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There might be Everest dreams at night if you are an avid trekker. Every trekker who loves to spend their time wandering has an innate feeling to trek the top of the world. However, it is not easy for everyone to achieve with greater ease.

Talking about the Everest dreams, the trek to the top of the world begins with some hardships and you need to be at your absolute best to achieve it. Today we will focus on 10 things you need to focus on before achieving your Everest dreams.

Only 90% of people become successful in the EBC trek

It is a scary yet likable fact if you have Everest dreams, to say the least. Out of the 100% of the population, only 90% of people make it to the top of the Everest Base Camp trek.

If you are willing to make it to the top of Everest Base camp the trekkers must make the right itinerary which will result in a higher success rate. The Trek Nepal has the highest success rate in completing the EBC trek.

Choose the best trekking company

If you are a new trekker with the Everest dream running in your vein try and have the best trekking company at your disposal. With professionals all around you will have an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest.

As The Trek Nepal is known for its brilliant results, try and look for the ratings, reviews, and past tourist experiences. This will help you to achieve the actual outcome in your Everest tide.

Always go for the best gear

You never know what is in store when you are coming through the Everest dream. It is never easier to reach the top of the world. Therefore always be prepared with the best trekking gear.

Either you have an option to get the trekking gear from your home nation or there is an option to buy the trekking gear in Kathmandu. From high-quality sleeping bags to jackets and boot gears should be top-notch.

Give yourself some time

There is always a rush in every trekker to reach the top of the mountain but that is the biggest mistake to say the least.

Acclimatization is crucial if you wish to success in the Everest Base Camp trek without much of an issue. In the case of acclimatization try and give yourself some time.

One of the well-known acclimatization spots is Namche Bazar. Not only the major spots but have an acclimatization strategy every day to reduce the chances of dizziness, headache, and health issues.

Be physically fit and active

It doesn’t matter when you are walking through Everest dreams or Mardi Trek dreams physical fitness is the key. Being obese is never the right option. Be it in daily life or trekking you will need to be physically fit.

Try and have previous experience regarding trekking to higher altitudes. If you have done trekking earlier, acing the Everest Base Camp trek shouldn’t be a massive issue for you.

Be mentally strong

More than having physical agility like others it is important to have mental toughness if you are having Everest dreams. Trekking in Nepal is a tough task and you need to be ready for unseen circumstances.

For more than 2 weeks you will be living in tents, tea houses, and places with poor physical facilities. If you aren’t able to condemn with it life can be very tough in the Everest base camp treks.

Trekkers will have to pay extra for the use of water. No hot water for the shower. Poor conditions of hygiene bathrooms and toilets etc. Therefore more than searching for comfort search for enjoyment in hardships.

Water is your friend

The higher you go in the Everest Base Camp trek the need for water arises. Trekking and hiking for 7-8 hours every day demands a lot of hydration. At The Trek Nepal, we suggest tourists drink a minimum of 5 liters of water every day.

This will help you to regulate the body fluids and cover up with the necessary hydration. If you aren’t able to drink the water quota there could be the issue of headache, nausea, and also dizziness.

Embrace headaches as your friend

We are habituated to live in a particular environment. As you go higher and higher air gets thinner which might be a problem for a lot of people. This will bring in the case of headache in most of the cases.

As the headache issues come through try and work your way into proper acclimatization. If you have a weak immune system try and carry painkillers like Ibuprofen. In the most dire state try and consume the medicine to make it easier.

Maintain a distance from the sun

If you arent wish to spill the Everest dreams try and maintain a safe distance from the sun. Even though the sun is good for you, the rays of the sun at a higher altitude come at a bad expense.

You will be highly exposed to UV rays which can cause skin burns along with skin diseases. Likewise, if you are willing to save yourself from it try and pack in your sunscreen for protection.

Use sunscreen with sunblock 50. Other ways to protect from the sun is using the summer hat along with full-sleeve clothes. Try and do everything if you want to eradicate the holiday tan.

Don’t forget to enjoy

If you have come this far you would be ready for the most important point to remember. When you have packed your bags to fulfill the Everest dreams never forget to enjoy the trek.

Selecting a professional trekking company will help you to enjoy your journey to the fullest. You have received a well-earned holiday in a very long time, therefore try and enjoy what comes your way.

Even though there are hardships try and embrace them with open arms. Click and collect images which will be memorable for years to come. In the end it is all about enjoying the journey more than the destination.