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The customs and traditions along with cultural show in Nepal differs from one part to another part. Every part of Nepal is embroidered with a rich tapestry of culture mixing up to form the identity of the country. Every part of Nepal has equally served for the country’s culture since the unification of Nepal in 18th century. Nepal is a melting pot of so many cultures co-existing exhibiting cultural show in perfect harmony and co-operation. Fertile lands and dynastic rulers compliment the beautiful temples and artistic views. Taking about its geography, it is divided into three layers: Himalayan, mid-hills, and Terai.

A certain group of people carrying their own culture in Nepal populates each region. The wholesome combination of natural beauty, traditional heritage and a heart-warming history makes Nepal appealing for tourists. The cultural tour of this geographically small country Nepal takes you around culturally affluent small settlements. The diversity in Nepal makes room for various set of cultures. Every parts of Nepal from east to west is unique in its own cultural settings.

Tharu cultural Show In Chitwan

The perquisites of visiting Nepal is you will get to enjoy the blend of nature, enthralling sports and most importantly, cultural shows. Various places offers peculiar cultural show in Nepal. After enjoying the whole day visit to Chitwan National Park, you will get a chance to watch the best part of visiting Chitwan i.e. the Tharu cultural program that is organized at two different places Sauraha and Meghauli. The whole auditorium is filled with the spectaculars who enjoy the show to the fullest.

The Tharu Culture show or program is composed of dances, mainly danda dance or stick dance, fire dance, peacock dance etc. The 2 hour show is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the culture of the indigenous people of Terai. Please, don’t miss it in your Chitwan tour in Nepal.

Musical night or cultural show in Pokhara and Kathmandu

To be free from the hustle and bustles of the city. Musical nights in the major cities of Nepal like Pokhara and Kathmandu is the best way to free your spirit from stress that builds either through trekking in the high Himalayas or by roaming in the cities. You could enjoy the bliss of musical environment, the songs sung by the top bands of Nepal, mixed with the folk music is soothing to the soul that exudates stress.

Cultural show you will observe in Pokhara and Kathmandu and they offers various cultural dances mainly:

  1. Peacock dance
  2. Manjushree dance
  3. Kumari dance
  4. Yak and Yeti dance etc.

Variety of Culture in Nepal, a land of Antiquities and traditional crafts

The appealing culture of Nepal always attracts the tourists.Thangka (or paubhas) is an intricate and a very detailed painting which resembles god’s and deities. Each painting holds its own message and it is said that thangka offers spiritual benefits for the household in which it is placed.

Apart from households, they are also preferred in temples, monasteries and offices. The beauty of the place pops out with the help of thangka painting. Eventually, the culture of thangka is attracting tourists for visit. The immense beauty it possesses is something more than anyone’s description. Many tourists visit Nepal to enjoy mesmerising view of thangka.

Nepal is one of those few countries where the culture of handcrafts still exists. Actually, Nepal is a mixture of both modern and traditional culture and lifestyle. You can see multiple cultural diversity and cultural show in different places. The astonishing handcrafts is sure to attract tourists. Handmade dolls and decoration items, simple tools and furniture items are very popular among tourists. Not only they are attractions for tourists but they are also a source of income for Nepal.

The important thing that attracts tourists is the cultural diversity of Nepal. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-culture nation. The diversity in Nepal in terms of ethnicity makes room for various set of cultures. Tourists enjoy being part of all this culture, glancing them and exploring more about them. We have our own values, which are very different from other countries. The food habits are different here and each norms and values carries spiritual reasons. You will get surprised by seeing such diverse culture in Nepal

Nepal—a holy land 

Temples and royal dynasties played a great role to welcome numbers of tourists in Nepal. Various mighty dynasties ruled Nepal through many centuries and the palace, swords, ancient articles and everything related to then are safe in Nepal. They are preserved in museums and art centres. The items are embroidered with jewels and possess high value of money. Tourist excitement for experiencing the moment of seeing those culture in Nepal & items are above everything.

A perfect destination for food lovers- Food Culture in Nepal

Food culture of Nepal is another reason why tourists visit Nepal. Food habits differ from region to region. Nepal has its own unique cuisine, which is very vast, tasty and nutritious at same time. The regular Nepali meal is daal, bhat and tarkari often complimented with achars. Thakali, etc. are some of the attracting food types in Nepal. Momos, roti, dhedo, etc. have complimented Nepal’s culture to enhance more beautifully.

Ahimsa—a core concept of Nepal’s tradition

Nepal promotes the concept of ‘ahimsa’, which means non-violence. The slaughter of some animals like cow is considered illegal as cow symbolises universal motherhood. The major highlight of Nepal are the temples, mountain exquisite scenario, pilgrimage sites , etc. The culture of Nepal encompasses the various cultures belonging to different ethnic groups. Nepal culture is expressed through music, dance, art, craft, languages, literatures, festivals, philosophy, religion, foods and drinks.