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It is basic human nature to seek new horizons and dwell deep in the unknown. Travel and exploration are an all-time high now and unless you’ve been living inside a cave, your social networking sites may also be bombarded with pictures and stories of travel destinations. These pictures, directly and indirectly, persuade you to observe what lies beyond your circle. The task of finding a terminus that balances finance and adventure is exhausting. Lucky for you, we have already done the research. In this article we discuss on why Nepal is a most visit country in the world.

Why is Nepal Most Visit Country in the Globe?

You may or may not have heard about Nepal but this country is the rendezvous for travel fanatics. You might be wondering as to what differentiates Nepal from other countries or why it is the most visit country in the world? Read ahead as we not only answer this question but advise you as to why it should be your next travel destination.

Reasons for Visiting Lots of Travellers in Nepal

1. Beautiful Geographical Structures

First, let’s talk about its unique location. Nepal resides in South Asia and is delicately placed between India and China. The Himalayan mountains are labeled as the youngest mountain system in the world and the tallest ones too. These mountains range from 4000m to a staggering 8848m. Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the globe, has its abode in Nepal. Trekking and adventure enthusiasts far and wide arrive in Nepal with a dream to conquer these mountains. Along with Everest, other giants like Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Manasalu are also famous among climbers. The roads that lead to the summit of the mountain are treacherous and filled with numerous twists and turns. It is here that people find thrill and romance. This ethereal experience is not found anywhere else in the world. A complete package of adventure, natural landscape, untainted environment, and jaw-dropping experience is what makes Nepal the most visit country in the world.

2. Multi-Religions and Cultures(UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The natural ambiance is just a mere feather in the hat of Nepal. Religion and culture are deeply entwined in the day to day activities of the locals. The country is secular but mostly, people follow Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal is the place where you can learn in-depth about these religions. If you are on a quest to learn about the secrets of Buddhism, then proceed to Lumbini. It’s the place where Buddhism originated. Lord Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini thousands of years ago. Currently, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can observe the ancient relics and monuments. The Mayadevi pond, Ashoka Pillar, and Mayadevi temple are the highlights of Lumbini. In the Kathmandu valley, you can visit other world heritage sites like Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath stupa to unlock the secrets of Buddhism. These sites provide a sensation of serenity and tranquility.

Hinduism is the major religion in Nepal and once you observe the plethora of temples, you’ll understand why. The major temples in the Kathmandu valley are Pashupatinath and Changunarayan. These temples have a history that dates back to hundreds of years. These temples stood before Nepal we know today existed! Not only in the valley, but there are also other famous sites like the Pathivara temple, Dolkha bhimsen, and Khotang Halesi Mahadev temple which educate travelers about Hinduism. Travelers that visit these sites are left amazed by its rich history. A rich background in religion is what makes Nepal the most visit country.

3. Rare Birds and Wild Animals

If you watch a lot of National Geographic or Animal Planet, then it is safe to assume that you enjoy watching wildlife. Nepal will definitely be your liking if you enjoy the wilderness. The country is a sanctuary for a wide variety of endangered birds and animals. There are numerous conservation sites too that encourage the protection of wildlife. Animals like the Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, red panda, clouded leopard, and black bear reside in these conservation areas. For bird lovers, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a utopia. Birds like dusky eagle-owl, straited grassbird and large adjutant stork are found here. Even in the periphery of the Kathmandu valley, Shivapuri National Park and Phulchowki hill are the best places to do bird watching.

4. Multi-Ethnic group

A country is incomplete without its people and in terms of travel, the same statement applies too. Nepal has more than 100 ethnic groups and with each ethnic group comes a spectacular display of culture and traditions. For instance, the Newars have numerous festivals which are a goldmine for travelers. Some of their festivals include Bisket Jatra, Indra Jatra, and Macchendranath Jatra. As you head towards the mountain regions, you’ll encounter people of Tamang and Sherpa ethnic group. Their culture is reflected in their lifestyle and food.

Nepal does not hold the title of the most visited country for no reason. The country boasts unparalleled landscape, scenery, culture, and food. So, pack your bags and head out on a journey to create long-lasting memories.