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Nepal is a country located between the two big countries India and China. Located between the two giant landmasses, Nepal has no direct access to the sea. India covers Nepal from east, west and south while China borders it from the North. Nepal is exceedingly minor compared to the giants that surrounds it and has no soil touched by the sea.

However, there are so much unique features about the country which makes it one of the kinds in the world. Many natural and cultural aspects of the country are its key source of uniqueness in the world. Among the various gift and uniqueness grated by the nature is its geology. The geology of the country is quite different and is a gold mine for the geologists. Due, to this very reason the possibility of Geo tourism in Nepal is massive.

Geology is the science which deals with the study of physical structure of earth and the various locations on the world along with their unique features. It studies the physical world, its history information and predict the outcome on the future structure of those environments. Everything we see on our surroundings that belongs to the physical structure of earth comes under the wing of geology.

Geology studies from the tiny grain of the sand to the mountain-sized rocks, from top of the highest peaks to the lowest elevations from fiery volcano to coldest of the place’s geology studies them all. Earth is our home everything we get; the source is earth itself. Even we ourselves came from the earth so, it is necessary to study about our home, the source of our foods and everything we have, and geology does it.

Geo tourism may not be known to most peoples. What is Geo tourism?

Geo tourism is defined as the study of physical structure, environment, culture, of a certain geographical area. When a travel is arranged to a certain destination with the goal of study about every aspect of that structure it is geo tourism. Geo tourism goes beyond tourism and just drive through visit. Tourism can be just limited to sightseeing and enjoyment while a dive through even will not be that. Geo tourism is the visit with the purpose, there will be full enjoyment as the tourism, but study and research will also be an integral part of the trip.

Now, we know what geo tourism is all about, but what is it Gotta do with Nepal?
Why is there so, many possibilities for geo tourism in Nepal.

The following reasons explain the possibility of geo tourism in Nepal.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. The Highest peak in the world stands at the elevation of 8849m from the sea level. The mountain is one of the greatest tourist attractions point of the country. Yearly thousands arrive in Nepal just to glance or climb this majestic mountain. However, the majestic mountain is not only for sight-seeing but also is a major source of study. It can be one of the greatest possibilities of geo tourism in Nepal.

Various study has been conducted about the formation of the greatest peak above the sea level. There are various theories about the formation of the highest point in the earth. The most prominent theory is that the highest point in the world was formed by the Collison of Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. However, it is still unclear and many mysteries about Everest and its formation remain unclear. Also, geo tourism may act as a step forward toward this mystery.

By visiting Everest you can fulfill two wishes one is your geological study of that place and next is Everest trekking.

Kali Gandaki George

Kali Gandaki Geroge is the deepest George in the world. It is located at the western side of Kathmandu valley. The Geroge and its formation is a unique thing as claimed by the geologists. One of the countries with the highest elevations from the sea level has the deepest George in the world. Also, Kali Gandaki George is what separates Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Mountain range. From the deepest George in the world rises the one of the two highest mountain in the world. Annapurna is the 10th while Dhaulagiri is the 7th highest mountain in the world. The Kali Gandaki George can be an amazing addition to the possibilities of Geo tourism in Nepal.

The flora and fauna

The favorable climate and large forest coverage of the country makes Nepal the home of many Flora and fauna i.e  animals, birds, and plant lives. The country is also the home to the one of the most endangered species in the world like one horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, red panda. And other many amazing animals. The habitat of this country is so unique that very wide species remain here.

The study of these species and their habitat also could be an amazing addition to geo tourism in Nepal. The plants here also are in large numbers, various breeds of plants that are incredibly unique to the other sectors of the world are flourishing in Nepal. If one desires to study them in deep, they must visit Nepal.

The climate and weather conditions

The condition of climate of Nepal is also incredibly unique. Despite being small in geographical area the country has remarkably diverse weather conditions. The average width of the country is 193Km extending from the northern border of China to the southern border of China. On this distance the country is divided into 3 regions which have different flora and fauna, weather condition and climate. The mountain region is the coldest area, while mountain is the moderate one and terai experiences the hottest climate. This vast change of weather within a short distance, can be the unique addition to the geo tourism.

The Himalayan range

Nepal is known for Mount Everest which is the highest peak in the world. Undoubtedly, Mount Everest is the crown of Nepal. However, there are many jewels in the crown beside Everest. Nepal shares most of the Himalayan range with China along the Northern border side and some along India along the western border side.

The Himalayan range of Nepal consists of the top highest peak in the world. There are thousands of peaks in Nepal that are worth, and some are in a lifetime experience level visiting. Eight of the top 10 highest peaks in world are in Nepal. The Himalayan range of Nepal are one of the most geological distinct places of the world. Most of these places are inhabited and unvisited due to the very harsh environment.

