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Trekking Adventure 

Everyone deserves a holiday once in a while. A good holiday not only allows you to enjoy life but also keeps your mood and health in check. If you are thinking about a trekking adventure, think no further but lock in with Nepal. One of the smallest yet most adventurous countries in the world.

It is almost impossible to account for the trekking adventure that Nepal provides to its tourists. With tourist safety along with enjoyment being the primary motive, you will need to book a flight to Nepal if you want to know and learn about life.

In this blog though we will be talking about what you could gain through the Himalayan trekking adventure. Even though hills and Terai also add beauty to your trek, but the essence of Himalayan trekking is a different piece of cake.

High altitude cuisine

Imagine having your favorite cuisine sitting beside Mount Everest. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Well, the beauty of high altitude cuisine is part of the trekking adventure.

In the case of Himalayan trekking, you will come across various tea houses which serve the authentic Nepali dish. Be it the Dal Bhat or even momo the taste of Nepali dish is beautiful.

As all of the food and authentic dishes are prepared by the use of local ingredients, the taste and the essence of the food glorify in itself.

Ice Lake Camping

Nepal is known to throw in some surprises and ice lake camping is truly one of them. The trekking adventure for the readers gets multiplied when you have an opportunity to experience camping in a frozen lake.

During the peak winter season, most of the glacial lakes tend to get frozen. This allows for camping in the shimmering pools. All the trekkers have an opportunity to experience the beauty from close eyes.

Staying overnight allows you an opportunity to experience mountains at dawn and dusk. Not only that readers will have an opportunity to examine the tallest peaks in the still water of the glacier.

Hot Spring spots

Everybody loves a hot sauna after a cold day. But how about the natural hot springs which provides delight to the tiring muscles? Up above the Himalayas there are plenty of natural hot spring spots.

Not only that the hot springs are free of cost and you can enjoy the hot bath anytime you are there. Through this, you will have an opportunity to get a much-needed rest and also rejuvenate yourself for further trek ahead.

Spectacular night imagery

The higher you go the better opportunity to be closer to the stars. In the case of trekking adventure in Nepal, tourists have an opportunity to watch the Milky Way galaxy and stars formation like never before.

Along with that, you have an opportunity to examine all the stars and moon in a very clear form. Being the remote part of Nepal there is less pollution and a clear sky for better viewing.

Stargazing, Milky Way galaxy observation, lunar eclipses, meteor showers, etc are some of the highlights during the sky gazing through the top of the mountain or even teahouse.

Himalayan Retreats

It is crucial to have fun while trekking but how about finding your inner self through meditation and yoga? In the case of Nepal, the unique concept has just come into fruition.

The retreats available at the Himalayas have much more to say about. You will have an opportunity to add trekking with yoga or meditation and even ayurveda. This will help you to grow and enjoy in a complete form.

Through trekking added with meditation, it results in better physical as well as mental health which is the key. The Trek Nepal and Nepal Yoga Home have been performing it for quite some time.

Cultural Homestays

The major intention of any trekking adventure is to understand the true essence of the place. In the case of Nepal, the true essence is about the local people of the particular place.

As you go higher in trekking you will find the majority of Sherpa and Tamang living in the place. Having said that we suggest you go for the local homestay options in these villages.

You will not only learn about the local culture but also how the natives of the place live and survive. Participating in their local activities like cooking, farming, and gardening will provide you actual taste of Nepal.

Glamping opportunities

A lot of the readers might not have heard about glamping. It is one of the newer concepts for glamourus camping. This adds a new dimension to the trekking adventure of Nepal.

The trekking companies try and find some brilliant location that are iconic and scenic. After that, a beautiful camping option with well-furnished beds, hot shower, and gourmet meals will be provided to the tourist.

This will allow for the longing experience. Moving away from traditional camping, glamping adds a new flavor to your trekking journey.

Handicraft workshop

Nepal is famously known for its ethnic handicrafts. A lot of the designer handicrafts are even exported to foreign countries. So it is fair to say that the interest in Nepalese handicraft is at its peak.

Through adventure trekking in Nepal, tourists will have an opportunity to learn the handicraft work right from the experts themselves. We tend to organize the handicraft session which has its fruitful outcomes.

The local artists provide special classes in weaving, pottery, wood carving, and many more. Through this trekkers will have an opportunity to learn the craftsmanship as well.

Herbal medicine workshop

Nepal is home to ayurvedic medicine and herbs in abundant numbers. The herbs found in Nepal are exported all around the world for the curing of various diseases.

An opportunity to learn the process of making herbal medicine is the basic principle of this workshop. The local healers and medicines are known to lead this workshop most of the time.

Being part of the local culture and mountains will allow you to learn the tricks of the trade. Through therapeutic benefits to the skills to make the overall medicine work, this workshop can be a lifesaver.