Their way of life is extremely different from the ones that you find in the cities. Tengboche monastery and Pangboche monastery are religious hubs in the Everest region. Here, you can observe the lifestyle of the monks and priests.

As you dwindle along Upper Mustang, you’ll see that the people here practice Tibetan influenced Buddhism. Their culture, lifestyle, and even language, vastly differs. Observe the relics and monuments that make up this ancient kingdom. Each trekking region has its own unique culture and religion so it is best that you make the trek to grasp its meaning.

4. Affordable Accommodation and Great food

What many people worry about is the availability of a roof and food. If you want to trek in Nepal, then this isn’t something that you need to fret about. The trails house teahouses and small lodges. These teahouses are filled with the basic necessities and some of them might have internet access as well. The cost of accommodation is relatively cheap although the price is subject to fluctuation as per the trekking season.

During your trek, you get to dine on homemade local Nepali food. These dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients so you will be in great health. After the trek, you can dine on Nepali delicacies like thukpa, chicken dumplings, and chowmin. Along with yourself, you’ll be taking your palette on a tour as well.

Trekking in Nepal will undoubtedly be an experience that you’ll cherish throughout your life. At the end of the trek, you’ll not only create memories but will transcend to a storyteller as well.