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How to treat women in Nepal? Know before going to Nepal

You need to know how to treat women in Nepal before coming to Nepal for trekking or any other purpose. For many foreigners who like wild parties and does not respect women, for those Nepal is not the place to pay a visit. Here, there are instances where still women are treated as goddess and whole nation reveres on the particular days during festivals. Therefore, Nepal is not a nation to enjoy the wild part and indulge in the carnal and licentious activities. If you are desiring to study how to treat women in Nepal, then this piece of article is for you.

Gender issue in the tourism sector of Nepal

Notwithstanding the reverence of women on a particular day in the festive season, Nepal is a nation where still gender imbalance exists. There are many indicators to verify such claims. Among them the right to education for every citizen of the country is not implemented as a result, women have much less literacy rate than that of male. In the past the situation was even worse women were kept inside home and seldomly free to go outside without any other people. But now the condition is different and every day they are getting more literate and getting their rights.

Women were limited to do household chores and work as labour without any payment in the field. Likewise, still there are instances that the women have limited access to the assets of the home, and they are not given the power to exercise in the decision-making. The same applies in the tourism development board of Nepal also. The latest laws and policies are women-friendly yet there is lethargy to implement such blueprint in the real-life, thereby women are still barred from benefitting from opportunities nature has given to them.

Hopefully, In a few years, they will get a good opportunity and engage more in the tourism sector or Nepal but the count in the current situation is less. Nepal is promoting females in different industries and giving some part of employment to women.

Treat women equally

For tourists who are visiting Nepal, it is wise to know how to treat women and treat them as the opposite gender. Even at the pubs and restaurants during the late night parties it is advised to treat women gently. While meeting any other women while meandering be it at in the hills of Nepal, or in the vibrant cities of Nepal, greet with Namaste, never be audacious to hug a women, or kiss in the skin as back in your country. It is prudent to say Namaste didi (“older sister”), bahini (“younger sister”), aamaa (“mother”) while meeting any other women in the streets of Nepal.

Never indulge in sexual offense with women

The most important point of how to treat women in Nepal is never indulge women in a sexual offense. The recent constitution of Nepal has given equal rights to men and women. Many critics claim that the constitution of Nepal is the most progressive in South Asia in terms of bestowing rights to women. However, the implementation of the rule is different things. Therefore, it is wise for the foreigners visiting Nepal to not involve in any sorts of sexual offense in Nepal. The illicit act might result in behind the bars, instead of being in the serene milieu.

Furthermore, there is no red-light areas for prostitution in Nepal. Therefore, it is unwise to indulge in such activities for foreigners as the law and order explicitly does not allow participating openly. However, in the name of massage centres there are institution running the brothel centres many underground reports claim. No matter what is running, however it is not prudent to involve in such lewd acts.

Peculiar characters of Nepalese women

Also, you need to know how to treat women in Nepal who lived in the Mountainous area. The women in the mountains are skilful at networking with foreigners. Likewise, girls in the towns of Nepal are open and frank, thanks to modern education. However, their peculiarity like networking and being open and frank does not imply they are hinting for any other illicit activities. It is their idiosyncrasy to bear networking ability or the characteristics to become open-minded and frank.

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