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 Uncover the wilderness: Chitwan National Park Tour Nepal

The Chitwan National Park is the ultimate drawcard of Nepal. It is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers an area of 952 of grasslands and forests. The Chitwan National park tour is designed to take you inside this wilderness and gain firsthand experience. You’ll get an excellent opportunity to witness deer, monkey, and one-horned rhinoceros. If the Gods are in your favor, then, you’ll be blessed with a view of the Royal Bengal Tiger. A tour into the jungle will make you appreciate and admire nature.

Before we speak about the Chitwan tour in general, let us begin by understanding some minor details about the park.

Basic facts

  • The Chitwan Nation Park is the first national park of Nepal.
  • It dates back to 1973 and earned the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.
  • It sits in the Terai lowlands of the south-central portion of Nepal.
  • It spans across the districts Parsa, Chitwan, Nawalpur, and Makwanpur.

Brief History of Chitwan National Park

The area encompassing the national park was and still is thriving in wildlife. Consequently, it became a hunting ground for the rich and elite. Numerous camps were stationed where elites would hunt tigers, rhinoceros, and leopards. The hunting combined with the land encroachment by locals ultimately led to the destruction of grasslands and wildlife. To prevent further damage, the grasslands were given the status of a national park.

As of today, the Chitwan National Park is a place where the animals and vegetation are preserved. The Government of Nepal has been conducting various activities for the preservation of wildlife.

Now that we have learned about how the Chitwan National Park came into existence, let’s take a look at the activities that can be done in this Chitwan National Park tour. 

Activities that can be done

Safari on the back of an elephant

There is a saying, if you didn’t do elephant safari, then what did you do in Chitwan? Elephant safari is considered by many to be the most enjoyable way to explore the Chitwan National Park. Nothing beats the experience of traveling on the back of a shaky elephant! Be kind to the elephant and it will show you its gratitude. The seasoned mahouts will lead you deep inside the forest where you can observe rare mammals and birds.

Jeep Safari

A better alternative to the elephant safari is the jeep safari. You will sit ion the back of a topless jeep/pick-up truck and then explore the jungle. As the jeep is open, you can observe the exotic flora and fauna. The route in the jeep safari tends to differ as per the service provider. In most cases, the jeep is not allowed deep inside the park so it can be disheartening for some.

Canoe ride on the Rapti river

If you fancy leisure and bird-watching, then the canoe ride will cater to your needs. The canoe ride mostly occurs in the morning but tends to differ as per service provider and weather conditions. The ride takes you along the Rapti river which is home to gharials and fishes. The canoe ride not only soothes the senses, but it gives you the window to observe birds too.

Elephant bathing and Elephant river walk

Yet another important aspect concerning elephants in this Chitwan National Park tour is the elephant bathing. It is better to end the day with a quick bath on the back of an elephant rather than partying! After the bath, relax on the banks of the Narayani River and observe the elephants doing their thing. If you fancy walking on the river but are afraid of the perils of the river, then you can opt for the elephant river walk.

The Chitwan National Park is a jewel of Nepal and to get the opportunity to explore its beauty via the Chitwan National Park tour, is a blessing. Travelers should follow the principle of responsible travel while traveling. If you have any queries, be sure to contact us, and till then, Happy travels!