The structure, soil and natural environment are untainted and mostly unaffected by the human interference. They can tell a lot about the formation of the Himalayan ranges and earth itself. By this geo tourism have the most potentiality in the country. Also, Himalayan ranges are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. They are the remarkable sight and place once to be visited in lifetime.

The planes of Terai

Terai is located at the lowest plane of Nepal and at the southern border of India. The lower belt of Nepal extended from East Mecchi to West Mahakali is the terai region. Terai region holds the most fertile land in the country. The region is the plain region of Nepal and has almost no hills and slope area. Terai region is one of the most special places of Nepal and perfect spot for geo tourism.

Terai region is also special and connected to Himalayas in such a way that, the rivers that originated from the Himanya mountains and Glaciers passes through these regions. The region also has the most evergreen forest of the country and large forest. The evergreen forests remain green all the time of the year, while the forest act as the home for the wild animals and birds also acting as one of the major tourist attractions.


Water is one of the greatest concerns for every living being as none can survive without water. Water has always been the topics of concern and the field of improvement of the all the nations. Weather the nation is developed, developing or underdeveloped. Nepal always has been country with massive water resources. The mountainous country amazingly has the highest reserves of natural resources despite its geographical difficulties.

The water from the glaciers, Himalayas and the monsoon rain are one of the greatest reasons for the massive water resources available in Nepal. Exploring the water and water resources of Nepal vives the huge edge to the geo tourism of the country. Koshi, Gandaki, Rapti, Bheri, Mahakali, Karnali are some of the major rivers while Phewa, Rara, Phoks undo, Begans are sone of the major lakes of the country. They can be an amazing place to study and best place to enjoy.

Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley is capital region of Nepal. Kathmandu valley lies at the central region of the country. Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu districts of Nepal are collectively known as the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is a unique place with the most awesome climate and soil. Kathmandu valley is surrounded by hills on all sides and has a bowl like structure. Various mountain ranges are also seen from the Kathmandu valley.

Everything about the valley is a point to be noticed and studied in geological tourism. The Kathmandu valley has one of the most fertile soil in the country. In some winters, the valley has experienced snowfall also while the climate in summer is tropical enough to be able for mango to be harvested. Kathmandu is most unique in the matter of its structure, soil, as well as the climate. According to legends due to its natural defense like the fort, fertile land, and suitable climate it was chosen as the capital of the country by King Prithvi Narayan Shah. These factors make Kathmandu valley the place needed to be visited for geological tourism.

Culture and Peoples

The culture of a country and people are the fractional product of the climatic and the geographical effect. The geography and climates are also some factors that manipulates the behaviors and lifestyle of the people living in that region. Nepal in its small area has vastly different weather, climate, and altitude in small distance also. Due, to this various culture, ethnic group and culture were born as the consequences. The country has one of the most amazing cultural representations and traditions.

The Kathmandu valley alone has seven UNESCO listed world heritage sites in its small vicinity. Various reports say that around 122 types of language are spoken in the country alone. Each of the ethnic groups have their own unique language. Their own unique dress and food. Each of them is bound by the nationality of Nepali and live-in harmony with each other. However, each of ethnic are different and distinct when their culture and tradition are compared.

Geo tourism study will be easy as there as so many diversities in such a small region. Also, this becomes easier in Kathmandu as Kathmandu is the representation of the entire country. People from all over the country live here as it is the capital of the country.

Geography of Nepal

The main region of the possibility of Geo tourism in Nepal is the geography of the country itself. The country is incredibly unique in the matter of geography. The lake in the highest elevation in the entire world also lies in Nepal. The highest elevation in the country is at 8849m from the sea level while the lowest elevation is about just 59m from the sea level. The country is composed of five physiographic regions:

  • The Terai plain lands and Chure hills
  • Mahabharat range
  • Pahar zone
  • The Himalaya ranges
  • The trans Himalaya range

Among this little area these 5 physiographic range exists. Due large mountains and such variations of the physiographic zone various mini climatic zone are created. The varied climate and weather are the direct product of the geography of the country. Which in turn became the reason for the varies flora and fauna present in the country.

83% of the total area of the country is covered with hills and mountains which provides the country is difficult and unique topography. While the 17% are the plane lands and the most fertile area in the country which is the Terai region. According to the geologists the land of Nepal was formed 43 million years ago. The study of this unique and varied geography may be the answer to many things related to the earth and our own selves.

Due to these key strength the country has massive potentiality in geo tourism. The combined effort of the peoples, experts and the government of the country can truly make the location a geo tourism heaven for the visitors. It can truly be the place to study, research as well having an amazing time exploring.