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What to expect-sightseeing tour in Nepal

Many people have this idea that Nepal is all about snowy mountains, tranquil lakes, and colorful prayer flags. Although this may be true, the reality is always different from fiction. Nepal is filled with natural enigmas but some aspects need to be considered while traveling. Fret not, as this blog is not made to fright you or anything but rather some icebreakers during your sightseeing tour in Nepal.

When we speak of natural wonders, Nepal is blessed with many of them. The highest peak in the world Mount Everest lies here coupled with numerous 8000 meters + mountains. The allure of the Kaligandaki River gorge is breathtaking along with the frosty Tilicho lake. These natural wonders will make you crave for more. However, the same cannot be said about the country’s artificial institutions and present economic/political conditions. World’s most attractive trekking ABC and EBC in Nepal

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the factors that you need to take into consideration during your sightseeing tour in Nepal.

The airport is a bit messy

This might come as a bit of a shock but Nepal has only one international airport, the Tribhuvan International Airport. To make matters worse, it is counted amongst the worst airports in the world. When you arrive at the airport, you can expect to witness a huge line at the arrivals and immigration booths. Finding your baggage can be a bit cumbersome so be sure to reach out!

Also, you may not find necessary personnel to aid you and you might have to rely on signs. For first-timers, navigating through the airport can be a daunting task. But look on the bright side, two new international airports are ongoing construction at Pokhara and Lumbini. When they are complete, things will be relatively easy.

There is more to Nepal than Mount Everest? You are completely wrong

Although Mount Everest placed Nepal on the world map, it counts for just one out of the countless natural jewels in Nepal’s arsenal. In Kathmandu alone, there are 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites! As you move away from Kathmandu, the natural wonders increase exponentially. In your sightseeing tour in Nepal, you can head out to explore quaint towns like Bandipur, Tansen, and many more.

Although the mountains are an essential component of Nepalese tourism, there is so much out there that is worth your time.

To say the road in Nepal are bumpy would be an understatement

Nepal is a developing country and as with developing countries, the infrastructures are not up to mark. In Nepal, roads are the best indicator of it. A majority of the roads inside major cities and highways are bumpy and have potholes in them. When you move away from the major cities, the roads are only graveled. It contributes to an increase in travel time and can be an irritation for some.

On the contrary, some of these graveled roads are on hills and provide astounding views of surrounding environments. So, a point to consider during the sightseeing tour in Nepal is to fill your mobile device with podcasts and songs as it will cure your boredom.

Getting around Nepal during the sightseeing tour in Nepal

Like in many cities, public transport is fairly common. In major cities and towns, you can find buses, micros, tempos, and gulleys, rickshaw. The fair is relatively cheaper. If you wish to travel privately, then taxis are also available. However, they have a reputation for being expensive so be sure to bargain!

Due to the rapid growth of startups, a new form of travel called ‘ride-sharing’ is fairly popular in Kathmandu. It’s called Tootle and Pathao. It is traveling on the back of a motorbike. It is affordable in terms of price and adds a bit of adventure on your sightseeing tour in Nepal. 

Food and Water

The typical Nepali staple in Dal Bhat. It consists of rice with a miniature bowl of lentil shop. It is so famous that you’ll find it in almost every restaurant. Other side dishes like eggplant, meat, potatoes are added to make it palatable. The possibilities are limitless in terms of vegetable variety. The food varies as per the tribe and ethnicity so you can explore it too.

We recommend that you refrain from drinking tap water. Although the locals might say its completely safe, the water is not suitable for all. To be on the safe side, you should drink bottled water. It will save you from unnecessary hassle and make the sightseeing tour in Nepal enjoyable.

We hope that this blog has cleared some of the doubts that you had about Nepal and broadened your perspective. We hope to see you soon in Nepal where you will get the opportunity to witness things from your point of view.