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Nepal is a miniature Himalayan nation that has built its reputation around frosty mountains and distinguished culture. The hilly terrain that Nepal has is the perfect place to indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and trekking. Likewise, trekking in such wilderness provides an opportunity to thoroughly comprehend the ambiance. In this blog, we shall take a deep look into the secrets of trekking to Nepal.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into the topic.


If you don’t have much experience trekking, then Nepal might be a bit of a shocker for you. A majority of the treks occur in the hills that slowly transcend to the Himalayas. For example, the Annapurna Base Camp trek starts at a low elevation in Pokhara at 900m and later, reaches the Annapurna Base Camp at 4000 meters+. So, yes, you can expect the journey to be once in a lifetime.

On the contrary, not all the treks take you to the Himalayas. To emphasize, some of the treks take you through the high hills and incorporate a cultural awakening. You might witness a mountainous terrain but you won’t get to the mountains! I know that you are a bit confused but fret not, we are here to clear your doubts. It would be your first step in understanding the secrets of trekking.

Here is a list of some of the treks that take you close to the mountains.

If you feel that you cannot trek to the mountains, then we have treks that explore the hills. Some of them are:

  • Langtang Valley trek
  • Rolwaling valley trek
  • Kathmandu valley rim trek
  • Khopra ridge community trek


During a trek, you’ll pass through numerous small settlements. The people living in remote areas are cut off from modernization so they still maintain their ancient philosophies. When you take part in a cultural trek and tour, you get the opportunity to witness a lifestyle that is rare and fascinating. As an illustration, the people living in Nar and Phu villages practice a Tibetan lifestyle that isn’t found elsewhere in Nepal. Understanding the life of locals is another step in unlocking the secrets of trekking.

Nepal boasts a wide variety of cultural diversity. There are various ethnic groups and each group has its own lifestyle and festivities. So, let’s take a look at some of the treks that highlight the cultural aspects of certain ethnic groups.

Each of the mentioned treks provides travelers with a cultural awakening and a new outlook towards life.


If you yearn adventure and hear the mountains calling you, then you should definitely take expeditions. To undertake such a humongous task, you need to have detrimental willpower and skill. We hope that our readers know the qualities needed to conquer a mountain. To provide you with a perspective, you’ll have to battle frigid winds and navigate through difficult terrains. This is the ultimate method to unlock the secrets of trekking.

Some popular expeditions that you can be a part of are:

  • Mera Peak climbing
  • Island Peak climbing
  • Mount Everest expedition
  • Ama Dablam expedition
  • Pisang Peak climbing


While on a trek, you need to carry certain quintessential things. You might be confused as to what to carry and what not to carry. Here is a list that will help you.

  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Notebook
  • Sunscreen
  • Trekking boots
  • Trekking socks
  • Hiking pants
  • Walking poles
  • Down jackets
  • Muffler and gloves

If you want to truly unlock the secrets of trekking, then you must visit Nepal and find it for yourself. We hope that you’ll visit in the near future.