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Mountain climbing techniques for trekkers

Mountaineering has been a famous sport among people nowadays. Mountaineering is a set of activities that involves ascending and descending to mountains. Some people view it as an extreme sport while some consider it simply an exhilarating pastime. But this sport offers the ultimate challenge of strength, endurance, and sacrifice. Mountaineering lacks widely applied formal rules, regulations, and governance. This is the reason why so many people lost their lives during the trip. In this article, we provide you a complete guide on mountain climbing techniques for trekking.

It is highly dangerous and climbers are likely to get overwhelmed by weather, terrain, ice, or other dangers of the mountain. But when it is done in the right manner, mountain climbing is the most exciting, thrilling, and rewarding experience. Inexperience, poor planning, and knowledge make it a nightmare.

With proper knowledge and guidance, you can hit mountaineering and get the best experience of life. Safety is the main motto before doing anything so first, you need to take all the precautions and grab knowledge before mountain climbing. You need some types of equipment before going on any climb. Navigations- maps and compass, sunscreen, lip balms, sunglasses, extra clothes, lamps with extra bulb and battery, first aid supplies, fire starter and matches, food, water emergency shelter, repair kits, etc. are the necessities of mountain climbing.

Techniques to ace the mountain climbing

It is simple to travel in a team than to travel alone. Climbers can share a series of activities and can get connected during the trip. Of course, you can also climb alone but there will be the possibility of getting hurt and sick during the trip.

Mountain Climbing techniques

  1. Feet are the basic foundation of climbing. Try edging and smearing. Edging is exactly what it sounds like. It is all about stepping on a hold with a rubber edge of your shoe where your big toe offers stability on smaller holds.
  2. It is contingent upon the direction you should move in a bid to move off the hold. The rubber of shoes plays an important role too because smearing is needed to keep you on the actual foothold and provide the friction against the rock.
  3. You must be prudent while keeping your feet, the placements of the foot are the prerequisite to keep the handholds. You must move your feet when you are utterly confident about the movement of the feet.
  4. The arms plays a vital role too. It is prerequisite to keep them stronger as the skeleton is responsible to bear up much weight of your body not your muscles.
  5. Keep your eyes on the wall and on the way before taking steps. Don’t just focus on the chalk marks. Good climbers always keep their focus and climb through their eyes. Don’t forget this mountain climbing technique.
  6. Try to keep your hip pushed up against the wall. By doing the hip pushing you will help you to keep your weight over your feet and you can lean back with straight arms.
  7. . Make yourself as much comfortable as you can. Keep yourself hydrated and wear warm but light clothes. Eat a nutritious diet and don’t rush.
  8. When you find a proper place to take rest, use it. It is necessary to restore energy and to take a healthy rest. So wherever you get a chance to take rest, grab it.
  9. Balancing skills are another foundation for mountain climbing. Sharpen your balancing skills before the trip and climb in a pretty intuitive way.
  10. Start climbing from the morning so that you can reach at least a rest point till evening. It is a bad idea to start the trip at midday.


Before going for mountain climbing, make sure about the following things :

  1. Thoroughly research about that place to get proper knowledge.
  2. Sharp your mental strength.
  3. Build your physical strength.
  4. Acquire the gear.
  5. Learn about mountaineering ethics.
  6. Get proper training.
  7. Improve your breathing and balancing skills.
  8. Find an expert guide.
  9. Prepare for the trip.
  10. Go for jogging, gym, hiking, weight lifting, etc.
  11. It is a good idea to keep a travel diary with you.

The post might be helpful for detailed explanation on10 climbing tips to Mountain.