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 Tourist Less visited places in Nepal- Overview

Every year, thousands of tourists flock into Nepal to witness natural wonders that the country is so proud of but there are some really nice places too which tourist fail to visit. Those are listed as less visited places in Nepal in this article. For starters, the country has earned its reputation for being the flagbearer of the highest peak in the world, “Mount Everest”. More than half of the tourists that visit Nepal come here to partake in some sort of trek or hiking activity. Despite the country’s diverse culture, thriving wildlife, and astounding culture, it appears that people are not that much aware of it.

Consequently, tourists fail to truly apprehend the beauty and solace of Nepal. It indeed would be a shame if you were to visit Nepal and not truly gain the Nepali experience. Pay no heed as in this blog, we shall illuminate the less visited places in Nepal that are not only a bang for your buck but soothing on the senses as well. 

Scout for wildlife at the Bardia National Park


Travelers that yearn for wildlife and exquisite creatures should head to the Bardia National Park. This sanctuary resides in the far western part of Nepal and unlike the Chitwan National Park, is less crowded. The park comprises of lush forests and grasslands which grow near the periphery of the Karnali river. 

The Bardia National Park is the abode of the Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and the Asian elephant. Adventure activities like elephant riding and jungle safari are also available so if you have the thirst for adventure, this is the place to be. The park is untainted by humans and is truly one of the less-visited places in Nepal.

Getting to the Bardia National Park from Kathmandu or Pokhara demands a flight initially to Nepalgunj and from there, a 2-3 hours drive will lead you to the park premises. Accommodations are simple here and are based in Thakurdwara. 

Visit the Rani Mahal in Palpa aka the ‘Taj Mahal of Nepal’ Nice and less-visited places in Nepal by tourist people

Beautiful less visited places in Nepal-Rani Mahal

Love is an integral aspect of life and it makes us do amazing things. In the same way, the Rani Mahal at Palpa stands as a symbol of love. Palpa is perched on the hills of western Nepal between the highway that links Butwal and Pokhara. This quaint town has a familiar scent and you will be delighted by the many wonders it beholds. 

The Rani mahal resides on the banks of the Kaligandaki River. It was built by General Khadga Shamsher Rana in 1897 in the memory of his wife. When the Mahal was constructed, it was completely white but as the renovations were done, it was colored blue. Standing in the vicinity of the Rani mahal provides tourists with a profound understanding of what it means to love. There is a hiking trail from Palpa that leads to the Rani Mahal. Be sure to check it out!

Explore wildlife at Gorkha

When the locals speak of Gorkha, they talk about how king Prithivi Narayan Shah commenced his conquest from there which led to the unification of Nepal. Don’t worry as we won’t bore you with ancient details! On the contrary, travel fanatics speak of Gorkha as a place to become one with nature, culture, and understand history.

The Gorkha Durbar is a sight to see during one’s visit to Gorkha as it is the abode of the kings of the Shah dynasty. However, it was affected by the 2015 earthquake and is now ongoing reconstructions. This hilly town is home to the Gorkha museum which houses ancient artifacts, dresses, and weapons. The acclaimed Manasalu circuit trek also takes place in Gorkha and thus making it a utopia for travelers.

It is relatively easy to get here as it is only an hour’s drive away from the main Kathmandu to Pokhara highway. Despite its closeness, it still is one of the less-visited places in Nepal. The town is equipped with suitable accommodations and teahouses. 

Capture birds with a camera on the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is an oasis for birdwatchers and yes, this is not an exaggeration. It resides on the south-eastern portion of Terai that lies near India. The reserve sits on the floodplain created by the Saptakoshi river. It comprises mostly of freshwater marshes and mudflats. As a result, birds have made this reserve their home.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is home to at least 500 species of birds. These birds can be spotted with binoculars and with a naked eye too. Tourists rarely visit this site despite its easy accessibility from the capital and other major cities. Once this reserve gets the fame it deserves, it will be gradually removed from the list of less visited places in Nepal.

There is more to Nepal than the basic stereotype of mountains and hills. The wildlife, rich history, and culture and traditions are also something to ponder upon. We hope that after reading this blog, you got acquainted with the less known sites in Nepal. If you are planning to visit Nepal, then be sure to keep them in your bucket list.