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Sherpa: Authentic Person for trekking 

Trekking is a delightful activity that lets you explore the environment. Nepal has a knack in trekking, and throughout the years, tourists flock Nepal to explore its mysteries. When visiting a new place, it can be difficult if you don’t have the right person to guide you. Having a perfect tour guide makes your trip easier and memorable. Let’s discuss the authentic person for trekking in this blog.

When you speak about trekking to Nepal, most of your colleagues will say ‘Hire a Sherpa’. Or, they might say ‘Travel with a Sherpa’. An image is instilled in your brain where you don’t know what Sherpa is but end up searching for one.


What/Who Is A Sherpa?

Sherpa is one of the tribes of Nepal that normally reside in the mountainous region of Nepal. Specifically, they live in the Himalayas. In the Sherpa language, the term Sherpa means ‘people living in the east’. A huge number of Sherpas call the eastern region of Nepal their home. To emphasize, you’ll find them in the Rolwaling valley and the Helambu region.

Sherpas follow Buddhism and have established various monasteries in the Himalayas. As time progressed, the Sherpas migrated to cities so now, you can find them in different parts of the country. It is in the cities that they have earned the reputation of being the authentic person for trekking.


Why Are Sherpas Famous In Trekking? Why they are Authentic Person for trekking 

Sherpas are considered as pioneers in mountain climbing and expedition activities. Sir Edmund Hilary with the help of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, conquered Mount Everest. From then on, the Sherpas earned a reputation for being skilled in mountaineering. Also, they were crucial to explore in the 1900s to map the Himalayas. Throughout the years, many people from the Sherpa community have gone on to conquer mountains inside and outside of Nepal.


Sherpa In Modern Day

With time, the term ‘Sherpa’ no longer refers to the people of the Sherpa community. It refers to a trekking guide that guides you in your trekking journey. For foreigners, it might be difficult to identify a person of the Sherpas community but they are the authentic person for trekking. Most of the Sherpas have migrated to the cities and some have their trekking agencies. In the modern-day, Sherpas are not limited to just mountaineering.


Where To Hire A Guide/Sherpa During The Trek

If you are visiting Nepal with a registered trekking agency, then you won’t have to worry about hiring one. The company will automatically hire a guide for you. The guide provided to you might not be of the Sherpas community but they are skilled in their field. To become a guide, they have to fulfill certain legal formalities and tests. So, you can rest easy on that matter.

However, if you are traveling alone, them finding an authentic person for trekking can be cumbersome. The internet has information about guides and their accomplishments but still, you won’t find what you’re looking for. Likewise, some of them can be fake too. You need to apply a high degree of caution while selecting a guide.

You need to search at registered websites and companies to find the perfect guide. Seasoned guides are a bit expensive but they provide quality service. Make sure that you are not compromising quality for saving a few bucks.


How Much Do I Have To Pay For Hiring A Guide?

The price for a guide mostly depends on his skills and experience. Normally, you can expect to pay somewhere between USD 25 to USD 50 per day for a guide. Furthermore, you have to consider tips and other costs too.

Having an authentic person for trekking makes the trek easier and memorable. So, find yourself a proper guide and enjoy the trek.