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Nepal is a blissful trekking for tourists from all around the world. Not only the domestic tourists but the international tourists are also in awe of what the country has to offer. Talking about offering there are plenty of things to enjoy in Nepal.

It is very hard to list 20 things to enjoy while trekking in Nepal because there are many more. Having said that let’s dive directly into the blissful trekking and achievement of Nepal.

  • Welcoming people

The first aesthetic and authentic blissful trekking is the welcoming nature of the people. It doesn’t matter what caste, color, background, or county you come from, everyone will treat you with hospitality and affection.

  • High peaking mountains

Mountains are the biggest jewel when we talk about Nepal. There are 8 of the 10 tallest mountains present in Nepal out of which Mount Everest is the tallest in the world. Every step of the trekking journey will be accompanied by soaring mountains leaving you breathless.

  • Variety in culture

Culture is a prominent blissful trekking when we talk about Nepal. Visiting Everest Base Camp will provide you different kind of bliss compared to the ABC trek. From Kathmandu to Upper Dolpo and Mustang the culture, tradition, and people are very different in every facet.

  • Lodging at Tea Houses

Just imagine spending your time away from the 5-star restaurants and staying at a minimal tea house. Well, the tea houses right along the way are a blissful trekking to delve into. Healthy meals, cozy accommodation, and welcoming owners are the major traits of tea houses.

  • Beauty defining sunrise and sunset

The first rays of sun generally hit the mountains which makes it shine right from the core. Talking about the beauty during the sunset is also unexplainable. Places like Poonhill, Nagarkot, and Sarangkot are the major points to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

  • Rare animals and plants

Nepal is home to some of the rare plants and animals in the world. More than 100 types of birds are available in Nepal. Along with that animals like red panda, rhinoceros, and snow leopard are also available which makes it a heaven for rare animals.

  • Local taste and authenticity

More than the people and their welcoming nature, Nepal is known for its food and the authenticity of it. There are plenty of local cuisines which will blow your mind away. From dal bhaat to Thakali khana, momo, and dhido the list just gets better. With the authenticity belonging to Nepal, it is tough to ignore the taste of it.

  • Interaction with local people

As much as you reach different places of Nepal you will realise the beauty of the culture that stays in the place. People from various castes, cultures, and creeds live in different parts of Nepal. The culture of Sherpa will be different from Tamang in different mountain regions and that is the beauty of Nepal.

  • Suspension bridge and deep gorges

Nepal is home to some of the finest rivers, lakes, and even deep gorges. Above those massive flowing rivers are suspension bridges that are extended providing some adrenalin rush. As you pass through all of these, there is a certain awe in you which is one of the hidden beauties of Nepal.

  • Dive into the natural hot springs

Nepal is the second richest country when we talk about water resources. There are small rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers that have been providing a cozy atmosphere for the trekkers. Just imagine diving into the hot natural spring after a long day of tiring treks is a must for everyone. Natural bath hot springs are the specialty of Nepal. 

  • Camping under stars

How would it sound when you have the chance to camp under the stars with nothing but the stars, planet, and Milky Way galaxy all around you? Well, it does sound brilliant. Most of the mountain treks in Nepal are laced with all of those features which is the key. You will have fresh air hitting your face along with the beautiful stars to accompany the night. 

  • Being part of local festivals

There are a variety of local festivals in Nepal. Having said that enjoying these festivals is the blissful trekking in common. You will have an opportunity to be part of festivals from Tamang, Gurung, Sherpa etc. All the local people are welcoming which is the positive part of it. 

  • Part of responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is an important facet of today’s world. You will have to be at the top of the game to enjoy and also give back to the nature. In the blissful trekking, we try and reduce the negative footprint and focus on the recycling feature at The Trek Nepal

  • Mysterious caves and forbidden kingdom

Nepal is one of the oldest countries which follow Hinduism and the founder of Buddhism was also born in Nepal. Along with that there are various secret caves along with the forbidden kingdom in parts of Manang, Mustang, and other places of Nepal. Exploring them is a delight for many. 

  • Photographic opportunities

Trekking photography in Nepal is a well-known hobby for a lot of trekkers. Having said that you will have an opportunity to click images of people, food, culture, religious places, and many more. You don’t have to be a pro but a better understanding of the subject will work. 

  • Retreats associated with trekking

In the case of The Trek Nepal, we associated trekking with yoga and meditation. In order to make the blissful trekking we provide physical and mental wellness for our clients. According to the needs of the client, we customize the package and get the desired result. 

  • Sense of accomplishment

Trekking for 10-15 days in a row to reach the base camp or the top of the mountain is a tough thing to do. In the achievement of blissful trekking, demands massive physical strength, stamina, and also the determination to the ultimate level. Therefore achieving the goal makes you feel more complete. 

  • Close with medicinal herbs and techniques to extract it

Nepal is home to a lot of medicinal herbs and ancient techniques which is still utilized to cure some tough diseases. A lot of foreign tourists come to Nepal in order to learn those techniques and majorly about the medicinal herbs. Yarsa gumba, Silajit are some of the famous herbs that are exported all around the world. 

  • Volunteering opportunities 

Volunteering for the development of a particular society is a massive step in development. Tourists who observe the tough situations of the local people in the mountains offer volunteering activities. In the quest for blissful trekking, volunteering for local community development brings a sense of satisfaction. 

  • More than a trek

Lastly talking so much about blissful trekking by visiting Nepal it is important to round up by saying that trekking in Nepal majorly through The Trek Nepal is not just the trek. It doesn’t revolve around the 10-15 days. But following the trek there have been so many networks and bonding that have gone beyond these 15 days. It is quite an achievement that money can’t buy.