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High altitude trekking is one of the most amazing forms of trekking. The trekking takes trekkers to an altitude that is very high from the sea level. In such altitudes, there are very rarely human settlements and pristine nature can be experienced which is hardly anywhere else. Generally, high altitude trekking is done in countries that have high mountains.

The trekking is either to the base camp of the mountain, around or near the mountain, or through the various high altitude passes. High altitude trekking is amazing but also can be very dangerous and even take the life of the trekkers. So, the trekkers need ways by which they can enjoy trekking in such high places as well as be safe from the possible dangers of the cold and altitude.

One can do various things to be safe from cold and altitude during high altitude trekking. Let’s discuss some of the ways one can do so,

Warm clothes

Warm clothes are a must for high altitude trekking, without them, it is nearly impossible to complete the high altitude trekking. Warm clothes protect you from the cold as well as the altitude. High altitudes are known for their extreme cold and difficult environment and to tackle that the trekkers need to have the best clothes.

Trekkers no do need heavy and high-quality clothes but need light and quality clothes. Various types of jackets are very light in weight, very warm, and are waterproof. These are the type of clothes one needs during trekking as even if it rains or snows, they can be warm and safe from the cold and altitude. Not just jackets, they are going to need every type of cloth which is warm and easy to carry.

Eat energetic and warm foods

Foods are our energy source and more the quality of the food is better for the body. High altitude trekking tests our body to the extreme. It is very difficult to sustain your body at that altitude in the absence of a proper and eating bad diet. During high altitude trekking, one needs to have energetic food and food which keeps the body warm.

There are some foods and drinks that promote heat production in the body and keep the body warm for a long period from the inside, they need to focus on those types of foods. Eggs, meat, beans, ginger tea, etc. are some of the foods that promote heat in the body so we should focus on these types of foods rather than junk foods.

Stay hydrated

Generally, in cold temperatures, we drink less water. However, while trekking at high altitudes one needs to keep their body hydrated to save themselves from cold and altitude. Our body always needs a sufficient amount of water to function properly so, even during high altitude trekking they need to keep their body hydrated and in good condition.

It is even better if the water is warm as drinking cold water may give common cold and other similar problems to the body. During high altitude trekking, one can take an insulated flask with them which can keep water warm for a long period and the trekkers can drink warm water from time to time to keep them hydrated and safe from the cold and altitude.

Start early and travel less

To be safe from the cold during high altitude trekking start the trek as fast as you can and also travel less. This becomes more important to be safe from cold and altitude during the winter season. In winter the days are short and cold. So, the trekkers cannot continue for a long period like in the longer days and the month of summer. So, to be safe from cold and altitude the trekkers need to start trekking early in the morning and travel less, and do not exhaust themselves.

Check the weather

Weather also has a good amount of influence on cold at high altitudes. Yes, high altitudes are known for their cold climate and environment. However, the climate also changes there. If the weather gets bad it can get very cold from the cold and in such a bad environment travelling is not recommended. So, during high altitude trekking always check the weather before continuing the trekking. If the cold exceeds the limit and the weather becomes bad the trekkers need to even stop their trekking and return safely.


In high altitude trekking cold and altitude also makes people ill. If the body is in a cold climate and altitude for a longer period, it may get sick and there is a high chance of that. So, during high altitude trekking carry medicine to tackle cold and altitudes. Before going high altitude trekking it is best to consult a doctor for the medicines to tackle cold and similar problems. In the high altitude, it is hard to get the desired medicine and doctor’s advice, so it is better to take them with you while getting there.