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Teahouse Trek provides an exciting option in Nepal. Not only does it acquaint you with the beauty of the country but also brings you closer to the Nepalese culture and people.

The Teahouse trek allows the tourist to experience the local feel of the place along with its authenticity. After a long and tiring day on the trek, an opportunity to rest in these teahouses makes the whole journey memorable.

Today we will look into the fact as to what makes this teahouse trek so special for the tourists.

Teahouse Treks:Convenience and comfort

It would be a mistake to expect a five-star level of comfort when you are in the remote region of Nepal. However, the teahouse trek provides you the opportunity to feel comfort and convenience.

The basic amenities like a good bed, blankets, hot shower, and fireplace are all available for the tourist. After a long tiring day, such facilities do make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Up close with culture

The high-altitude places in the trekking region are covered by Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, etc. Therefore all the tea houses belong to them. If you stay at those tea houses there is a massive chance to learn about their culture and traditions.

The owner along with the staff in the hotel are from the mountain community. Understanding about how they live along with their lifestyle is the key.

By participating in local activities like cooking, cleaning, and gardening, tourists can understand the culture of the place from the ground level.

Power of freedom and flexibility

It is often said that flexibility is key while you are enjoying your holidays. In the case of a teahouse trek in Nepal, you will have the option to take ample rest due to the maximum number of teahouses in the region.

Based on your physical fitness, health, and the courage to complete the trek, Tea House will come down as a brilliant friend. Not only that you have an opportunity to explore a particular place for a long time staying at the teahouse.

Matter of safety and security

Even though Nepal is a safe country for any tourist and there has never been an issue, teahouses provide extra comfort. There is a trend of living in the camps over the open skies however it could be risky with wild animals in the higher altitude.

Living in the teahouses will provide you with the safety from the animals. Not only that teahouses are better served when we talk about harsh and incompatible weather. Therefore teahouse trek are much liked by tourists.

Socialising and Network building

Living in teahouses means that you will be up close with the local people and their culture. Not only you but there will be plenty of tourists who share the same thoughts and interests about the trip.

This will help the tourists to create a camaraderie amongst themselves. The social network will go way further than the actual tour. The stories shared along with the friendships forged do work well to make the journey worth remembering.

Outstanding food and service

The best part about teahouses is the authenticity of the food. For a very long time, the quality of the food has been highly talked about. With all the food prepared self-grown, it is clear that the richness of the nutrients is all present.

In like manner, tourists will be staying in the homes and hotels of the locals. So they will be part of the family. Be it Dhido, Daal, Bhaat, or Momo all of the dishes will be freshly prepared and served with love.

Cultural performances for tourists

Every trekking place has its own unique culture and identity. To entertain the tourists, trekking companies try and organize the welcome along with the cultural dance program which is the key.

Having said that these cultural performances are the heart and soul of the teahouses. Gathering around the bonfire, tourists tend to enjoy and embrace the local culture which makes it quite a viewing.

Not only the enjoyment but these cultural performances provide tourists with in-depth insights into the culture and tradition of the place and people. The cultural exchange and appreciation are warmly welcomed from both sides.

Opportunity of Astro-tourism

Astro-tourism might be a new term for you but it is an exciting aspect for the teahouse trek. When astronomy comes along with tourism it is called astro-tourism. Mainly during the EBC trek the concept of astro-tourism takes full flight.

Teahouses have an arrangement for the tourist to enjoy the celestial phenomena along with the Milky Way galaxy and the stars during the clear night sky.

Having said this tourists will have to pay some extra money to get the benefit of it. Likewise, the high altitude vantage points are selected for the stargazing opportunity. This spot needs to be beyond the city lights.

Educational workshops and classes

It is a rare commodity but the teahouse trek along the way hosts some educational workshops and classes for the tourists. This will not only help to educate the tourists but also earn some extra income for the local community.

From medicinal herbs exploration to knitting, weaving, and pottery, tourists are majorly interested in knowing about the local culture and traditions of the place.

In the quest to learn and educate themselves, the workshop turns out to be very useful. This first-hand insight through the workshop allows for a higher appreciation of the Himalayan people in the minds of the tourists.

Yoga, Meditation, and wellness retreats

Physical fitness along with mental agility is the key. Having said that teahouses try and associate either yoga or meditation with the trekking activity. This allows for the broader development and enjoyment of the tourists.

These meditation and yogic practises are carried out at the top of the mountains which are termed to be holy and spiritual. From various breathing exercises to finding the inner self meditations have done wonders.

There is no compulsion to learn meditation with trekking but it solely depends upon the tourist itself. In the past, the tourists who have taken both meditation and trekking together have shared some valuable changes in them.