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What do you recall when someone says Nepal, well it is more about the temples, mountains, trekking, and the food. But there is much more to Nepalese than all of these. Life is beyond base camp, mountains, and trekking all the time.

Nepal is also known for its integrity, hospitality, its people, and many more. After talking a lot about trekking at The Trek Nepal lets today shift the focus beyond base camp and its adrenalin rush. Whats beyond all of it is the topic of discussion in the blog.

Hidden Far East beauty

Nepal is not only about its capital but also the base camp. Life beyond the base camp revolves around Eastern Nepal. Even though the hype for Eastern Nepal is very very less it doesn’t diminish what the place has to offer.

In the case of Easter Nepal, you will find Kanchenjunga, Mount Barun along with the tea gardens which are famous all around the world. Illam being the hub of tea in the world provides peace and serenity.

Not only that tourists will have an opportunity to embrace the high-altitude plateaus, flora, and fauna which revitalizes their stay in the country.

Adventure activities in the mountains 

If you have an intention to look beyond base camp, you will find off-beat sports that can be enjoyed to the fullest level. In the case of adrenalin sports, there are plenty of them available.

From white water rafting to bungee jumping, rock climbing, and paragliding there is much more to appreciate and also enjoy in Nepal.

Places like Pokhara and Dhulikhel provide paragliding services while Bhotekoshi and Kusma provide the luxury of rafting and bungee jumping. So what are you waiting for rather than diving in?

Local community development tourism

A lot of the places in Nepal are still underdeveloped and need fine-tuning. However, through tourism, Nepal is trying to get the local community into the act of development.

By associating with the international tourists and also the local people, the communities have received a major turnaround in their income and lifestyle.

Not only this but the local pottery, gardening, and other activities are also achieved. In the quest to protect the environment, negative footmarks, and ecological lodges are also practiced. Quite the work beyond the base camp.

Unearthed Western Nepal

The Western part of Nepal is still being unearthed or visited. With EBC, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, etc being the famous treks, there are major places in the Western side of Nepal that aren’t still being explored.

If the readers have time to go beyond base camp always look for Upper Dolpo, Rara, Humla Limi, etc. These places have the most pristine beauty along with immersive landscapes.

As a lot of people don’t get to embrace the Western part of Nepal, you will have an opportunity to embrace beauty in its purest and finest form. The unique culture and people in some parts of Western Nepal are still left to be explored. Isn’t it exciting?

Sky burial at Mount Everest

This might sound scary but there is a sky burial service beyond base camp at Mount Everest. It is a well-known fact that a lot of people die while on their journey up to the mountains.

However, some of them get brought down by trekkers while others die at the top. In the quest to provide them peace, there is an air burial at the top of the mountain. As the dead body is kept in the open for vultures to eat on. Later the remains are buried. Such a weird way to treat the dead.

Survival workshop in the wilderness

As interesting as it sounds, life beyond base camp is more about different activities. In some parts of Nepal, there are survival workshops that are provided to interested tourists.

Mainly in the remote areas of Nepal, some workshops deal with navigation, shelter building, foraging, etc. Any tourist who is interested in doing something interesting has the opportunity to try it.

Photography opportunities

The scenic beauty and picturesque view of Nepal are beyond explanation to many. You wouldn’t know by words until you have come and explored it by yourself. A lot of the tourists not only come for trek but for their passion as well.

If you are willing to go for photography exploration there are plenty of opportunities. From the rugged terrain to the astronomical beauty of the sky, the photography opportunities are innumerable.

There have been plenty of cases when photographers have been able to find their perfect to win the photography contest as well. Therefore for a creative mind, Nepal is more than what a lot of people think about.

Religious sites and heritages

Take a walk in the serenity of Lumbini and you will find much more to life. You can even sit on the stairs of Pashupatinath and the peace and calmness are calming.

It is not important to always climb the mountains or trek the heart out. There are plenty of UNESCO heritage sites in Nepal that provide a sense of religious values in the context of Nepal.

With Gautam Buddha being born in Nepal, a lot of international tourists come to Lumbini to perform meditation and find their inner selves. This could well be another option for the readers.

Hidden waterfalls and hot springs

Nepal is the second richest country when we talk about water resources. It is not a hoax and there are plenty of waterfalls that provide a calming yet cool feeling to the tourists.

A lot of the hidden waterfalls have been recently explored. Tatopani is one of the famous natural hot springs where tourists have enjoyed their stay. The secluded pools on the edge of the mountain trails could be a fun activity.

A good warm natural pool in the middle of the forest could easily make the trekking journey worth every penny. Henceforth it is better to explore every aspect of your holiday rather than focusing only on basecamp and trekking.