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Why Spiritual Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country located between the giants India and china. The beautiful country is known for many things like its geography, unique flag, natural resources and many more. Moreover, the country also has quite a reputation for its spirituality, the booming sector in Nepal tourism is the spiritual tourism in Nepal.

Spirituality and spiritual well-being are as important as physical well-being. People in day-to-day busy lives, indulged in physical activities may forget they are not just physical body but the spirit also. The things that put your physical body in place may not necessarily put your spirituality to place.

Nepal always had elements that replenish spirituality. However, now the people are realizing the fact more than ever. The potential and capability of spiritual tourism in Nepal.

Spiritual Tourism in Nepal is flourishing due to following elements:

Birth place of Gautam Buddha

Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, one who enlightened the world with his spiritual knowledge. Lord Buddha was born as prince Siddhartha Gautam in Lumbini of Nepal as a son of King Suddhodhan and queen Mayavati. Lord Buddha is no more with us but his teaching, findings, and knowledge still remain in this land. Not only his knowledge but the birthplace of lord buddha, his palace ruins are still present and well preserved.

On top of that various Buddhist monasteries, act as the cherry on top for spiritual tourism in Nepal. The country has hundreds of various monasteries where you can stay and learn about spirituality. From terai and hills to mountain you can find lot of monasteries monk who focus their learning on psychological and spiritual well-being. If one is enthusiastic enough to learn the monks will teach them.

Natural resource

Spiritual Tourism in Nepal is what it is today due to its natural resources also. Natural resources and natural beauty are one of the major attraction points of the country. No matter what part of country you will visit you will find beautiful places and lovely peoples. The country is covered with mountains, forests, lakes, and planes.

The peaceful environment and natural habitat is the perfect place for meditation and being lost in nature. Great yogis, masters all had attained enlightenment, spirituality on peaceful place rich in natural habitats. Natural beauty is a huge plus point for spiritual tourism in Nepal.

Mount Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Machhapuchhare are some of the most popular mountains of Nepal where travelers visit to enhance their spirituality and attain mental peace.

Rich cultural heritage

Nepal is a very small country compared to its giant neighbors in respect to the area of land. However, the country is extraordinarily rich in its cultural heritage. Culture and heritage are the things that awaken one’s spirit from within. Spiritual tourism in Nepal is due to its enriched cultural heritages.

The Kathmandu valley alone has seven UNESCO preserved world heritage sites. The country with area 147,516 KM sq has 123 languages and 101 ethnic group. The festivals, temples, monuments are all one piece and none other place in world has such variety. Whole year people of various ethnicity celebrate their own festivals in their own unique way. The variety of culture makes spiritual tourism in Nepal such a wonderful time.


Nepal is a very peaceful country with very friendly peoples. Despite the enormous number of people with different ethnicity, no blood has been ever spilled in the name of caste, they believe in different religions in Nepal, and various ethnicity. At first glance it may not sound much. However, the perfect religious harmony as Nepal has is rare in entire world. The harmony and peace awaken and lights your spirit from inside. Harmony is a major element for spiritual tourism in Nepal as peace is what awakens the spirituality.

Birthplace of yoga

It is said that the origin of yoga is from the Himalayas and Nepal is reach in big Himalayas, 8 highest peak of the world falls in Nepal.