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Trekking is an amazing outdoor activity. It gives much-needed time in nature and an amazing break from the day-to-day hectic schedule. There are many places in each country that are best suited for trekking. The Himalayas are the place that is not considered as the best place to trek by the counties that have it but is considered as the best trekking location in the entire world.

The mountain range extends through various countries and has the highest mountains in the world which are majestic and extremely beautiful. Trekking in the Himalayas can sometimes be dangerous for several reasons if the trekkers are not careful. They should know a few things about how to trek safely before going to the mountains.

The following are the few ways that will tell the trekkers how to trek safely in the Himalayas,

Prepare your body

There are various things that determine the safety of the trek, some things are in your hand while some are not. However, the thing that is in your hand is your body. Preparing your body for trekking is the best answer to how to trek safely. You experience the world through your body, and it is also the thing that will take you trekking and take you back from the mountains back to your place.

If you want to know how to trek safely then prepare your body for trekking as it is the answer to that. Before going to trek in the Himalayas, go hiking in the forest, run in the morning time and be in better shape than you were in.

To go trekking in the Himalayas one does not need the body of the athlete like they are participating in world-class competitions but being in better shape helps in more than one way.

Get an experienced guide

The top answer to How to trek safely must be getting an experienced guide. Many people come to visit the Himalayas, and among those tourists, some do not speak even English. So, it may be hard for them to communicate with the local people, the houses, and hotels they will be staying in, or some other factors.

Also, they may be very unfamiliar with the locations and the terrains they will be walking on. For the experienced trekkers, it is no problem, and they can efficiently trek without any guide but for the beginners, it may be exceedingly difficult to do so. If the beginner trekkers, ask how to trek safely then answer them by getting an experienced guide.

An experienced guide knows the route, people, hotels and has the experience required to act accordingly if an emergency situation arrives. There are also guides who know how to communicate in various languages other than English, so if your main language is not English it is best that you get a guide who knows how to communicate in your native language or the one you understand completely.

Know what to do in case of emergency

Himalaya area has a dangerous terrain, various emergencies can arrive at various times. Some of the famous and most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas are safe and well maintained. However, this is not the case for not so much popular trekking routes. Going to dangerous trails can be very thrilling but one might wonder how to trek safely here.

This how-to trek safely question may come to mind of the trekker and it is also good because when this question arises, they will think about what to do in emergency conditions. Various emergency conditions may arise in the high mountains. Ranging from altitude sickness to cold and some other things. Since it is located high in the mountains without vehicle roads and a difficult air route immediate rescue may be hard so, it is best that trekkers know the immediate action that needs to be taken in the course of emergencies.

Do what your guide tells you

Your guide knows how to trek safely. So, if your guide tells you to do something do it immediately. During trekking, one needs to establish that their guide is the leader of the team. First, he knows the environment, locals, has experience being on that route, knows what to do in case of emergency and it’s his job to keep you safe and unharmed.

So, if the guide tells you to do something in case of emergency or even when there is not an emergency, and it is some sort of precaution for safety then you do it. Like if he tells you the trail is slippery walk as far away from the edge as you can you immediately follow it. Doing what your guide or leader tells you in trekking is the best answer to how to trek safely.

Get an insurance policy

Getting an insurance policy is a compulsory answer to how to trek safely. If you are going to trek in the Himalayas or any other place in the world it is best to get your insurance policy from a trusted company. Getting an insurance policy won’t protect you from any harm in the mountains or does not give you the strength to complete the trial more easily.

However, if something bad happens in the mountains the insurance policy makes sure you get the best treatment or help you need. Nobody knows what might happen, sometimes even the most careful and prepared meets the bad day and if the day were to come in the Himalayas your insurance policy will be there for the rescue.