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Camping in Nepal is an exciting opportunity to be part of the natural and beautiful setting. But when we add camping under the stars and galactic masterpieces things get exciting.

If you are planning for a camping trek in Nepal we suggest the readers go camping under the stars of Nepal’s remote routes. With less traffic, fewer people, and more greenery the star gazing activity can be carried out brilliantly in the remote areas.

With so many undiscovered trails present in mountain regions of Nepal, stars look an absolute treat in the case of viewers. Some critical things need to be known while performing a camping trek under the stars.

  • Choosing the right route

The most important part of experiencing the beauty of camping under the stars is choosing the right trek. You must find the right options which is perfect for the particular season.

From Annapurna circuit to Upper Dolpo the options are plenty. However, you will need to choose the trail which provides maximum enjoyment. If you aren’t aware of the best option always contact The Trek Nepal.

Some of the famous circuits for camping in Nepal along with star gazing include:

  • Manaslu Circuit
  • Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek
  • Makalu Base camp trek etc.

Diverse landscapes and lush green forests along high and low mountain passes provide a brilliant opportunity for exploration for tourists.

  • Essential Gear and Equipment

The equipment required to climb Mount Everest is far different than that of star gazing in the remote village of Dolpo. Without the right gear and equipment, it is impossible to get the maximum outcome.

The proper selection of equipment and gear will not only allow you to have a luxurious camping trek in Nepal but it will also allow you to enjoy the overall trek. Meanwhile, the major safety gear and equipment include:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cooking stove
  • Clothing
  • Good quality footwear
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Navigation Tools

Things tend to get easier when you choose a quality travel agency like The Trek Nepal. A lot of the above-mentioned gears will be taken care of by the agency itself. Only the necessary items need to be taken care of.

  • Importance of Experienced Guides when you plan for Camping Trek under the stars

With the change of rules recently, camping treks or any kind of trek require the compulsory guidance of an expert or guide.

Having said that there are plenty of positives when you have an experienced guide alongside you. A lot of trekkers tend to visit the place for the very first time, therefore lack of proper knowledge of the place can be a hindrance.

Some of the prevalent advantages of experienced guides are:

  • Safety and Security

Enjoying trekkers staring at the stars under the open sky can be a dream come true. However, it can be risky as well.

Frequent weather changes along with wild animals on the loose can create havoc for tourists. Having said that a guide knows the place properly and he can keep you safe and protected all the time.

At The Trek Nepal, we prepare the guides for the toughest of situations. They are trained for first-aid, emergency, and quick response. Therefore you can feel safe and secure with our guides.

  • Proper knowledge and expertise

You might be traveling to the star gazing location to camp for the very first time. But the same is not the case with the guide.

He has been in the place multiple times and knows the place inside out. With the experience of the guide, you could watch the stars better. He would know the better location for viewing and experiencing the beauty.

From the terrains, weather patterns, local culture, and sentiments, the guide knows everything. He can navigate through issues pretty quick which would allow you to enjoy the opportunity hassle-free.

  • Proper planning and execution

How boring would it be if you had to plan everything, look after the arrangements, and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime in parts? Well sounds boring.

Through the help of an experienced guide, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the whole tour carefree. From planning to execution, safety to enlightenment, the guides from The Trek Nepal take care of everything.

Be it the transport to reach the place, food to have, place to stay, or permits to acquire our guides will handle everything more swiftly which will allow you an opportunity to only enjoy the moment and nothing else.

  • Positive support and encouragement

It is always better to have someone who pushes you to achieve glory during the camping trekking. A good and honest guide will always do that. It is not easy to reach the perfect spot for star gazing.

It takes a lot of physical strength and also the willpower. Therefore a guide pushing you to your absolute limit is a blessing in disguise. Having said that he will also have an idea about your health condition and how far you can push.

A positive word of encouragement will act as the catalyst for you to reach the top. The uplifting atmosphere around the group will help you to achieve your camping trek which you planned for months.

  • Leader of the group

A leader must be experienced, well-known, and someone who focuses on holistic development. In the case of The Trek Nepal, we select only the best for our guests. People who have done the job over the long periods.

You might be traveling into the unknown territory for the very first time. Therefore people who know the routes well are a must. There could be unseen circumstances so the leader of the group can easily guide other people with him. 

Final Thoughts

It is a dreamy feeling to be camping in the presence of blue skies. Watching stars and enjoying a camping trek is a dream for many. However, there is much more to be careful and focused on if you want to achieve the maximum outcome. 

If you are confused about how just call The Trek Nepal and let us handle everything swiftly.